Friday, August 29, 2014

Happy Travel

Just a few weeks ago, our oldest son Greg called and said his wife Michelle had a business trip to the DC area and he was coming with her.  Did we want to drive over and meet them?  What an opportunity to see them in person and not have to wait until Christmas!

Our son Chris joined us to drive 200 miles on a Sunday, when we met them at the airport and then visited the National Air and Space Museum.  

"What a thrill to be with all the kids when Michelle made a business trip to Aberdeen".  2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Counting the Stars

Grandma Marie wrote "Counting the Stars" on the back of this portrait of Mom, taken after she moved to Akron to make airplanes during World War II.  Mom was happy, capable and earning a living while fulfilling a patriotic duty. 

This page is for Mom on her 89th birthday.  Her health and Dad's health are deteriorating.  She is still beautiful.  I hope that she's still counting the stars, where her Mom & Dad, Step-Dad, brother, sister and friends are watching over her and Dad.


Friday, August 15, 2014

Panoramic Picnic

Jennings Randolph Lake was a perfect picnic backdrop and near my parents' home which we visited after.  The menu featured wild salmon, lentils, wild and brown rice salad, diced peaches and black raspberry rhubarb cream pie parfait.  2014

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Falling in Love, Again & Again

Since taking a different job, Bob's spending the whole weekend with me.  Every Sunday we take a picnic to a nearby park.  This rainy day picnic at Swallow Falls in Maryland was a favorite.  At one point on the trail, we cuddled together under a bush until the rain eased.  When time for our meal, we shared a pavilion with a private outdoor school group.  The kids and counselors were amazed at our intimate gourmet setting.  One adult told us "Keep on doing this!"  we plan to!  2014

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Friday, August 1, 2014

My Hero

This is a quick page for my Mother, who requested the picture last weekend.  The stickers were included with the registration packet at Creating Keepsakes Lancaster and were perfect for this page.

My Dad, shown here after his 92nd birthday, gets up everyday with the will to keep going no matter how bad he feels.  That will-his purpose-is what I admire most.  Jim and June.  Cindy and Buddy.  2014

Lancaster Pa. is a beautiful place to have a convention.

The early entrance line wrapped around and around.

The best part of the show for me is seeing these lovely designers:
 Jenni Bowlin and her husband are such a nice couple and so down to earth.

The Adornit girls are adorable, though I missed Mom-Carolee.  I'm wearing the top I got from them last year.  Wait till you see the one I got this year!

Enjoy the weekend!

Monday, July 28, 2014

May 4, 1970

On April 30, 1970, President Nixon announced an invasion of Cambodia.  Students viewed this as an escalation of the Vietnam War when Nixon had vowed troop withdrawal.  Like students nationwide, students at Kent State protested.  The Governor called in the National Guard after disturbances in downtown Kent the night before.  Bearing rifles the students did not know were loaded, guardsmen advanced toward the crowd and killed 4 students.  Some were just observers.  The shootings were inexcusable.

I was a senior in high school when this happened, and can honestly say I did not know what happened.  Earlier this month, when visiting my sister in Ohio, we went to the Kent State memorial and museum.  The photos and displays were very powerful.  Pictures of 2 of the students before they were killed show them carrying their books on their way to class.  They were only 19 years old.  Bob tells me the story of the Pulitzer winning student photographer, who was so afraid for his well being after the shootings, he left town and journeyed to another city to develop and print his film.  Even my nephews, ages 19 and 9, are shown here reading and studying a display. The museum has a history of the entire 60s, beginning with the Civil Rights movement.


Saturday, July 19, 2014

Fired Up 4th

What a change of roles for Bob when asked to ride in the parade instead of covering the parade for the newspaper.  What fun riding in Herold Berthy's antique fire truck.  For a few blocks, I threw healthy snacks (Dried Plums) to the kids.  2014