Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Cards

The Monday after I retired, I started taking a water aerobics class indoors at the local rehabilitation hospital.  I didn't know the ladies previously.  4 months later, I still don't know what they did before they retired-but that's not important.  What's important is that they all are lovely, engaging woman, all of whom care for other members in their family.  I often kid that I'm going to "old lady" aerobics, but you know I've used muscles I never knew I had.  And all of us-ranging in age from I'm guessing 55-85-are young at heart.  These cards are for Shirley and Linda, who celebrated birthdays in June.

For Shirley
 "It only take a little time
To wish you all the best.
To wish you all the things in life.
Good health, good wealth and rest.  
May your day be filled with sunshine.
May flowers be strewn your way.
For I wish you so much happiness
On this your special day."

 For Linda
"This birthday wish is sent to you
To celebrate in all you do.
Your heart is kind,
Your soul is true.
This kindness is but one to you."

My nephews, Brian and Steve (brothers) celebrated birthdays.  Brian likes cars.  Steve is a kid at heart-39 years old this year.

For Brian
"You are a special nephew
so I send this card to you
to wish you a very happy birthday
and love and kisses too."

For Steve
"The happiest adults 
are those who
never buried
old toys or
abandoned imaginary

 My lifetime friend, Vickie, and her husband Paul retired after many years of teaching.  This card is for them.

"Retirement opens the door
To a whole new world
Of enjoyment, adventure
and happiness.
May it bring you everything
You are looking for." 

April works at HSC Cafeteria.  She is a pretty single Mom who never ages.  This birthday card is for her.

"I wish you laughter
I wish you fun.
I wish you a day that's 
full of sun.
I wish you happiness
I wish you cheer
That lasts all 
through the year."

Our water aerobics instructor-Jeremey-and his wife are expecting their first child in July.  She will be called "Emma Joy".  We collected money for a gift card and I was asked to make the greeting card to go with it.

"Life will change but
that's okay;
It's fun to spend
hours each day
taking time for all the good
That comes along with 

This Father's Day card is for my brother, Jim, who loves his country and his kids.

"Happy Fathers Day
to a brother
who is like no other." 

Carolyn worked at HSC Cafeteria after she retired from the C & P Telephone Company.  She was such a lovely lady.  I recall jumping up and down when she returned from vacation.  She retired from HSC many years ago, and I still think of her fondly.  This birthday card is for her.

I often kidded John Hunnell that he was my favorite person at HSC.  John loved to talk.  He was a history buff, a Confederate War reenact-er, and a ramp lover.  John made deli sandwiches in our snack bar, would describe how we made every salad and sandwich, and the customers loved him.  He didn't have a bit of confidence and often put himself down.  I wouldn't let him do that and would stop him on the spot.  I took him out of pots and pans and put him where he needed to be-with customers.  I once had a vice president of human resources tell me how much an ambassador he was.  Every year he went deer hunting, usuallly didn't catch anything. . . and this birthday card is for him.

"May time greet the morning with warmth,
the day with love,
and the year ahead with joy."

My Fathers Day card for Bob, the love of my life and one proud Dad.

"Husband. Friend. Partner.
How many can say they
have a true partner, friend
and lover they can count
on in good times and bad?
How many can say their
love is even stronger for
all they've bee through?
Only a lucky few like me." 

Monday, June 29, 2015

Carl Arthur: Family Story

Once a week I visit my Mom in Maryland and take her to the Tri-Towns Senior Center for chair exercise, lunch and-most importantly-socialization.  Mom knows everyone and everything about the little town.  This is one of the gentleman who is there every week.  He's Carl Arthur, another member of the Greatest Generation.

Carl Arthur was a Navy gunner at D-Day, the Battle of Normandy.  He and his sister Freda joined the service at the same time.  Carl was the youngest of nine kids and recalls eating beans and taters for dinner.  He has been married for 70 years;  Freda has been married for 71 years.  Carl still drives himself to the Senior Center.

Here's Mom and Carl talking about the war effort:

Another interesting note is that Carl's Father built the flue at my Dad's garage!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Everyday is Happy

When I asked Bob if he had a happy father's day, he replied: "Everyday is happy with you".  It's true-we're a perfect match.  And he sure is proud of his kids.

Father's Day Picnic
Chestnut Ridge Park

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The store that never let anyone go hungry

Mom's Dad Vista L. Mullan bought the grocery store at the bottom of the Waverly Street Bridge in 1929.

The store had a counter with drawers full of flour, sugar, cornmeal, coffee, dry beans and peas.  There was a meat block to cut meat and cheese.

Farmers brought fruits and vegetables in wagons.  Fresh fruit and eggs were sold from bushel baskets on the floor.

