Friday, December 23, 2016

Memory Makers

"The best memories are about things we did, not things we bought" .  Food and things we make together are big memory makers.  Bob and I made the house together last weekend, the day we decorated the tree.  A cardboard kit with a few embellishments we glued, painted and embellished together.  The cranberry chutney is a seasonal favorite.  I made and canned some 4 dozen (1/2 cup) servings this year for Moms' friends at the Senior Center and for Bob's coworkers.  (The recipe is on the jar lid).

The Winter Stollen cookie recipe can be viewed on my healthy meal blog.  I packed 2 each in little cellophane bags for Bob's coworkers with a few bags left for Bob and I.

Thursday, December 15, 2016

Coat of Many Colors

Bob's Dad Jim loved his new winter coat and was happy to model it for us during our Christmas visit 1991.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Meet Again

It was just a few years back I brought my Dad and his first cousin together for the first time.  Bernice, who lives on the western end of my county, had never met Dad, who about 100 miles away.  Bernice and her niece Gerry knew much about Mom and Dads' hometown.  With Bernice now 95 and Mom 91, I wanted to get together again, though aging didn't make that easy.  Yet we did it, meeting in between at Penn Alps.  What fun we had being among women who love each other.


Sunday, December 4, 2016

Cute Tea & Cute Wife

Our son Greg titled this photo of Michelle as "Cute Tea and Cute Wife" after a visit to Laura's Tea Room.  I could spot vintage blue china, ladies in bonnets and doilies in the Victorian style tea room-all things Michelle loves.

November 2016

Thursday, December 1, 2016

November Cards

 The last outdoor farmers market of the season was on the first Saturday of November.  Bob and I so enjoyed our 7 culinary demonstrations there, conducted on the first Saturday of each month.  These are thank yous I made for each farmer, or assistant, who donated foods, a kitchen and public relations throughout the season.  Some of the cards are unique to what that farmer grew, as in the "apple" card for the apple grower.

"This special wish is sent to you
To thank you for the good you do."

My lifelong friend Liz celebrates a birthday on December 3rd.  Thus the "3 French Hens" tie-in.  Liz, a retired special needs teacher, now babysits several of her nearby grand children.
Sally was a cashier at the Healthy Cafe and greeted each of her some 500 customers with a smile and "how are you today?"  This birthday card is for her.

"People love you for being kind
People love you because you care.
With all this love coming your way
I hope you have a special day." 

Verses are from

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Child Again

It was a great way to start the season with a trip to Oglebay Festival of Lights with Chris.  This is the commemorative ornament Bob got for him after noticing how much he liked the greater than life display.  2016

Chris decorated his tree as soon as he got home and sent the picture of the ornament.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Friendships n' Links

In our season doing demos with Working H Farms, we created a friendship that extended well beyond the market.  

For each of the seven months of our local Farmers Market, I worked with a local farm family to conduct culinary demos featuring their meats or eggs and produce from the other vendors.  Since retirement, I stop at their farm store on my way home from the weekly trips to Moms'.  They were happy to have me prepare foods out of their kitchen and sponsor our table at the market.  Bob and I have both become genuine friends with the whole family.

Quotes are from the book, "In Winter's Kitchen" by Beth Dooley.  "Farmers need to link with cooks and eaters".  "When we look for local ingredients at the farmers market, we create friendships that extend well beyond zip codes."  


Monday, November 14, 2016


"My grandma was (and still is) a badass"-quoted my niece Kaitlyn in a Veterans Day tribute to my Mother.  The picture of Mom was taken last week by my sister Terry-on election day-after 91 year old June cast her vote!

I love the picture and the description.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

October Cards

 My former work colleague, Virginia, celebrates an October birthday.  She is an all out animal lover.  This card is for her (that's my cat Sugar scratching her head on the card!)

"This special birthday greeting
is sent from me to you,
You are a wonderful lady
Hope all your wishes come true."

John was a 40 year employee at the Health Sciences Center and retired last year.  I hope he's spent some time on his birthday and more doing the things he loves-dancing, working on cars and spending time with Betty. 

"Age is all in the mind
Well that is what people say
But don't let it worry you
We all get older everyday.
Just enjoy the age you are and
Have a happy birthday!"

Diana is talented all around and dedicated to her family and work.  One of her talents is baking.  This birthday card is for her:

"I have some chosen wishes,
They're in this card for you,
I hope that you'll find happy
In everything you do.
That whatever comes to you in life,
Will bring joy for evermore,
May you always find contentment,
Knocking on your door.
That today true friends and family
Will join with me and say:
To a very special person,
Have a wonderful birthday!"

