Saturday, December 26, 2015

Handkerchief Shower

It was the early 1940s and Mom was a sophomore at Bruce High School.  The principal, John Fisher, was called to go to war.  The students at the school, grades 7-12, had a "handkerchief" shower where everyone brought kerchiefs.  They hailed Mr. Fisher off by singing "You're in the Army now!"

Monday, December 21, 2015

All Year Long

This Christmas layout features pictures from the Harper's Ferry Old Tyme Christmas and Wheeling's Festival of Lights.  Both are annual events held near home in West Virginia.  The words are to the song "You Make it Feel Like Christmas" by Neil Diamond.

"Cozy we are
Closer than far
Sounds of forever still around
Lovers in love
Just like we were
'Cause being apart's a lonely sound
And when people ask how we stay together
I say you never let me down, ye
And you make it feel like Christmas
Even when things go wrong
I hear the sound of Christmas in your song
All year long
Look at the sun
Shining on me
Nowhere could be a better place
Lovers in love
Yeah, that's what we'll be
When you're here with me
It's Christmas day

Just look at us now
Part of it all
In spite of it all
We're still around"

Merry Christmas my friends!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

In This Light

Bob's comment when he saw this layout was, "We took all those Christmas pictures and this is what you used?"  I replied, "Get over it!"  Bob was very happy that day as we walked through the ruins of the church at Harpers ferry, WV, a place that served as a hospital during the Civil War.  The December weather for the "Old Tyme Christmas" event was very warm and sunny.


Sunday, December 6, 2015

November Cards

My water aerobics friend Linda had surgery and is out for 6 weeks.  This card is to cheer her up!

"With warm wishes
I just want to say,
That I hope you'll feel better
With each and everyday." 

Bob's brother David, a pharmacist, retired.  He likes trains and old cars.  He once drove a "woody" car.  David is an advocate for Amtrack and will now devote his time to refurbishing a train station in Prince, WV.  

"Oh the places you'll go!
Retirement opens the door
To a whole new world
Of enjoyment, adventure and happiness.
May it bring you everything
You are looking for." 

Our niece Brittany and her husband Brian are expecting a child.  They are a delightful couple and will make excellent parents.  This is my congratulations card.

"We've heard the patter of tiny feet
will soon be coming your way.
Lots of love and giggles
will soon be with you to stay.
So enjoy the next few months
as you prepare for your bundle of joy.
You'll adore your brand new baby
whether it's a girl or a boy!" 

My dietitian colleague and former boss Kendra lost her Dad a few weeks ago.  Kendra and her husband Jim did many things with her Mom and Dad.  This card is for them, with a poem I must repeat to myself.

"There's an angel sitting beside you
To help take some of the pain,
Though you can't see him or hear him
There by your side he'll remain.

He'll manage your sorrow and anger,
He'll hold your hand as you sleep
Though you can't see him or hear him
His love for you he will keep.

Talk to him often I ask you,
Tell him your doubts and your fears,
For though he has gone from your vision,
He'll still love you all of the years."

Liz was one of my closest friends from high school and turned 62 this month.  She is retiring from her job as a special education teacher.  Look closely and you'll see our yearbook pictures very close together.

"When we were young and single
The world was at our feet,
Everyday was so exciting,
New places and people to meet.
The years have come,
The years have gone.
Our lives have changed and grown.
Our beautiful little babies
Have left their nests and flown.
So now it's time to think of us,
To do exciting things once more.
To show the world we've still got it
We're about to open new doors.
So my dearest friend in all the world,
My good wishes are sent your way.
For let's mark your birthday as a starting point
For new adventures today!"

Sally is a cashier at the HSC Cafe.  She retired once and came back to work full time where everyone was happy to see her.  Sally always told the customers to have a good day.  I hope she does too!

"Hoping that your birthday
Is a very happy day.
For someone that is wonderful
In every single way.

Also please remember that
Each day the whole year through,
The best of things are always wished
Especially for you." 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

A Hard Day's Work

We had a Thankful Day Thursday and hope all of you did this same.  This is me getting ready for a meal which we shared with Chris and Cassie.  What fun we had on this beautiful November Day.