The cat nested on top of the 100 pound sack of flour.  The store had fish, raw oysters and home brew bottles exploding around the potbellied stove.  The candy case was loaded with tasty items.

Every Saturday the farmers came by with their horse and buggies with chickens, eggs and produce.

There were large barrels of products, from pickles to Carbide.

After the depression was over, notes with IOUs were found in the carbide barrels, most of which were never paid back.  Vista and Marie never let anyone go hungry.

Grandma Marie took over the store when Vista died in 1938.  She raised 4 kids and operated the store for 4 years, when she went to work inspecting bullets for the war effort.  Grandma sold the store to Marshall Jones when she remarried in 1944.

That's Mom as a teenager (2nd from right in back) in the bed of her Dad's delivery truck.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

5 & 10

In 1943, after graduating high school, Mom worked at G.C.Murphys in Piedmont, WV.  She was paid $11 a week to work 9-5, Monday thru Friday, then 9-9 on Saturday.  Mom worked the candy counter, but since it was war time, the only candy available was hard tack.  They had boxed cakes in a display case.  On Friday, there was a delivery of chewing gum-5 cases with 144 packs per case.  On Saturday, Mom had 2 helpers as everyone wanted chewing gum at 5 cents per pack.  Most of the time the gum was "Black Jack".  Mom was allowed to give the crumbs from the cakes to the kids who lived out back of the store.  Her favorite little boy was Paul, who was about 7 or 8.  After this job, Mom went to Akron to build airplanes.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Picnic Love

Every Sunday in the season, Bob and I take a picnic to a nearby scenic location.  These are the first 8 picnics we've done this year.  

Locations include:
  • Summersville Lake (WV)
  • Prosperity (Pa)
  • Oglebay Park (WV)
  • Tygart Lake (WV)
  • Deegan Hinkle Lake (WV)
  • Holly River (WV)
  • Valley Falls (WV)
  • Coopers Rock Forest (WV)
I wrote the name of each location on a wooden "cocktail" fork and glued it to the corresponding photo.

What fun we have!  My menus can be found on my food blog:

Friday, June 5, 2015

Close Up

Bob and I plan a weekly picnic to nearby scenic locations.  Last Sunday we went to Valley Falls State Park in Fairmont.  After our meal, we enjoy coffee brought from home in a thermos.  While we were sipping, this pretty butterfly landed on Bob's watch.  Bob asked me to hand him his macro-lens and he got the close-up.  Looking even closer, you'll feel the warmth and beauty of the day!

May 2015

Monday, June 1, 2015

May Cards

Our son Greg received his PhD on May 1.  We and the inlaws traveled to Minneapolis, where Greg and his wife Michelle were a wonderful host and hostess.  These cards were for them, one a graduation card for Greg and the other a thank you card for Michelle.

"The years of study are at an end
You've finally reached the top
Congratulations you've done it,
Your hard work has paid off.
You have earned your PhD
Your future can now unfold
We wish you all the very best
Family and blessings untold."

"A note to thank you and to say
The memories and your thoughtfulness
Will be remembered for many a day."  

I made these Mothers Day cards for my mom and sisters while traveling in the car on our 1000 mile+ journey to Minneapolis.  I had to fix the crookedness upon returning home!

"You're my Mother,
I would have no other!"

"There is no blessing
quite so dear. . . 
as a Sister like you
to love year after year." 

Since retiring, I have been traveling to my Moms once a week to take her to the Senior Center for chair exercise, lunch and socializing.  It's fun for me too, since I grew up in this small town.  This card is for "Boots" who turned 87 in May.  She is the mother-in-law of one of my classmates.  Boots is a lovely, sophisticated lady- impeccable dressed.  She even has her toe nails painted once a week!  I had a lot of fun with this card, particularly the feather embellishment!

My friend Debbie retired from her job as a Baker at HSC a few years back.  She has many talents, most importantly the art of enjoying everyday life.  Debbie once told me that winter was a good time to take vacation, as "there's no yard work".  I remembered that she likes to mow grass.  This home sweet home, gardening decor card looked like her.

"You're always very special
And you should know today
That you are wished the nicest things
That life can bring your way."

Jean's birthday is today.  She's a lovely mother and cashier at HSC.  I actually interviewed her twice-several years apart.  The first job was not right for her family life-when a job became available that I thought might be, I called her back.  Jean never says a bad word about anyone.  I think she made many a person's day over the years!

"You're always very special
And you should know today
that you are wished the nicest things
That life can bring your way." 

One of my mentors, Helen, a dietitian and volunteer to many good causes, passed away last week.  This card is for her brother-in-law, Tom.  

"A star in life now at rest
Shining brightly in our hearts forever." 

Have a lovely June!