Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hammond St. School

Mom & Dad both went to Hammond St. School on Westernport Hill. They walked home for lunch or to their Grandmothers'. Mom recalls getting spanked for picking pink roses off the hill by the school (the older girls talked her into it!) Dad was spanked by Principal Nellie Dowling for sliding down the banister. Mrs. Dowling game him a nickel after the spanking to buy a Popsicle at the corner grocery. Mom is pictured here in 2nd grade between friends Jean Franklin & Dorothy Howard. 1932

Digital Element (Paislee Press "Vintage Tag")

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Greatest Discovery

When I learned I was expecting our second son I asked my sister Terry how I should tell Greg. "Just tell him!" she said. With 6 years between them, the boys weren't in the same schools at the same time. But they like each other and have a brotherly bond. They sometimes have Bob & in stitches with their exchange of crude remarks.

Digital Brushes & Tags: (7 Gypsies "Angelo") (Basic Grey "Black Tie")
Digital Frame (Jen Allyson Victorian Frames for 2 Peas in A Bucket)

The Great Discovery (title detail)

I made this layout for a lyrics challenge on The challenge was to use either lyrics from a Jackson Brown or an Elton John song. There were lots to choose from. This song was one I particularly liked.

The Greatest Discovery (details)

Lyrics to the Elton John song I played on cassette when I was on
maternity leave with baby Chris:

"In those silent happy seconds that surround the sound of this event a parent smile is made in moments they have made for you a friend. And all you ever learned from them until you grew much older did not compare with when they said this is your brand new brother." 1993

Saturday, March 27, 2010

2 Clever Young Men

Chris' subject for a TSA (Technology Student Association) competition was a bright one, & the model he & Clayton built on vertical farming was very well done. While he was able to borrow some tools from his crafty parents, his ideas and finished project were his own. 2010

Digital Frame (Carina Gardner Photo Frames 5)

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy 17

This layout was modeled after one by Stacy Cohen in Scrapbooks, Etc. magazine. I punched the white paper using a Bazzill template, then stitched it while I was in a waiting room.

"The weather was bad & there was no school. We had fun downtown."
February 8, 2010
Chris' 17th Birthday
Black Bear Restaurant

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Greg's Beijing Album: Summer Palace

Greg saved his tour here till the end of his stay. The Summer Palace is mainly dominated by Longevity Hill (60 meters high) and the Kunming Lake. He literally climbed rocks up the hill that overlooked the lake. At my request, he took self portraits in a few of the places he visited.

Greg's Beijing Album

Greg arrives home Tuesday night from his 2 month stay in Beijing. While the purpose of his stay was collaborative study at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he spent his weekend touring the city and got some great pictures. This is the front page of the album I put together for him. For the patterned papers, I scanned a beautiful sheet of oriental wrapping paper I purchased at Shelz Studio in Buckhannon, WV.

Digital Overlay (Michelle Coleman Grungy Overlay)
Digital Frame (Beautifully Grungy Frame by Chelsea Parsons)

Album opened

I created 20 pages digitally of photos Greg uploaded to Flicker of his tours of the city.


The album has a neat clasp to open and close.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

ABC's of Cindy

I made this layout for a Challenge about my idiosyncrasies. I was home alone and shot the picture holding my camera at arm's length at the widest setting till I got it right. Liked the shots looking up over top my glasses.

ABC's of Cindy

Aspiring to run a healthy cafe
Busy at work and at play
Creative in everything I do

All my family
Children Greg & Chris

Digital Photo Frame (Carina Gardner Photo Frames 5)
Digital Element (Basic Grey Black Tie)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Snow Cover

This is part 2 of my "Winter Meltdown".

"Even though we had the top of a tree fall on the deck the eve of "Snowmageddon", the morning after was peaceful, quiet and rather calming.

We had lots of snow this winter and we all made it out to work and for other needs. Several of the major snow storms fell on Friday and we didn't have the worry of having to drive in the worst of the storm. These are pictures on all sides of our Mountain Meadow home." 2010

Snowflake Detail

I was real happy with the snowflakes I made by cropping the flakes out of digital papers, printing them on cardstock and cutting around them. I cropped them 3 different sizes and stacked 3 deep with a crystal brad.

Digital paper (Queen of Quirk: "Partridge Paper")

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Feathered Friends

This is part I of my "Winter Meltdown". I am putting my winter and valentine scrapbook items away and picked out patterned paper and embellishments last night for 3 final pages of the season. This one is called "Feathered Friends".

One of the best parts of being home in the winter is feeding the birds. This is their home too and we provide seed and suet and even shelter when the snow covers the trees and ground. I brave the cold on Sundays when Bob is at work and open the back window to get shots of the back feeder.

Friday, March 12, 2010

RD Day

It was a special day at the capital meeting with the First Lady, Governor & being acknowledged by the Senate. West Virginia Dietitians have a passion in improving the health of the people of our state. Pictured here with my boss. 2010

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Looking Ahead @57

When I felt a little remorse on the eve of my 57th birthday, I made myself focus on things I could look forward to:
Overnight trips with Bob
Time with Chris
Trip to Minnesota
Job Security

Digital Elements: (Lauren Reid "Mistaken" Alpha)
(Shinelle Write It Down "Top 10 Lists")

Looking Ahead @57 details

I couldn't pass up taking a self portrait in the reflection of this dingy shopping center door. The arrows are not a scrapbook embellishment...they were attached to the door! Photo taken at the LaVale (Md.) Plaza where I stopped to search for scrapbook bargains at Ollie's and JoAnn's.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

At Last

Today was a gorgeous day--54 degrees and I have to say "about time!" It snowed so much this winter. Because many of the major storms fell on the weekend--I have pictures. Despite setting the white balance on the camera, the blues in all the pictures are so much different.....guess they were taken at different times of the day with different levels of light. So none of them matched. Thus the one photo of snow on this layout. I did like this one of the lone pine at the bottom of our hill.

The song is an old one "At Last...the skies above are blue.
My heart is wrapped in clover every time I look at you.
I have a dream that I can speak to
One that I can call my own
I have a thrill to rest my cheek to."


Digital tags (Sande Krieger "Fine China" Two Peas in a Bucket)
Digital frame (Creating Keepsakes "Dreamy Effects")

At Last detail

I loved this picture of Bob. I asked him to stop for a picture on one of the last snowy days of the season. He worked so hard this winter, going outside every 2 hours during the snowy periods to shovel the driveway and sweep the porch. This day was no exception after we'd arrived home from an outing.