"Much of my 40 year career was spent planning meals for 1000+ customers.  Now I plan meals for just a few.  Home cooking is so much more fun.  My work meals were healthy as are my home meals.  And my uniform is the best!"

November, 2015

To few our meals, with recipes and pictures, check my food blog:


Sunday, November 22, 2015

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Placecards

I saw these on Pinterest featuring sugar ice cream cones covered in jute.  I took the easy way out and covered mine with burlap using a glue gun.  I printed a digital image with the names and attached with decorative pins.  Now for planning the feast!

Friday, November 20, 2015


Picnic season is over, so we're scouting for pretty places to picnic next year.  We've driven by this Wildlife Management Area, only 40 miles from home, many times.  This Wildlife Management Area was built by the Corps of Engineer and is managed by the Department of Natural Resources as a place where  people can hunt, fish and camp. Where there's camping, there are picnic tables!

"At Pleasant Creek Wildlife Management Area, the lake had been lowered for the winter which created a landscape that looked like the moon."

November, 2015

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Time Travelers

In the late 1800s, folks paid $1 to ride the train from Cumberland, Md. to the Ferncliff Resort where they danced, ate in the restaurant and enjoyed the scenery.  The beautiful scenery remains today in what's now Ohiopyle (Pa.) State Park.  2015

Though we've had a frost or two, we've also enjoyed Indian Summer here in West Virginia.  Some gorgeous days to visit the pretty areas we have all around us!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October Cards

October birthday celebrations are many, as are fall decorative elements, which make craft making fun!  This card is for John, a Healthy Cafe employee.  John has the most years of service of the entire Nutrition Department with over 40 years.  He retires the end of the year.  John also met his wife at HSC-Betty is a fan of owls, so I added an owl to the card!

"May today be the start of a wonderful year
Where all your dreams come true.
A year of joy and happiness, ineverything you do.
For you are a special person-
Unique-you're one of a kind.
So you're wished a great birthday
And may the next year be kind." 

 Virginia is the Administrative Assistant in the Healthy Sciences Cafeteria.  She has many pets and a heart of gold.  This birthday card is for her.

"A home is not a home without a pet or two
Doesn't matter what it is, they cheer and help us through.
Pets give purpose to our days, they add a lot of interest,
With their curious little way.
So I hope an animal is sharing some time with you today,
May they love you and cheer you on this your birthday."

I had several thank you notes to write, so I made all 4 of these cards alike and added person handwritten notes along with the verse.   

Rebecca is a singer and dulcimer writer.  She entertained Bob and I during our anniversary luncheon.  I bought a CD, and when I asked her to sign it, we talked, then she "gave" my another CD.  Her business card has a picture of her as a child in her cow girl outfit-the card is sweet like her! 

Julie is a former HSC employee who now works at the local rehabilitation center.  She also lives with and cares for her aging parents.  Nearly every year, Julie sends me personal items she's collected about our family.  This year she sent me a picture of me at the a previous Health Fair, run in an ad.  In the box were homemade kitchen items with fall decor. What a surprise to find the box when we returned home from Nashville.

Fritz is an editor with the Food and Nutrition Magazine, responsible for soliciting blog posts for their Stone Soup Blog.   I met him at the reception they held for us at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Conference and Expo.  The invitation to the reception was very creative.  The event, held on a rooftop over Broadway, was special.

Annette is  a Human Resources Specialist for WVU Medicine, who organizes the service award banquets every year.  As a recent retiree, I was invited to this years event.  The guest lecturer, WVU's basketball coach-who's mother was treated at WVU-gave a moving speech. When I went on stage, the CEO gave me a hug.  The gifts of logo glasses and comfy blanket are in use and much appreciated.

"A note to thank you and to say
The memory of your thoughtfulness
Will be remembered
For many a day."

 Diana is a long term employee of HSC who now works as a baker.  She always remembers special occasions.  My favorite memory of Diana is when she was pregnant with her second child (I was pregnant at the time with my first child):  Diana had crocheted turkeys for all of the patient trays (those who had to stay in the hospital on Thanksgiving Day).  Diana was in labor and sent her husband into the kitchen with 100 some crocheted turkey pins.  

"Wishing you a birthday 
that is happy all day through,
For no one else in all the world
Deserves it more than you.
Have a great day."

