Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Lunch 'N Locks

To celebrate Bob's birthday, we took the "Lunch and Lock" sternwheel cruise on the Muskingum River. We enjoyed a first class buffet and a 3 hour cruise, when we saw eagles, herons and kingfishers. It was a gorgeous day!

September 27, 2019

Thursday, October 3, 2019

September Cards

Bob's birthday is September 27.  This is my card for him.

"My wonderful loving husband
Is always there for me
To be beside you all of my life
Is where I want to be
So now it is your birthday
I'm sending my love to you
To wish you the best of days
Today and all year through."

A birthday card for my lifelong friend Vicki.

A September birthday card for my former colleague Susan.

"When someone as nice as you,
Has a very special day,
It goes with much saying,
That good wishes are coming your way,
May the hours be filled with sunshine,
With love and laughter too,
For you deserve the very best,
Not only today -
But the whole year through!"

My niece Kaity has an October 5th birthday.

"It only takes a little time,
To wish you all the best,
To wish you all the things in life,
Good health, good wealth and rest,
May your day be filled with sunshine,
May flowers be strewn your way,
For we wish you so much happiness,
On this your special day!"


Sunday, September 22, 2019

Smoky Love

On our anniversary trip, we spent two days exploring the Great Smoky Mountains-doing all the things we've always loved to do. Driving the nature trails, taking pictures, picnic lunches and strolling some paths. We saw a grist mill grinding corn. One day we climbed to an overlook in the clouds that was over a mile high. We've had many adventures over the 4 1/2 decades we've been together and this too is one we won't forget.

43rd Anniversary
September 2019

Monday, September 9, 2019

June @ 94

The Friday before Mom's 94th birthday, Bob and I took her to her Senior Center. We got the marble cake with chocolate frosting that she requested. I was so happy when the folks there brought loads of cards. They got her a special long paper hat and the rest of us small paper hats. Mom wore a red shirt I'd given her and we got her a hair cut just before. Youngest sister Amy joined us from Cleveland.


Sunday, September 1, 2019

August Cards

Bob and I were married on Labor Day 43 years ago.  Here's my card for him.

"Through all the years I've know you,
You've always understood,
You've loved me like no other,
Ever wanted or ever could,
You're my soul mate, friend and lover,
My rock, my help, my guide,
For there's no one else I want with me,
Just you close by my side."

 My life long friend Denise has a birthday September 3.  This card is for her (though I don't remember looking like this!.

"Treasured moments brighten all our days
Bringing pictures from the past,
Our minds turn to some occasions
That we always wanted to last,
We think on these times and years gone by,
With affection that touches our hearts,
And I want to thank you my special friend,
That in my life you've played a part,
And as your birthday now is here,
All my love and good wishes for you,
Are in this card, that has been made,
With love especially for you."

My colleague Rebekah has a birthday September 4.  She is a young beautiful Mom with 3 young children.

"It's not about grand gestures,
Or fine and grandeur things,
It's all about the laughter,
That friends and family bring,
It's all about small touches,
That brighten the day for you,
Along with cards and presents,
Which hold special wishes too."

My Mom was 94 on August 31.  This card is for her.

"You're such a special lady
I hope your day is fun
and full of love and laughter
Happy Birthday Mom."

Verses from Craftsuprint.