Monday, September 18, 2017


My first house was on McCoole Road above Reeves Motor Company.  The house had hardwood floors and 6 rooms.  My sister Terry was 5 years older and in school.  I played a lot alone in our big yard.  I especially loved to swing.  When I was 2 we got our dog Toby who was with us for over 13 years and guarded 4 kids.  Our yard had a rock wall in the back where we'd often see snakes.  I sang to songs on the record player.

My neighbor friend was Fred Downey.  He and I played cowboys.  He and I would get down on the ground behind rocks and shoot at each other with toy guns.  My brother Jim was born when I was 5.

The card on the lower right was from Freddy.  His mother apparently signed it!

Monday, September 11, 2017


We rescued Dallas from the Mon County Dog pound just after we were married in 1976.  He was our "first and only child" for 9 years.  Our landlord was not happy, so my Mom kept him until we found a new house.  While at Moms' he was shot and we brought him home to Morgantown where he spent a week in an animal hospital to recouperate.  In our new location, he befriended Tiki, the neighbor dog and she had puppies.  Dallas followed us to Huntington, Charleston and back to Morgantown, living in all 8 of our homes.  In each place, he made friends.  He was such a good dog, never walking on a lead and sticking with us to the end.  Some 40 years later, Bob found this picture taken in 1984 of Dallas walking at the new WVU stadium and titled it "Dallas enters heaven".  Like all our dogs, we know that's where he is.

We've been cleaning out our basement.  Most of the pictures above were taken out of a worn frame and mat stained with dirt and cob webs.  I was happy to rescue them and preserve the memories on this page. 

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

August Cards

My Mom's 92nd Birthday was August 31.  I brought a carrot sheet cake and we went to the tri-towns senior center where she enjoyed celebrating with friends.  She always dressed fashionably and looked great so I thought the ladies from the cut-out paper looked like her when I was growing up! 

"You taught me how to cook,
Taught me how to be true to myself,
How to be a Mother myself.
All these things come rushing back on special days like this one.
Have a wonderful birthday and many more!"

For a water aerobics friends' 50th wedding anniversary.  

"50 years of married life doesn't mean your old,
It merely means that silver now has turned to gold.
It's quite an achievement,
So I'd like to say
Hope that you had a nice golden anniversary day."

 Another couple from the tri-towns senior center celebrated 57 years of marriage.  Paul and Judy will celebrate many more anniversaries!

"As you look back over the years
Of fun and laughter, heartache and tears
Of fun and laughter, heartache and tears
Remember the day you said 'I do",
Was the day you found wishes do come true!"

My high school friend Denise was 64 on September 3rd.  Denise is a talented retired French-Spanish teacher who was quite the actress and dancer.  

"You've given so much pleasure
To all who pass your way
Given them fond memories
Each and everday
So celebrate, enjoy and remember
That I'm sending wishes to you
And with them comes all our love
For today and throughout the year"  

Verse from craftsuprint. 

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Way to Go Mother Nature

Someone yelled "Way to go Mother Nature!" after the total eclipse in Columbia.  Thanks to our kids, Greg and Michelle, for inviting us to visit at their home during this memorable event.  (My primary reason to visit was to see them!).  We enjoyed a Southern picnic on the lawn of a city park awaiting the time.  When the eclipse was at about 3/4, the crescent shadows multiplied and reflected between the tree branches.  During the darkness of totality, the street lights came on.  All was quiet.  When the sun came back out, the cicadas trumpeted loudly for about 30 seconds.  A much needed rain began.  Greg yelled "Encore, encore!".  


Thursday, August 17, 2017

Toy Story

After years of filling the basement with treasures, we decided it was time to clean house.  We made a lot of kids happy at the Dominion Post Flea Market.  24 buckets of small toys reduced to 2 buckets after 2 hours.

August 2017

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

July Cards

An anniversary card for my sister Terry and her husband Nelson.  Terry loves sunflowers.

"These anniversary wishes
Comes with love today,
To wish you all the very best
On this your special day."

A birthday card for my former colleague Lorrie, who books for catering events. 

"It's that special day again,
How quickly does time fly.
But couldn't let your birthday pass,
Without a cheerful "Hi",
So hope your day just sparkles
With happiness all day through
For you deserve a brilliant day,
That's especially made for you!"

My brother-in-law Scott was 51 this month.  He and his family have 4 celebrations this month.   

"To help you celebrate,
This card is sent to say,
May good luck and good fortune,
Always with you stay.
May you find much joy and happiness,
In everything you do,
And in this card is all our love,
Sent especially for you!""

Scott sent me a nice thank you for the handmade card!

 This birthday card is for my nephew Jake who is 22 this July.

"I hope this little card,
Brightens up your day,
I'm popping it in the post box
To send it on its way.
Within it are good wishes
For a day that's just for you,
As you deserve the very best
In life to come to you!"

My sister Amy was 51 this month.  She is my youngest sister.

"It means so much throughout the year
to have a sister just like you,
You're thoughtful, warm and caring
and understanding too.
That's why this birthday message comes with thanks and special love,
To wish you all the happiness
you're so deserving of."

 I spent the day with my young colleague Mallory, the dietitian at Camp Kno Koma, West Virginia's camp for children with diabetes.  Mallory, who first attended as a camper, spends the week plus with the 125 children and other medical staff feeding and counseling the children.  All of her work is volunteer.  This card was a thank you allowing me to witness the good work that they do.  The picture is of Mallory at camp.

"You really have a heart of gold,
It's one that can't be bought or sold." 

My aunt Bernice is 96 this month.  She is still sharp as a wit!  I called her the morning of her special day.  She still lives at home-by herself!

"N is for nice
I is for irresistible
N is for naughty
E is for everyone's friend
T is for terrific
Y is for you.

S is for super
I is for icon
X is for extra special."

 Amy and Scott (in addition to birthdays) celebrated 29 years of marriage this month.

"It's a day that's stuck in my memory.
It's the day you said, "I Do".
It's the day you shared together
A day that was made for two.
The years they've come.
The years they've gone,
But one thing that has stayed true,
is the love you've had for each other.
Since the day you said, "I Do".

This card is for my water aerobics friend, Betty, who has not been able to attend due to an angle injury out of class.  Betty is also in her 90s and is so much fun to be around.  She has very white hair and dresses like she's going to church when she comes to class.  I miss her.The background paper has flamingos-we do flamingo leg movements in class.

"I hope you'll soon be on the mend
Broken bones are a pain to bear
So I thought this little card I'd send
Just to show you I do care."  


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Holly (Jolly)

For the last 3 years, we've rented a 1 room cabin at Holly River State Park for 3 nights. Deer, trails, beautiful scenery right outside your door. No electronics with the sound of a rolling creek outside your window. Fully stocked kitchen (take your own food) though we walk to Kathy's restaurant most nights to buy her handmade dessert. A nice pool on site too. Only 2 1/2 hours from home. What fun!

I journaled notes from each of the 3 days we spent at the park.  It is totally relaxing.  For crafts, I made 15 Christmas cards!