Sunday, July 24, 2016

Holly River

For the second summer in a row, we rented a cabin at Holly River, a West Virginia State Park, three nights in July.  The park is two hours from home, in rural Webster County.  Here's a short synopsis and collage from the wonderful vacation:

"We hike, take pictures, read and swim.  We take our own food and crafts.  There are woods, moss, wildlife and clean creeks.  With no electronics to distract, we listen to nature and each other."


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

June Cards

This is a Fathers Day card for my brother Jim-a patriot and a great cook.

"This card is sent to you today to wish you a happy fathers day.
So chill and enjoy a rest-have a day doing what you do best."

I was so sad to receive a call from Carolyn's husband Frank that she had passed away.  This is the card I'd sent to this lovely lady on what would have been her birthday.  Carolyn worked at HSC after she retired from her career job with the telephone company.  I remember jumping up and down when she returned to work from a vacation-she was that dependable and enjoyable.  I expressed my memories with Frank.

"You are so special that's why today
All good wishes are coming your way!"

 Brandon is the chef at the hospital who recently suffered a serious health problem.  This get well card is for him.

"This little card is sent to say
We hope you are getting better with every new day."

And to the love of my life-Bob-for Father's Day.

"When I look up into your eyes,
I see a man who is kind and wise.
I see a man who calms my fears,
Who shares my worries,
Who dries my tears,
A man who is strong,
Yet gentle and meek,
A man who shows those who care,
Are not weak,
He's a father, protector,
The man from the start,
Who is always on my side,
And will always have my heart." 

Card verses are from 

Tuesday, June 28, 2016


We usually spend Sunday afternoons traveling to a park and taking a picnic.  But the air conditioning was broken in my car and Bob was offered a job to escort a wide truck load of farm equipment from the Ohio line to the Maryland line.  So I spent the day side by side with Bob watching him work.  He's only been at this a couple years, yet Bob's become the best escort a trucker could ask for.  He's excellent at warning of hazards , calls every tight spot and obstacle and gives adequate heads up on approaching turns.  After the escort, we dined at a fun cafe for lunch, then had a dinner by candlelight on our deck that evening.


Friday, June 17, 2016

Shades of Green

The sweater Mom wears is her favorite shade of green.  She recalls the teal green coat her Mom bought her when she was a senior in high school"

"It was 1942 and we didn't have anything.  I was going to Midnight Mass at the Episcopal Church with a friend and she lent me a red hat.  I felt beautiful!"

74 years later-you're still beautiful!


The above layout is the 12 X 12 one I made for my collection.  Below is the 8 X 8 page I made for Mom.  It's a size she can handle!


Monday, June 13, 2016

Sweet Cedar

Our third year of picnic adventures and we've a great start with 9 so far and summer has not even begun.

This picnic was at Cedar Creek State Park near Glenville, WV.

To view our picnic meals, check my food blog: 

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Fun with Food

It's so satisfying doing culinary demos at the Farmers Market.  The Working H Farm Family welcomed me into their kitchen where I work along side the Hardestys, creating recipes with local foods.  Bob goes to the market with me where he and I distribute some 200 samples an promote local food.


To learn more, visit my food blog:


Wednesday, June 8, 2016

May Cards

Many people were excited when my nephew Brian and wife Brittany were expecting a baby.  The shower had many guests, included my 90 year old Mom, her great grandchildren, the couples' parents and my out of town sister.  It was a special occasion.  The card on the right is for Brittany.

"You'll watch him as he falls to sleep,
You'll gasp in wonder at your love so deep,
You have for your precious baby boy,
For his life will unfold bringing so much joy,
For the years ahead hold so much pleasure,
For you and your baby to share together."

My friend Debbie, a talented baker and all around lovely person, celebrated a birthday.  This card is for Debbie.   

"Bright and sparkling,
The promise of things yet to come
For today is such a special day
And it's only just begun,
So treasure these twenty four hours.
Celebrate, be thankful, have fun
May your birthday be filled with much laughter,
From dawn till the setting of the sun." 

 This get well card is for Fran, a talented crafter.

"They say everyone has an Angel
That's close to them each day,
Who watches and protects them,
And at night never go awy.
May you feel their light upon you,
Healing you as you rest,
So that one day soon,
Not very far from now,
You'll soon be feeling your best."

Our son Greg and his wife Michelle celebrated 4 years of marriage on May 19th.  This anniversary card is for Greg and Michelle.
"May the memories of all you've shared
Fill your hearts today
And may all the coming years
Bring the love that's here to stay."

Jean, a former colleague, celebrated a birthday this month.  Jean is beautiful in every respect.
"There's really nothing special
about this birthday card. . . 
except the person holding it!"

My nephew Brian is 35 years old today.  This card is for him.  He is home and paternity leave, so I'm sure he'll remember this day.
"May this Birthday be one 
that you'll never forget
And may it start off a year
That's your happiest yet."

My nephew Steve is 40 on June 11th.  Steve's a great dad and husband.  I'm sure he'll have some fun with his family on this day.
"May your 40th birthday bring
You as much happiness and joy
As you give to everyone who knows you.
Enjoy your day."

All of the card verses are from