I loved talking to Mike when I worked at HSC.  Mike loved the everyday customers.  At home, he enjoyed his Yorkshire puppies.  This birthday card is for Mike.

"May today be the start of a wonderful year,
Where all your dreams come true,
A year of joy and happiness in everything you do.
For you are a special person,
Unique-you're one of a kind,
So today we wish you a great birthday,
And may the next 365 days be kind!"

Another former colleague, Marylene, had a birthday a few days ago.  Marylene and her husband love to ride bikes when they aren't tending to family.  This card is for her.

"This birthday wish is sent to you,
To celebrate in all you do
Your heart is kind
Your soul is true
This kindness is but one with you."

I was so sorry to learn that Robert Sawyers, a colleague from my first years at HSC, passed away.  He was still a few years from retiring.  Robert made a good life for his wife and daughters and worked hard in whatever job is undertook.  He once dressed as Santa Claus at work, and he always made me smile.  This sympathy card is for his wife, Deena.

"Although your loved one has been taken,
And you are sad beyond belief,
May their memories remain you
And comfort you in your grief.
May the joys that you shared with him,
Make recollections that will last
And you'll think of them with fondness
As you'll never forget the past."

Our lovely daughter-in-law, Michelle, will be 32 years old on Monday.  She is lady of numerous talents.  This card is for her.

"Only a perfect birthday will do
For a daughter-in-law who's as lovely as you.
So here is a wish
For a super day
Hope it's the happiest
To come through your way."

The verses in my cards are downloaded from

Friday, October 28, 2016

City Scapes: Boston

As a registered dietitian/nutritionist, I like to attend the annual meeting called Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo.  Last year and this year, Bob got a guest pass to attend the Expo.  The meetings are in major cities in the US, and that gives us a chance to visit.  This year's meeting was in Boston.

"It was a once in a life experience to visit Boston together.  Our stay at the Newbury Guest House was special and we were treated as VIPs at the FNCE social.  We ate outside and enjoyed walks to the Charles River and the Boston Harbor."

I am published in the Food and Nutrition Magazine, "Feast Worthy Recipes". I created and did multiple testings on the Moroccan Medallions Recipe.  It's a gorgeous magazine and I'll be happy to get a paper copy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

To Remember

When I heard this quote, I wrote it on the back of an envelope.  I can't remember if it was song lyrics or in an interview.  This will hit home to most scrapbookers:  

"I'd rather have something to forget, than nothing to remember."

I took the picture last weekend when Bob and I took a picnic to Ohiopyle, a Pennsylvania State Park.

(To remember)
The beautiful day, the beautiful surroundings
Our Sunday picnics and adventures in nearby parks
The sun on our shoulders, the crisp air
Watching you watching me enjoying our time together.

Monday, October 3, 2016

September Cards

On a car trip to see our kids, I made the outside of these cards and more while a passenger in the car.  This one is for my life long friend Vicki, who celebrate a birthday September 12th.

"I sat and thought of years that have gone
The games we played while the sun always shone,
The days that we counted and met husbands to be
Then we married and were happy with our growing families.
Now older we are and how many things move on.
But our friendship has endured-it has always been strong,
May you be blessed in your birthday with all good things,
And take pleasure in our friendship and the memories it brings."

Susan is one of my former hard working colleagues from the Healthy Cafe.  She celebrated a birthday this month.

"You've got all the ingredients
And the recipe's very clear:
Mix gifts and cards with love and fun
And cook till smiles appear."

My friend Terrie from Working H Farms Meats and Store celebrated a birthday this month.  She and her family raise poultry, beef and pigs.  This card is for Terrie.

"This birthday wish is sent to you
To celebrate in all you do
Your heart is kind
Your soul is true
This kindness is but one with you."

Bob's birthday was last week.  I photographed the card in the very spot he displayed it.

"When all is said and done
A year has now come
Another year older true
Another year I get to spend with you.
A wonderful time we will have
Filled with laughter and surprises.
May this day be a dream come true.
My dearest husband, I love you!"

My niece Kaity turns 28 tomorrow.  She is a gorgeous red head.  This card is for her.

"A very Happy Birthday
Is especially wished for you
With flowers, gifts and treats galore,
And fun in all you do.
May it be a day to remember.
Full of memories to treasure.
Because sending wishes to someone like you
Is very much a pleasure!" 

I still have 5 more cards I made in the car to send in November!   