Toni is a retired colleague who managed the food service at the psychiatric hospital.  She as 70 when she retired.  Toni was always complimentary and lovely to talk to.  She read people well and didn't take any crap.  Toni and I often went to conferences together. This birthday card is for Toni, who cares for her mother and every Sunday makes meals for her large extended family.

"Because you're very special
This comes with love to say
You're wished a birthday that will bring
Much happiness your way."

 Mike works at HSC where he services the salad bar.  He is very attentive to his guests and very loyal to the department.  I miss the conversations we had and very much appreciated his call last week, where we talked for a long time and never had a silent moment.  Mike is a dog lover, and though I couldn't find a picture that resembled his dog, I did like the logo on the cat paper that sad something like "One cool cat".

You know you are always thought of very warmly
Throughout the year, and now your birthday is here again,
My wishes once again sincere.
Have a wonderful birthday and
A year of happiness."

Marylene works in catering at HSC.  Though her bones don't always feel good, she walks and completes her work without a complaint.  Marylene is great mother of 3 grown men and loves the outdoors.  Her husband is a biker.  I grabbed the 7 Gypsies paper to adorn her card.
"Whatever you wish yourself today
I'm wishing it doubled-in the nicest way.
Have a wonderful birthday."

This birthday is for our very special daughter-in-law, Michelle.  Greg and Michelle have been a couple for over 12 years.  She is a brilliant engineer, musician and seamstress.  Michelle and Greg are so good for each other.

"You are so very wonderful
and fill our lives with cheer.
Today's a celebration for a daughter-in-law so dear."

The verses are inspired by Craftsuprint.


Friday, October 30, 2015

Professor Land

On Michelle's move to join Greg in Columbia, the car breaks down and I drive the pair and the contents of the car to their home in "professor land", South Carolina.

Our oldest son, Greg, recently began his job as Assistant Professor of Computer Sciences at the University of South Carolina.  His wife, Michelle, who worked as an electrical engineer in Minneapolis, was able to keep her job as a software developer and move with Greg to South Carolina.  I was more than happy to help and see their new home.

The Palmetto tree is the state tree of South Carolina. While not quite a palm tree, I thought I could get away with the palm tree paper!


Wednesday, October 21, 2015


My magic potion, no matter the season, is time with Bob.  The beautiful scenery is therapeutic too.  Pictures from Teter Lake, Prickett's Fort, the Reservoir, home, Casselman and Route 19.


Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Nashville Wouldn't Be Nashville

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Annual Meeting 2015 was in Nashville, Tennessee.  I love to attend the conference and expo, and especially like when Bob can go with me.  This year I got Bob a "guest" pass, which gave him access to the opening session and the 300 + exhibits.  

We drove to Nashville, taking our time and staying half-way going and coming.  While the weather was cold and raining on opening day, the rest of the trip was warm.  We dined every evening on Broadway Street, where there are country music performers providing entertainment in most of the establishments.  As a Nutrition Network Blogger and Stone Soup Blogger, I was invited to two receptions (both on rooftops) and Bob and I got to enjoy appetizers and I tasted some pomegranate moonshine.  

The verse is from song lyrics by Tim McGraw:

"It'd be just another river town.
Streets would have a different sound.
There'd be no honky tonks with whiskey rounds,
No dreamers chasing dreams down.
No tourists takin' in the sights,
No stetsons under Broadway lights,
No pickers playin' for pocket change,
No rhinestone boots in an old church stage.

You know it's true. . . 
Nashville wouldn't be Nashville
Without you."


Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Cards

We were married on Labor Day 39 years ago.  This is my anniversary card for Bob.

"I'll love you Bob until the end
I am so very lucky
I married my best friend.
With lots of loving thoughts
Of everything we've done
To make our life together
Such a happy one.
For all that you are
And for all that you do
And for all that makes me
Go on loving you."

This stylish birthday card is for my lifelong friend Vicki.  We got together for lunch last month.  (She just retired too.)  I included a picture of us on the inside.
"Today is your birthday
So celebrate in style
Have fun creating memories
To look back on and smile."

 A former colleague, Susan celebrated a birthday.  She is a "No. 1" worker.

