Friday, December 15, 2017

November Cards

Our daughter-in-law Michelle celebrated birthday #33 this month.  This card is for this lovely talented lady!
"Only a perfect birthday will do
For a daughter-in-law
Who's as lovely as you.
So here is a wish
For a super day
Hope its the happiest 
To come through your way"

 My colleague Brooke and her husband Michael welcomed their second son.

"Congratulations to you both on your wonderful news,
A baby son to fill your lives with love and happiness too.
You'll watch him grow with so much pride into adulthood.
But for now you'll nurture him through his young life
With everything you know.!

My mentor Evelyn lost her brother Rudy this month.  He was a prominent Charleston attorney, and when I listened to a tribute on the radio I had to smile as he reminded me of her.

"Memories last forever
In those years you shared.
May you find peace and love and
Comfort from all those who care."

Two more thank you cards, one for dietetic intern Stephanie, who helped us with our last Farmers Market demo, and one for vendor Patty, a sweet baker who treated us at the market.

My retired colleague from many years ago-Patty-always sends cards and for the last few years has given me a subscription to a magazine called "Angels".  This thank you is for Patty, the real angel.

"This card is sent especially to say a big thank you,
And to let you know you're appreciated for everything you do."

Two of my lovely friends from water aerobics celebrated birthdays on the same day!  Betty was 90.  Mary also had a birthday, but made sure we knew about Betty's milestone and not hers!

Daughter-in-law Michelle successfully defended her dissertation the day before Thanksgiving.  Michelle has worked throughout the years leading up to the masters and PhD in electrical engineering.  She knows her stuff!

"Well done, dear daughter-in-law
You're special through and through.
You've had such wonderful success
And we're very proud of you
You had such strong determination
To always see you through." 

All verses from craftsuprint

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Childhood Neighborhood

On a drive through Bobs' childhood neighborhood, he describes happy memories-who lived where, games they played, the person who taught him darkroom work, the man who helped him get his first job.  It's good to visit and hear the stories.


Friday, November 17, 2017

Meals Like Mama

At the Food and Nutrition Centennial, several presentations covered links to healthy eating patterns then and now.  I really enjoyed John Coupland's presentations where he discussed social and technological causes on changes in our diet. I'm fortunate to interview my Mother, now in her 10th decade, about her meals as a child. As a young child, Mom's Dad had a dairy, where milk was homogenized and bottled.  When she only 3, he opened a grocery store. There was no school lunch, so the kids walked home to eat the mid-day meal, then walked back to school.  Many times she ate lunch at her Grandmother's house, which was closer to school. Breakfast was oatmeal with milk. Lunch was often a soup with vegetables or potato soup, prepared by Grandad Mullan.  There were always Saltine crackers. Grandad Mullan had a big garden and canned many vegetables and fruit.  After his death, when they sold the house, there was a whole cellar full of these home canned treasures.  Mom enjoyed the pickled beets and canned pears. Mom's mother cooked a full meal with meat and vegetables.  The store had 2 ice boxes.  Ice was delivered twice a week to keep the meat fresh.  McIntyres Bakery was just across the street.  The bread was at first purchased as whole unsliced loaves until the innovation of a machine that sliced the bread.  Every Sunday, Grandma served chicken with 3 kinds of potatoes-sweet, white and potato salad. As the Depression ended, Grandma sold the store.  They never went hungry and never let anyone else go hungry.  The neighbors needed help with food and they were there.  In later years, the family found carbide cans of bills that were owed by people that could never pay. The lunch and dinner traditions continued when I was a child.  Though we ate school lunch during the week, we were served mostly vegetable meals with perhaps a little meat on off days.  I recall big pots of cabbage and potatoes, with a can of corned beef on top.  We ate beans and ham, homemade chicken noodle soup, and vegetable soup.  In summers, we ate fried squash and tomatoes. Mom always served a full dinner, The table was set and we enjoyed a meat, often grilled, and accompanying vegetables.   Sunday meals were shared with my Grandparents, who lived next store.  My Grandfather had a big garden and a root cellar with potatoes. Grandma taught me how to make potato salad, with a cooked dressing. Grandma had an addition built onto their house with a kitchen for canning. For my Girl Scout cooking badge, Mom taught me how to make meatloaf.  These days my brother makes my Mom a full plate of homemade foods. When we stayed at the lake during the summer, my sister and I fished, catching small perch and sunfish that Grandma and Mom cleaned and fed us several a day.  Breakfast at the lake was fresh caught fried fish.  I had a special green plate that was all mine Even though I sometimes ate too many packaged cookies between meals, I always ate a good My Plate kind of meal.  I loved the melons and tomatoes that were available in the summer.  We are real people who eat real food.  I'm fortunate, like my Grandmother, to have farm friends who raise and process the fresh meat I eat today. I buy sustainable frozen seafood at the grocery store.  I also purchase many vegetables from the farmers market. My link to a healthy meal pattern also influenced my career and hobbies.  I'm fortunate to have this exposure.  