Friday, September 23, 2016

Best of Plays

"On a visit to Amy & Scotts' North Carolina home, we took the kids to Wrightsville Beach.  Greg (9) & Chris (3) had the very best of times."  1996

This is once of the page backgrounds I created on my "car-scrapping" (long trip home).  I loved the summer paper and knew which photos I wanted to use when I got home.  Greg is now 29 and Chris 23.

Monday, September 19, 2016


Greg and Michelle find and catch wild Pokemon as they explored the surroundings of Camden, South Carolina.  The signs said Pokemon traders were welcome and we were glad to watch our kids having fun.  There were Poke stops at historical markers.  2016

This is one of the 4 page backgrounds I made on the 8 hour trip home from visiting our son Greg and his wife Michelle.

Sunday, September 18, 2016


On last weekends' trip to our kids in South Carolina, we visited the historic town of Camden.  On the 8 hour trip back home, I made 4 page backgrounds for layouts.  I loved the canvas material included in the Michaels' kit.

"Camden, South Carolina, pretty much closed down on Sunday but we enjoyed visiting the Revolutionary war historical sites just the same.  Here in 1780, an American army was defeated by British forces."  

Friday, September 16, 2016

SC Street Fair

We visited our son Greg and daughter in law Michelle last weekend in Columbia, South Carolina.  It's about an 8 hour trip, so I always pack a box of scrapbook papers and ephemera to make cards along the way.  I made all the cards-9 in all- on the trip down.  So while in Columbia, we visited the local Michaels Store and I bought a neat kit.  With it I made 4 page backgrounds on the trip back for some of the pictures we took while there.

"Greg and Michelle always seem to enjoy their time together and shared that enthusiasm with us by taking us to the street fair across from the South Carolina capital in Columbia."

I added the phrase "It's so hard to leave your kids!" at the top of the journaling. . . because you know that's tough!

Thursday, September 8, 2016

40 Years

Labor Day, 1976-our wedding day.  I loved this picture of us during the wedding ceremony.  We were happy and smiling-the day was so pretty and my Mom and Dad's back yard looked great!  

"Hand in hand we've been together
Showing the world how much we care." 

This year we celebrate our Ruby Anniversary-40 years!  The doilie embellishment is from the gift bag I made for Bob.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

August Cards

On one of the trips to my Mom's home in Maryland, I took her to see her Sister-in-law Ginny.  Ginny and Mom both are in walkers-neither drive.  I brought food and Ginny had the table set with china dishes.  She's such a lovely lady.  It was great to get the ladies together.  

"You're such a good friend
I am happy to say
Thank you for the kindness
You sent our way."

Sue is one of my farmers market friends.  She is from Thailand, a former teacher, who loves to teach others about local foods.  Sue often gives me unusual foods to try.  One time she instructed me to "make something with this and bring it back to me".  I love challenges like that!  Sue invited some of us to her farm for a "Garden Grub" dinner.  She had many lovely ethnic foods there.  We were honored.  

"Step into my garden
Step in and you'll see
A measure of
Peace and tranquility.

Let the beauty of springtime
Fill your soul with great peace
Take it with you and share
It with each one you meet.

Thanks for sharing your food and friendship."

Mom was 91 years old on August 31st.  The week before her birthday, I took her to a park where she camped in 1941 and had never returned.  We picnicked on that beautiful day.  I made her a scrapbook page of the day.  The card is on the right.

"Love you lots
For all you do
Love you Mom
Because you're You!"

Luke and Becky have been our friends for forty years.  Becky turned 60 last week and Luke invited us to their house for cake and homemade brew.  The fresh picked corn, card and mum were for Becky.

"Today's a day to celebrate
We toast to you and cheer
Because this is a special day
You're now just reached 60 years."

Bob and I married Labor Day, 1976.  This Labor Day marked our Ruby Anniversary.  The kids helped me buy Bob a new lens-that is the gift bag for it (I may convert to a page:).  I am hoping for many happy more!

"Forty years and counting
What joys along the way
The love we've shared together
Since our beautiful wedding day.
The ups, the downs along the road
The occasions that we've shared,
Hand in hand we've been together,
Showing the world how much we care.
So celebrate the occasion
Raise a glass to love and life
For all these years we've been together
As a loving husband and wife." 

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Return to 1940s

The thing Mom remembers most about her scout camp days at Swauger's Dam was that the boy scout camp was directly ab0ve it.  (The boys are pictured in the background of her teenage picture).  I brought her back to the park (now New Germany) where we enjoyed a picnic and more memories.  2016

The 8 inch page I made for Mom (she can handle the smaller album).  I created the 12 inch page first, then sized and printed the pictures 2/3rd the size of the larger ones.  I kept the journaling the same size font so that it was readable.