"Today for you come wishes most sincere
Of health and happiness
May there be countless joys ahead
For this coming birthday year."
 Two of my colleagues lost their husbands this month.  The sympathy cards are for

"The sun warms the empty sky
So many questions, why, why, why
The years ahead no longer clear
But time will pass and there will be a day
When the clouds will part, you'll see a way
To live, to laugh, no longer cry
Your loved one's warmth fills the sky.
With sympathy."

"Memories are always precious
They are memories which will stay
And even though the times goes by
They will never be taken away."
One of the people I admired most in my work place retires this moth.  Paul, the director of facilities, always found a way to help me and included me in his circle of confidants.

"As you retire look back and be
proud of all the work you have done.
Look forward to friends and pleasures
that await you.  Enjoy every day.  
Good luck."

Bob's birthday was Sunday.  He told me he'd never received a better card-and this one was made by me.

"The day we met I knew that you're meant for me
Many birthdays we have shared
But each is more special
As we get older, we are growing more and more in sync,
How great this is.
Have a wonderful birthday my darling."
My niece Kaity celebrates a birthday next week.  Kaity has gorgeous red hair and is a smart, fun-loving young lady.

"A very happy birthday to you
Enjoy it all day through
Hope it's stacked with lots of fun
With memories to cherish too."

Woody Hershel Williams, West Virginia's only living Medal of Honor Winner, celebrates his 92nd birthday Saturday.  When my Dad turned 90, Woody sent him a card (at my request).  My Dad and Woody were both Marines at Iwo Jima.  This card is for Woody.

"A very special birthday greeting
is sent especially for you
To let you know there is no one
As wonderful as you." 

Friday, September 25, 2015

Byway Buffs

Byway Buffs is Bob's new name for us as we travel the backways, enjoy the scenery, take pictures and find a unique picnic spot.  We sure have fun.


Pictures  (counterclockwise) from Audra WV State Park, Blue Ridge Va. Parkway, Gaudineer Monongahela National Forest and Conaway Lake in Tyler County, WV.   

Thursday, September 17, 2015

The Kid in Me

As summer comes to an end, I'm missing the outdoor swims at the city pool.  As I drive by Deep Creek on my weekly visits to Moms', I'm thinking, next summer, I'll stop and swim in the lake.  Why wait till next summer?

The water is down, the kids are in school, yet the sun shines overhead.  Two lake swims in September feels so refreshing. . . the kid in me doesn't want the summer to end.  2015

Monday, September 7, 2015

A Little Brighter

We celebrated our 39th Anniversary this weekend with a trip down the top third of the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia.  On the trip down, we picnicked in the Monongahela Forest of West Virginia.  The title of the page is taken from the card we received from my sister Terry.  It read,

"And every year, 
their love shined
a little brighter."

Like the sun streaming through the trees onto the mossy floors of the Monongahela forest and lifting the fog on the Blue Ridge Parkway, our love shines brighter as the years pass.

39th Wedding Anniversary
September 4 & 5, 2015 

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

August Cards

Melisa and I co-managed the kitchen at HSC.  She left this summer to start her own business.  She loves butterflies and Halloween.

"Your birthday is here,
Halloween is near,
May all your days be happy
Throughout the year." 

Sandy is a very talented lady.  She is a baker at HSC, makes curtains for banks and scrapbooks.  This birthday card is for her.

"Wishing you every happiness this special day brings,
Have a wonderful birthday."

Mom's 90th birthday was yesterday.  When I took the picture of the card, I was sure to leave the American flag in the background, as she is very patriotic.

"The ties that bind us can't be seen
But they grown from day to day,
And for all you've done, my darling Mom,
I never could repay.
So I send you all my deepest love
And wish you the Happiest Birthday."
Denise is a lifelong friend.  We were "Bruce Bulldogs" in high school.  She is fun to be with and very intelligent.  

"To a special friend on your special day
Have a wonderful day in every way
Enjoy yourself, relax, have fun.
Have a wonderful birthday."
Rebekah worked at the Healthy Cafe prior to her Dietetic Internship.  She is now an RD, wife and mom.  She is lovely in every sense of the word.

"This birthday wish is sent to you
to celebrate in all you do
Your hear is kind
Your soul is true
This kindness is but one with you." 

