Monday, June 11, 2018

Mary Roho

Mary Rohozen was a Senior Worker in the kitchen at WVU
Hospital when I was first hired in 1973, I was a college
student, working in the kitchen afternoons, weekends &
summers.  Mary was friendly yet particular about her job.
It was Mary who talked me into buying some quilting frames
(as if I needed something else to do!)

    Many years later-in the 1980s when I returned to WVU
and was expecting, Mary (who was ready to retire) said
"Hey Cindy-I'll watch your kid!"  She was dependable &
would protect our child-so I took her up on it.  Mary kept
Greg at her house with Elizabeth and her niece Brittany
for almost 3 years when she had a heart attack.

    Mary had 3 sons of her own (1 who lived with her).  She
attended the Greek Orthodox Church and was known for
her delicious Nut Rolls.

Thursday, June 7, 2018

Bob Welling

Bob first met Bob Welling when he worked for the Associated Press. 
Bob Welling worked at the bureau in Charleston.  Bob (Gay) was a
stringer photographer when a WVU student.  Bob Welling & Bob
worked as a team covering a family picnic at Moundsville Prison. 
When we were first married and living in Morgantown, Bob Welling
joined us for Thanksgiving Dinner. 

When we moved to Charleston in the early 80s, we were friends
and visited each other.  Bob had several Siamese cats.  Bob 's
family was in Keyser, close to my parents' home, and he travelled
home with us once. 

It was Bob Welling, then the bureau chief at AP, who called Bob,
then working at the Charleston Daily Mail, to cover a hostage
situation at a St. Albans Church.  Bob & Bob traded themselves
for hostages and entered the church.  It was after we moved back
to Morgantown that Bob Welling moved to DC as the press
secretary for a West Virginia Congressman.  He loved DC and
eventually worked with other members of Congress. It was Bob
Welling that asked President Reagan to send a "welcome
to the world" letter to our son Greg after his birth in 1987.

Bob died of a massive heart attack jogging on the Washington Mall.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

May Cards

Our son Greg and wife Michelle celebrate 6 years of marriage this month.  They were a couple 9 years prior to the wedding.  They are very "happy together"!

"To a very special couple
This card is sent to say
That on your anniversary
May it be a wonderful day
A day to look back over the years
And remember when you first met
But also to look to the future
For many more happy years yet."

 Vintage Mothers Day cards for my Mom, sisters and friend.

(for Mom)
 "Just in case
I forget to say
You are special to me
In every way
Love you Mom
Now and forever"

(for sisters and friend)
"May your day be
filled with all the
special touches that
make it a day to
remember, and may
you feel just how
loved and cherished
you are!
Happy Mothers Day"

My talented friend Debbie's birthday is in May. The little girl image reminds me of her!

"We wish you a very happy birthday
celebrations are about to start,
hope your day is wonderful
and you always remain young at heart."

Our friends' daughter Dayna graduated college with honors.  Like her parents, she is a lovely young lady and will do well.
"We wish you luck and success
in everything you do,
you deserve the very best
as a graduate as special as you."

Our great nephew Benjamin was 2 this month.  We attended his party, where there were relatives, and enjoyed watching the very well behaved children celebrate his day.

"Hard to believe two years have past

Since your life was so new

But now it is time to celebrate

The fact that you are two!"

Even though I don't see Jean much these days, it's easy making a birthday card for the lovely lady. 

"May this card hold very special memories,
Of days that have gone and have past,
Yet today is a celebration to build sweet memories to last,
For although we look back over the years,
That hold people and thoughts that are dear,
We also look forward to the future,
With best wishes for a wonderful year."

Our farm friends' youngest son Justin graduates high school this Friday.  This card is for him.

"It gives us great pleasure
to wish to you today,
our hearty congratulations
on this your graduation day."