Wednesday, July 10, 2019


This is the fourth year in a row we've retreated to Holly River-a West Virginia State Park in Webster County (God's Country).  Every year, it only gets better!

Our first trip to Holly River we took a picnic. The Mountain Laurel bushed were in full bloom and we even got to tour the school house.  That day we walked the nature trail and looked at the cabins. We rented a cabin the following summers. (Cabins 5-6-3 and 1). All suit us just fine. We take our food and prepare delicious meals throughout. We eat dessert one night of the trip and one year we shared a dinner. We've gone on many of the scenic byways. and some more than once. We always ride to the upper falls. Last year there was little water and I walked out under the falls.

Just after we arrived at the park this year there was a huge thunderstorm. We sat on a swing outside the restaurant and watched the rain water pour off the roof and the creek roar. That storm knocked down two trees which closed the park road temporarily and the Pickens road the following day. We took the falls road to Pickens that day where we talked to the owner of the Hulls Store and got the update on Pickens School where he is the bus driver. This years' graduating class was four.  We always stop at the Hacker Valley Store-the one place you might be able to get cell service. This year I could not brave the rolling water under the falls but did sit on a rock in the cool river water and took in the mist. Our friendly deer-we called "Dora"-from last year visited the first night to show us her fawn. Our regulars this year was one we called the Mooch and Granny-the skinny old deer with hair growing our her ears who couldn't chew cabbage leaves but loved the cantaloupe. 

Next year we may stay four nights instead of three. My sadness upon leaving was offset by a stop at Fish Hawk Acres in Buckhannon and anticipation of my lovely home gardens. I might just have purple coneflowers in bloom.

Friday, July 5, 2019

June Cards

A couple of my nephews have June birthdays.  Here's my card for Brian:

"May today bring much pleasure

With moments to treasure,
For birthdays only come once a year,
So do things that make you smile
Celebrate in the best of style and
Make the memories to treasure forever."

My card for nephew Steve.

"May today be the start of a wonderful year

Where all you dreams come true

A year of joy and happiness, in everything you do

For you are a special person

Unique-you’re one of a kind

So today we wish you a great birthday

And may the next 365 days be kind."

The image on the paper looks like April who celebrated a birthday this month.

"It's that special day again,
How quickly does time fly,
But couldn't let your birthday pass,
Without a cheerful, 'Hi',
So hope your day just sparkles,
With happiness all day through,
For you deserve a brilliant day,
That's especially made for you!

Some sympathy cards I made for the Senior Center.
"Although your loved one has been taken and you are sad beyond belief

May these memories remain with you and comfort you in your grief.

May the joy that you shared with them make recollections that will last

And you’ll think of them with fondness."

Get well cards for the Senior Center.

"They say everyone has an Angel,
That's close to them each day,
Who watches and protects them,
And at night never goes away,
May you feel their light upon you,
Healing you as you rest,
So that one day soon,
Not very far from now,
You'll soon be feeling your best."

Saving the best for last-my Fathers Day card for Bob.  I covered the book subjects on the background paper with an assortment of the 43 years we've been married.

"When i look back on our life,
and the good times together,
you spent your time with me,
whatever the weather,
I've always loved you,
and I'm sure you'll agree,
hope that your day is happy