Saturday, August 27, 2016

Return to 1940s

The thing Mom remembers most about her scout camp days at Swauger's Dam was that the boy scout camp was directly ab0ve it.  (The boys are pictured in the background of her teenage picture).  I brought her back to the park (now New Germany) where we enjoyed a picnic and more memories.  2016

The 8 inch page I made for Mom (she can handle the smaller album).  I created the 12 inch page first, then sized and printed the pictures 2/3rd the size of the larger ones.  I kept the journaling the same size font so that it was readable.

(This is the page I made in 2010 with the original photo)

The best thing about girl scout camp was that the boy scout camp was just above. The picture of Mom was taken by a boy whose oxford shoe showed in the foreground. She remembers pitching their tents and digging their own latrines. Mom was 16 here and is pictured with her best friends Billie Jane Barncord and Emily Kirkwood. 1941  

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Life Long Learning

After spending the last 20 years of my career planning healthy meals for 1000+, I'm having a ton of fun planning healthy meals for two.  I try new foods and recipes all the time.  As I learn, I share those creations with others in my classes, demos and on my blog:

The WVU Lifelong Learning Institute provides programs for adults 50 and over.  Classes are developed and taught by community members passionate about their topics.  Attendees liked my first class "Top 10 Tips for Meal Planning".  Here are a few of the comments:

  • "Enjoyed the pictures of food!"
  • "Liked the state park slides-makes me want to go on more picnics!"
  • "Every dish is set as a meal!"
  • "Liked the new use of grains."
  • "Liked the bright colors used in everything-including the dishes and tablecloths."  

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What a Shame

Our warm weather routine includes weekly Sunday picnics and monthly Farmers Market Culinary Demos.  This year Bob got his Food Handlers Card so that he could help me during the Saturday market.  We both worked in jobs with thousands of community members, so this is an opportunity to see some of these folks again.  The first Saturday of every month is our day at the market.

"After spending the entire weekend side-by-side, serving my culinary creations at the Farmers Market, cleaning house, taking Chris to dinner, then taking an out-of-state picnic, Bob kidded "it was a shame" we didn't get to spend much time together."

August 2016

Monday, August 1, 2016

July Cards

Lorrie is the Catering Booking Person at the hospital and we've known each other for many years.  This card is for her July birthday:

"Greetings for your birthday
For a wonderful day
And a year that brings
The very best
Of everything your way."

My brother-in-law Scott celebrated his 50th birthday this month.  Scott is a geography professor, so I liked using the map papers for his card.

 "Celebration of 50 wonderful years
Full of Memories you've treasured.
May today present another day
 Of a memory of love and pleasures."

My sister Terry and her husband Nelson, married in 1970, celebrated an anniversary this month.
"This anniversary greeting is coming now to say
The heartfelt thanks we often don't say from day to day.
And for the thoughtful things you've done and all that you still do,
May all the joy you so deserve return today to you."

My nephew Jake was 21 years old this month.  The photo is Jake with his Dad and Mom-Amy and Scott-when he was a baby.

"Many joyful happy wishes
On this day you're twenty one.
May you always gaily travel
On the new road just begun,
May you find good friends and fortune
All along a happy way
May you carry golden memories
Of a truly perfect day."
My sister Amy was 50 years old this month.
"Its great to wish you Sister
A very exceptional day
With everything that's good in life
To come hurtling your way.
You know I really love you
In a caring and special way
I really hope that you have
A fun-filled 50th birthday."
My Aunt Bernice was 95 years old this month.  When we're together, she shares memory after memory of her past and even my hometown.  I enjoy every minute of our time together.
"Dear friend you are 95 today
What a wonderful life have led
Those interesting tales and knowledge you have
Glad you didn't leave them unsaid
Happy Birthday
Keep telling those wonderful stories."
Sister Amy and her husband Scott celebrated 28 years of marriage this month.  They both had birthdays too, as did their oldest son Jake.
"May the memories of all you've shared
Fill your hearts today,
And may all the coming years
Bring the love that's here to stay.
Happy wedding anniversary."
Here's the fun part:  Remember the 4 day vacation we took at the start of July to a rural cabin-where there are no electronics?  I made all of these cards there.  I added a few extra touches to the outsides and verses to the inside when I came home. I make my list and pull out some papers that remind me of them to make a kit to take with me where I worked outside on a picnic table for a short time everyday..
Most of the verses I use come from the internet site, "".


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Holly River

For the second summer in a row, we rented a cabin at Holly River, a West Virginia State Park, three nights in July.  The park is two hours from home, in rural Webster County.  Here's a short synopsis and collage from the wonderful vacation:

"We hike, take pictures, read and swim.  We take our own food and crafts.  There are woods, moss, wildlife and clean creeks.  With no electronics to distract, we listen to nature and each other."


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

June Cards

This is a Fathers Day card for my brother Jim-a patriot and a great cook.

"This card is sent to you today to wish you a happy fathers day.
So chill and enjoy a rest-have a day doing what you do best."

I was so sad to receive a call from Carolyn's husband Frank that she had passed away.  This is the card I'd sent to this lovely lady on what would have been her birthday.  Carolyn worked at HSC after she retired from her career job with the telephone company.  I remember jumping up and down when she returned to work from a vacation-she was that dependable and enjoyable.  I expressed my memories with Frank.

"You are so special that's why today
All good wishes are coming your way!"

 Brandon is the chef at the hospital who recently suffered a serious health problem.  This get well card is for him.

"This little card is sent to say
We hope you are getting better with every new day."

And to the love of my life-Bob-for Father's Day.

"When I look up into your eyes,
I see a man who is kind and wise.
I see a man who calms my fears,
Who shares my worries,
Who dries my tears,
A man who is strong,
Yet gentle and meek,
A man who shows those who care,
Are not weak,
He's a father, protector,
The man from the start,
Who is always on my side,
And will always have my heart." 

Card verses are from 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


We usually spend Sunday afternoons traveling to a park and taking a picnic.  But the air conditioning was broken in my car and Bob was offered a job to escort a wide truck load of farm equipment from the Ohio line to the Maryland line.  So I spent the day side by side with Bob watching him work.  He's only been at this a couple years, yet Bob's become the best escort a trucker could ask for.  He's excellent at warning of hazards , calls every tight spot and obstacle and gives adequate heads up on approaching turns.  After the escort, we dined at a fun cafe for lunch, then had a dinner by candlelight on our deck that evening.