Tuesday, April 28, 2015

April Cards

My friend Betty was my mentor since the 70s.  Betty asked her Kansas friend to make this fun apron and pot holders for me when I retired.  Betty and two of our other RD friends met for lunch on Good Friday when she presented this gift.  The friend card is a thank you for Betty.

"The company was a pleasure
The time we had a treasure
Thank you for the gift
You knew it would be
Just perfect for me".

Wilma retired from our HSC Kitchen many years ago.  She was a great cook and I've always missed her.  This birthday card is for her.

"You're always though a lot about
But especially today,
I wish you a world of happiness
on today your birthday!". 

Administrative Assistants Day is in April.  While Virginia filled that role at the Healthy Cafe, Tina, Lorrie and Stefanie in the Nutrition Services Department also helped manage a staff of 200 food service and nutrition employees.  These cards are for them.

"Here you are with a joyful heart
Working well and working hard
Helping gladly, quick and bold
Bringing joy to young and old." 

The card and book are for Allie, a gorgeous, sweet dietitian, and her husband, a respiratory therapist.  They are expecting their first child soon.

"To the lucky pair who now will share 
Their love with someone new.
The tiny baby I welcome you
And my best wishes to you." 

My friend Helen celebrated her 30th birthday just a few days after the birth of baby Claire. Helen is a dietitian and scrapbooker.  She makes beautiful quilts.  This card and book are for her and her husband Phil.

"May this very special day
Leave memories you will treasure.
May all your hopes and dreams come true
In every fullest measure."

Nancy was one of my best high school friends.  Her Mom, Gertie, was our girl scout leader.  Nancy and I were ornery and always had a lot of fun.  Her birthday is May 6th.

"A little taste of heaven
a little touch of grace,
Warm sunshine on your
shoulders, a breeze upon
your face, deep feelings
of contentment, a sense
that life is sweet - -
If all of these are yours
my friend. . . my wish
will be complete.
Happy Birthday"

I loved the label "Good Friends', cut from a piece of clothing.

We'll be gone for a few days to watch our oldest receive his PhD!  A few proud and happy occasion!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Quiet Renewal

For many years in my working career, we took a vacation in early February.  This year we found a deal for the West Virginia State Park Blackwater Falls Lodge.  It's located in Tucker County, a section of the state in the high elevation.  The road there was uphill, snow covered, with no traffic.  The seasonal beauty was unsurpassed. 


Thursday, April 23, 2015


After the spring rains, the waterfalls in the tributaries to the New River were spectacular.  Bob carefully climbed to the waterfall to talk to this fisherman who said he caught and released 100 trout in a few days after the rain this week.  The fish like the deep pools under the falls.

April 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

1920s Coal Town

Thurmond, West Virginia is now a New River Gorge National Park, population 5.  During the heyday of coal mining, it was a prosperous C & O Facility with many businesses.  The film "Matewan" was made here in 1987.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Timeless Beauty

Bob and I take camera adventures nearly every week.  Last weekend we took an overnighter to the New River Gorge area of West Virginia.  The weekend turned into a camera safari.  These are pictures from the road under the New River Gorge Bridge and the road to the river to see the railroad bridge across the river.  The pictures on the right are from Hawks Nest, a West Virginia State Park.

The poem verse was from "Advice from a Mountain".  This verse reads:

"Stand in the strength of Your True Nature
Be uplifting
Follow the trails of the Wise Ones
Protect and preserve timeless beauty,
silence, solitude, serenity,
flowing rivers, 
ancient trees" 

"There is no prettier a place than the Hawks Nest and New River Gorge ares of West Virginia".  2015

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Dear Old Mom

I was so happy that Mom got to go with me to Stonewall Resort when I attended the WV Academy of Nutrition Spring Meeting.  Here she is sitting at a sunny window watching the birds catch fish on the lake.  We had great food and Mom got to visit with my friends.  Mom would not have liked this photo, but I did!

Mom titled our layouts and this is the one she and I made together.  She chose the title.  The journaling here is in her handwriting saying she had lots of fun with Cindy at Stonewall.

April 2015

Friday, April 3, 2015


Our son Chris who graduated college in December started his first job as a professional one month ago.  He's happy, feeling confident and now wants to spend more time with us!  He suggested that the 3 of us take an overnight trip last weekend.  We decided to go to the Winchester area where it's pretty and there's lots of history.  This was our second trip to the Virginia Arboretum.  This was the Blandy Farm from the early 1900s, where the slave "quarters" have been converted into labs for the University of Virginia.

The weekend weather was very cold-air temperature was 24 and with March winds, it felt like the teens.  Oh, but it was so pretty!

The sign by the beautiful water and rock areas read "Ephemeral Pools", which only last a short time.  The memory of the Virginia Arboretum will last a long time.

March, 2015

Have a great Easter!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

March Cards

I retired from my job at WVU Healthcare on March 6th.  For many reasons, I decided to make my own cards.  This was my first-for Virginia.  She was my right hand colleague at work and so supportive.  I chose the pet paper for her because she has at least 20 pets! I hand wrote a thank you inside for the many things Virginia did to make my last day at work special.

My nephew AJ turned 25.  His Dad is a tow truck man.  The inside sentiment:

May the next three quarter centuries 
bring you as much happiness,  health,
 hope and success as your first!  
Happy 25th birthday!

For many years, I sent birthday cards to the staff at the Healthy Cafe.  This one is for John, who makes cold catering trays at work but grows produce at home.  The inside sentiment:

May your day be very pleasant
every moment that it's here
And leave you with the promise
of a bright and happy year!

Betty loves owls and this one simply says "Fabulous is Who You Are!"!

My sister Terry made me a beautiful gardening basket for my retirement.  Terry sends numerous cards.  Inside is a poem:

Sister, we've been there through life's sorrow and pain
But together we have always endured the strain
We've argued and bickered and made each other mad
But if you weren't my sister, life would be so sad

My brother Jim celebrates his birthday at the end of March.  We were Bruce High School "Bulldogs" and he is a patriot.  My brother also is a great cook, reflected in the verse:

Cook'n up a great
Happy Birthday! 

My nephew Caleb turns 10 on Easter.  I think he'll like the bunny ears on his card.  Inside verse (with a play on words):

Let's celebrate
Hop-hop horray!
Caleb turns 10 today!

George is the AM Team Leader for the Healthy Cafe.  He orders the food and starts to work very early in the morning-4 or 4:30 am!  The card features pretty farm fresh papers and the cut-out "Early Bird Gets the Worm"!  I added the clock charm.
Happy Easter my friends!