A prayer said at the dinner table when Mom was a child:

"A little head, a little heart, bowed down in simple prayer
Thank the Lord for food and drink and loving daily care."

Friday, November 10, 2017

Chicago 100th FNCE

The Food and Nutrition Expo celebrating 100 years was the biggest ever (13,000 attendees). I wouldn't have wanted to navigate without Bob.The schedule was full with a wide choice of educational sessions,culinary demos and the expo. Bob gets a guest pass and gathers an assortment of goodies for me too. We were invited to 2 receptions where there was an assortment of Chicago foods. We ventured to 2 of the recommended eateries (loved Eataly) and a Paper Source (Chicago is where they make the rubber stamps). Ubers, taxis, shuttles and plenty of walking. . . Loved the history comparing 1917 to 2017.


This layout modeled after one by Heather J. Landry.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

October Cards

My former colleague John celebrated a birthday this month.  John's wife Betty loves owls, so I included one here.  It was so nice to get a card from Betty after he got the card!  They retired just after I did, and sounded real good!

"To help you celebrate
This card is sent to say,
May good luck and good fortune,
Always with you stay.
May you find much joy and happiness,
In everything you do
And in this card is all our love
Sent especially to you!"

My former colleague Virginia also celebrated a birthday.  She loves animals, so I thought the black cat was appropriate.

"I hold some wishes in my hand,
And they are just for you,
I wish for joy and happiness,
Today and all year through,
I wish that you find sunshine,
In every single day,
For you deserved good things in life,
To always come your way!"

A high school classmate is in the hospital in my town.  Kathy and I had not seen each other since graduation (46 years ago!).  I included a picture of she and I from our homeroom days.
"Wishing you gentle showers of sunshine and flowers
and rainbows to color your day.
Thinking of you"

A former colleague Diana celebrated a birthday.  Diana, a baker and grandmother, is cheerful, talented and dedicated.

"Laughter, joy and happiness,
That lasts the whole day through,
Sharing your day with family
Is what I wish for you.
Birthday cards and treats
From your friends who wish to share,
Your birthday celebrations-and-
Show how much they care!"

 A former colleague Mike had a birthday.  Mike loves dogs.  I always enjoyed talking with Mike, as did our customers!  He called and asked Bob to thank me for the card.

"Today is very exciting,
It's a day that's just for you,
It's a day when you're made a fuss of,
For you deserve it-that is true,
You do so much for others,
So relax, have fun, unwind,
It's your turn to take the spotlight,
Because you're special-you're one of a kind." 

 Former colleague Marylene celebrates her birthday.  She's a lovely and caring person.

"Someone special, someone kind,
It is you that comes to mind,
Birthday wishes, Birthday treats,
A wonderful day that's hard to beat,
Friends to party, friends to care,
It's a day all want to shre,
Enjoy the time and what it brings,
Hopefully joy and beautiful things."

Our last outdoor Farmers Market of the season is this Saturday.  I do Farm Fresh Sampling once a month for my farm friends.  These thank cards are for the families and farmers who donate meat, produce and cheese for our demonstrations. 

"This card is sent especially to say a big thank you,
And to let you know you're appreciated for everything you do." 


Monday, October 16, 2017


It's been nice spending more time with our son Chris.  We've grilled at his place, gone on trips and rides together-and he's come over more.  We love that!

Photos from Blackwater Falls and Canaan Valley, 2017.

Monday, October 9, 2017

Lad n' Lassie

Mom took us to Lad n' Lassie store in Piedmont for clothes.  We'd dress up and pose for photos taken by Dad.  I could not keep my socks up!