Thursday, February 23, 2017

Adore Me

For my weekly trip to see Mom in Maryland, she decides that instead of going to the senior center, she'd rather go to Dennys.  Here she is in the Valentine shirt Amy sent her after she orders scrambled eggs, toast and sausage.  She always sees people she knows!

Monday, February 6, 2017

Dirty Dishes

"John and Betty worked a combined total of 80 years at the Health Sciences Center.  They met here and later married.  John's work included washing dishes-he hustled!  Both were devoted to me and their work."

The lyrics and title are from the song by Scotty McCreery.  "Your long hours and those dishes in the sink, Means a job and enough to eat!"  There's much more to it than that.  The lyrics to the entire song are printed on my background paper.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

January Cards

My sister Terry celebrates a birthday on January 10th.  This is my card for her:

"My sister is one of the most precious parts of my life.
We share special memories of time spend together.
Have a very happy birthday!"

A former colleague, Maria, celebrates a birthday on the 10th as well.  She is a sweet, caring lady, who loves her elderly Mom, now living with her.

"It's that special day again
How quickly does time fly.
But couldn't let your birthday pass
Without a cheerful "Hi".
So hope your day just sparkles
With happiness all day through
For yo deserve a brilliant day
That's especially made for you."

 My friend Brenda, a child of the 40s, celebrates a birthday this month too.  Brenda's a beautiful, stylish lady.

"Hoping that your birthday
Is a very happy day
for someone that is wonderful
In every single way.

Also lease remember that
Each day the whole year through
The best of things are always wished
Especially for you."

 I worked with Evelyn in the late 70s and learned so much from my more experienced mentor.  When I went to the state capital to do a little advance work for the dietetic association, I contacted Evelyn to get together for a short lunch.  What a nice surprise when I went to her house-she'd made us a delightful meal!  This thank you card is for her.

"A note to thank you and to say
The memory of your thoughtfulness
Will be remembered
For many a day."

 My young "hippie" friend, Tesla, graduated college in December.  I made her this card and sent it along with a pretty blouse I got at a scrapbook convention a few years back.  It had beautiful embellishments, but was just "too young" for me.  I think Tesla liked it.

"To wish you good luck
And the best of good cheer
A host of good friends
And a jolly career."

 A former colleague-Jim- celebrates his birthday today.  Jim is an excellent cook.  I recall he went through a few whisks back in the days.  This card has whisks across the top!

"May your day be very pleasant
Every moment that it's here
And leave you with the promise
of a bright and happy year." 

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