Wednesday, June 29, 2022

The River


The first night of our June 2022 Holly River stay the park superintendent came to our cabin to warn of the upcoming storm. After loosing power, we played cards by lantern light and fell asleep listening to the rain. Each day we traveled to a favorite spot-the upper falls, the Mollohan Mill and Webster Springs. We loved our evening walks and dinner cooked over the fire.

Monday, May 30, 2022

Twin Spruce


We were so happy that Greg and Michelle came to the U.S. for a conference and tucked on a few days to visit home. To top off the visit, we walked the trail at Uffington, where Michelle's Dad Doug built his Mining Engineering office and the marina. She reminisced about her time there swimming, boating, growing up.


Thursday, May 26, 2022



When our 50th High School reunion was postponed due to COVID, we combined with the class of '72 to celebrate a year later. I was thrilled to see my classmate Eva as we entered the old school building. Eva & I went through all 12 years together. When we found the kitchen, we talked about the tasty lunches. Our favorite teacher was Mrs. DiGioia (4th grade). Linda (center right) also was in all 12 grades with us. We were the Bruce High "Bulldogs".

Thursday, May 19, 2022

Goft of Love

Easter, yard work, Mother's Day . . . while we seemed to be grounded-all was good. Chris sold his house and came home for the sale. We watched Hank. My lifelong friend Vicki gave me the bunny earrings. Bob's homemade gift coupon is a keeper!

Another one of my pocket pages with cards enclosed. I sew the pocket onto the background paper with my sewing machine!


Friday, May 13, 2022

George Adam Eckhart

George Adam Eckhart immigrated to America from Germany in 1750 aboard the ship “Patience”. Arriving in Philadelphia, he entered into indentured servitude for 4 years to the Pennsylvanian who paid his fare.

George married “Mary” Anna Maria Wittmeyer, also from Germany, in 1755. Daughter Sarah, my 4th Great Grandmother, was born in 1770 in the Philadelphia area.

George Adam purchased 100 acres of land in Frederick County, Maryland. In the early 1780s, George moved to Alleghany County, Maryland and planted crops. George Adam and sons John and George received patent rights to 50 acres of land here in 1800.

The little village where George and Mary raised their family and died is known as Eckhart Mines. (The rich beds of coal were not discovered until the National Road was built in 1811.)

The Eckhart family cemetery is still located in the fields not far from the original homestead. (Just down the hill from Weis Market on Old National Pike, Frostburg-we parked at the laundromat behind the market)

George’s daughter Sarah married Jacob Loar, who immigrated to America from Germany in 1774. Jacob served in the Revolutionary War and was awarded land near Eckhart. Old Loartown Road is just 3 miles from Eckhart.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

The Showing


Bob took me to Amish country on my birthday weekend where we traveled down the same road in my latest Beverly Lewis book series. Chris met us to go to Central Market. Both boys called several times. Bob treats me all the time yet this has been an exceptional week of surprises.

March 2022

(This is another one of those pocket pages where I put the birthday cards inside the pocket I sewed to the page).

Wednesday, March 2, 2022

The Loars and the Eckharts

We traveled to Blocher Cemetery in Garrett County Md. searching for gravesites of our 3rd great grandparents, Susanna (Loar) and Jesse Wesley Chaney. The cold and the wind on the mountaintop was humbling and while we could not locate markers for them, we found a corner lot with a Loar and “JOC” which may have been kin with space for unmarked graves. Susanna is the daughter of Sarah (Eckhart) and Jacob Loar.

Jacob immigrated to America on the ship “Union” in 1774. On board was Sara’s brother George Adam Eckhart. Jacob served in the Revolutionary War and was awarded land to settle in Loartown of Allegany County. Jacob and Sarah married in 1787 and had 11 kids. In 1793, Jacob was on record as being a shoemaker. In 1812 Jacob was one of the founders of the First Lutheran Church in Frostburg.

Sarah Eckhart was born in Frederick County Md. She married in Allegany County. The Loar and Eckhart families were associated with life in Western Maryland since 1780. The village of Eckhart Mines is named for Sarah’s Dad George. George immigrated to American from Germany in 1750 on the ship “Patience”.