(This is the page I made in 2010 with the original photo)

The best thing about girl scout camp was that the boy scout camp was just above. The picture of Mom was taken by a boy whose oxford shoe showed in the foreground. She remembers pitching their tents and digging their own latrines. Mom was 16 here and is pictured with her best friends Billie Jane Barncord and Emily Kirkwood. 1941  

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Life Long Learning

After spending the last 20 years of my career planning healthy meals for 1000+, I'm having a ton of fun planning healthy meals for two.  I try new foods and recipes all the time.  As I learn, I share those creations with others in my classes, demos and on my blog:

The WVU Lifelong Learning Institute provides programs for adults 50 and over.  Classes are developed and taught by community members passionate about their topics.  Attendees liked my first class "Top 10 Tips for Meal Planning".  Here are a few of the comments:

  • "Enjoyed the pictures of food!"
  • "Liked the state park slides-makes me want to go on more picnics!"
  • "Every dish is set as a meal!"
  • "Liked the new use of grains."
  • "Liked the bright colors used in everything-including the dishes and tablecloths."  

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

What a Shame

Our warm weather routine includes weekly Sunday picnics and monthly Farmers Market Culinary Demos.  This year Bob got his Food Handlers Card so that he could help me during the Saturday market.  We both worked in jobs with thousands of community members, so this is an opportunity to see some of these folks again.  The first Saturday of every month is our day at the market.

"After spending the entire weekend side-by-side, serving my culinary creations at the Farmers Market, cleaning house, taking Chris to dinner, then taking an out-of-state picnic, Bob kidded "it was a shame" we didn't get to spend much time together."

August 2016

Monday, August 1, 2016

July Cards

Lorrie is the Catering Booking Person at the hospital and we've known each other for many years.  This card is for her July birthday:

"Greetings for your birthday
For a wonderful day
And a year that brings
The very best
Of everything your way."

My brother-in-law Scott celebrated his 50th birthday this month.  Scott is a geography professor, so I liked using the map papers for his card.

 "Celebration of 50 wonderful years
Full of Memories you've treasured.
May today present another day
 Of a memory of love and pleasures."

My sister Terry and her husband Nelson, married in 1970, celebrated an anniversary this month.
"This anniversary greeting is coming now to say
The heartfelt thanks we often don't say from day to day.
And for the thoughtful things you've done and all that you still do,
May all the joy you so deserve return today to you."

My nephew Jake was 21 years old this month.  The photo is Jake with his Dad and Mom-Amy and Scott-when he was a baby.

"Many joyful happy wishes
On this day you're twenty one.
May you always gaily travel
On the new road just begun,
May you find good friends and fortune
All along a happy way
May you carry golden memories
Of a truly perfect day."
My sister Amy was 50 years old this month.
"Its great to wish you Sister
A very exceptional day
With everything that's good in life
To come hurtling your way.
You know I really love you
In a caring and special way
I really hope that you have
A fun-filled 50th birthday."
My Aunt Bernice was 95 years old this month.  When we're together, she shares memory after memory of her past and even my hometown.  I enjoy every minute of our time together.
"Dear friend you are 95 today
What a wonderful life have led
Those interesting tales and knowledge you have
Glad you didn't leave them unsaid
Happy Birthday
Keep telling those wonderful stories."
Sister Amy and her husband Scott celebrated 28 years of marriage this month.  They both had birthdays too, as did their oldest son Jake.
"May the memories of all you've shared
Fill your hearts today,
And may all the coming years
Bring the love that's here to stay.
Happy wedding anniversary."
Here's the fun part:  Remember the 4 day vacation we took at the start of July to a rural cabin-where there are no electronics?  I made all of these cards there.  I added a few extra touches to the outsides and verses to the inside when I came home. I make my list and pull out some papers that remind me of them to make a kit to take with me where I worked outside on a picnic table for a short time everyday..
Most of the verses I use come from the internet site, "".


Sunday, July 24, 2016

Holly River

For the second summer in a row, we rented a cabin at Holly River, a West Virginia State Park, three nights in July.  The park is two hours from home, in rural Webster County.  Here's a short synopsis and collage from the wonderful vacation:

"We hike, take pictures, read and swim.  We take our own food and crafts.  There are woods, moss, wildlife and clean creeks.  With no electronics to distract, we listen to nature and each other."