Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Child Again

It was a great way to start the season with a trip to Oglebay Festival of Lights with Chris.  This is the commemorative ornament Bob got for him after noticing how much he liked the greater than life display.  2016

Chris decorated his tree as soon as he got home and sent the picture of the ornament.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Friendships n' Links

In our season doing demos with Working H Farms, we created a friendship that extended well beyond the market.  

For each of the seven months of our local Farmers Market, I worked with a local farm family to conduct culinary demos featuring their meats or eggs and produce from the other vendors.  Since retirement, I stop at their farm store on my way home from the weekly trips to Moms'.  They were happy to have me prepare foods out of their kitchen and sponsor our table at the market.  Bob and I have both become genuine friends with the whole family.

Quotes are from the book, "In Winter's Kitchen" by Beth Dooley.  "Farmers need to link with cooks and eaters".  "When we look for local ingredients at the farmers market, we create friendships that extend well beyond zip codes."  


Monday, November 14, 2016


"My grandma was (and still is) a badass"-quoted my niece Kaitlyn in a Veterans Day tribute to my Mother.  The picture of Mom was taken last week by my sister Terry-on election day-after 91 year old June cast her vote!

I love the picture and the description.

Thursday, November 3, 2016

October Cards

 My former work colleague, Virginia, celebrates an October birthday.  She is an all out animal lover.  This card is for her (that's my cat Sugar scratching her head on the card!)

"This special birthday greeting
is sent from me to you,
You are a wonderful lady
Hope all your wishes come true."

John was a 40 year employee at the Health Sciences Center and retired last year.  I hope he's spent some time on his birthday and more doing the things he loves-dancing, working on cars and spending time with Betty. 

"Age is all in the mind
Well that is what people say
But don't let it worry you
We all get older everyday.
Just enjoy the age you are and
Have a happy birthday!"

Diana is talented all around and dedicated to her family and work.  One of her talents is baking.  This birthday card is for her:

"I have some chosen wishes,
They're in this card for you,
I hope that you'll find happy
In everything you do.
That whatever comes to you in life,
Will bring joy for evermore,
May you always find contentment,
Knocking on your door.
That today true friends and family
Will join with me and say:
To a very special person,
Have a wonderful birthday!"

I loved talking to Mike when I worked at HSC.  Mike loved the everyday customers.  At home, he enjoyed his Yorkshire puppies.  This birthday card is for Mike.

"May today be the start of a wonderful year,
Where all your dreams come true,
A year of joy and happiness in everything you do.
For you are a special person,
Unique-you're one of a kind,
So today we wish you a great birthday,
And may the next 365 days be kind!"

Another former colleague, Marylene, had a birthday a few days ago.  Marylene and her husband love to ride bikes when they aren't tending to family.  This card is for her.

"This birthday wish is sent to you,
To celebrate in all you do
Your heart is kind
Your soul is true
This kindness is but one with you."

I was so sorry to learn that Robert Sawyers, a colleague from my first years at HSC, passed away.  He was still a few years from retiring.  Robert made a good life for his wife and daughters and worked hard in whatever job is undertook.  He once dressed as Santa Claus at work, and he always made me smile.  This sympathy card is for his wife, Deena.

"Although your loved one has been taken,
And you are sad beyond belief,
May their memories remain you
And comfort you in your grief.
May the joys that you shared with him,
Make recollections that will last
And you'll think of them with fondness
As you'll never forget the past."

Our lovely daughter-in-law, Michelle, will be 32 years old on Monday.  She is lady of numerous talents.  This card is for her.

"Only a perfect birthday will do
For a daughter-in-law who's as lovely as you.
So here is a wish
For a super day
Hope it's the happiest
To come through your way."

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