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Thru the Years with June

My Mom-June Reeves-will be 90 years old on Monday.  This page has a picture from each decade of her life.  See how similar the "9th decade" looks to the "1st decade".  She has the same smile and the same hair-do.  She certainly is an attractive lady!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Sunflower Wishes

Who doesn't love sunflowers?  Last year, we went on an unsuccessful search for fields of sunflowers.  This year, I found them only 3 miles from home.  The horticulture students at WVU plant sunflowers on the perimeters of their experimental plots.  On the Morgantown "mileground" at WVU Farms  are several plots within the field that have a row of sunflowers surrounding other vegetable plants.  I spotted the gorgeous flowers out of the corner of my eye while driving.  Bob and I ventured there on the weekend.  His pictures were stunning.  The picture of the hummingbird moth zooming in on the seeds is a perfect "taste of summer".

The poem by William Blake is typed on the graphic 45 paper:

"Ah! sunflower, weary of time
Who countest the steps of the sun
Seeking after that sweet golden clime
Where the traveller's journey is done.

Where the youth pined away with desire
And the pale virgin shrouded in snow
Arise from the graves and aspire
Where my sunflower wishes go." 


Friday, August 14, 2015

Fidler S. Mill

We spotted the sign to this historic mill on our way to a picnic and were happy to explore on our way home.  It was the start of summer and the cool water on our feet felt wonderful along with the sun on our faces.  The mill operated in the early 1800s.

Friday, August 7, 2015

You Got a Friend

The best part about Creating Keepsakes Convention in Lancaster is that I get to visit my hometown friend Linda, as she now lives about 30 miles from the city.

"Linda and I met in 1st grade when her Dad brought her to school on the first day and said "You sit here with the little Reeves girl."

The cutouts are from our 1st grade group photo.  Seems we haven't changed a whole lot!  We love each others company and there is never anything she does that makes me anything but happy!

1959 and 2015

Thursday, August 6, 2015


Mom had kids in public school for 18 years and was active in the PTA.  She was awarded a lifetime membership in 1975.

"You have been awarded this honor because you have given unselfishly of your time and effort so that the youth of Maryland may enjoy continued improvements of the educational opportunities in the home, school, church and community."

 This 8 X 8 page fits in an album she can handle.  The 12 X 12 albums are simply too heavy for her to manipulate these days.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

July Cards

80 year old Herold got a twinkle in his eye when he opened the thank you card "Celebrate the Past", saying:  "I've never received a card with my picture on it".  Herold is a businessman and collector of antique fire trucks and more.  Bob and I had the pleasure of riding in one of those trucks in the July 4th parade.  We shared a CD with pictures along with this card.

"We are sending this card to say
Thank you for a fun day." 

July was a month of many birthdays and celebrations.  I so enjoyed making the covers to 7 of these cards on a picnic table at a cabin getaway.  This card is for my former coworker Melisa who left her job of nearly 20 years to open her own restaurant.  Melisa has many talents and will do well in a much happier environment.
"Take the time
See how far you've come
The things you've achieved
The things you've done
So don't hold back the hands of time
Celebrate it's turned out fine." 

Lorrie is the Catering Booking Assistant at HSC and a former coworker for almost 20 years.  I picked out a color scheme I thought she would like for her birthday.

This card is for Susan and her new husband Bryant.  Bob and I enjoyed going to their wedding last weekend.  The preacher is an auctioneer (the wedding was the shortest one I'd ever attended). Susan was a great worker (she worked in the HSC Cafe), a single mother of 3, and a former Marine.  A few years ago she donated a kidney to her mother.  Her new husband was a sweetheart too.

"May this day you share
be filled with love and laughter
May all the days ahead
be happy ever after." 

 We received an invitation to join our friends Luke and Becky at a pub to drink a craft beer and celebrate his birthday.  We have been friends for almost 40 years and so enjoyed joining them.  Luke works at the hometown photography store.  Here he is 30 years ago in his Superior Photo hat on a camera adventure.

"Wishing you a happy life
longer than your shutter speed
and an imagination wider
than a fish eye lens."

Our brother-in-law Scott celebrated his birthday.  Scott has a PhD in geography, so I thought I'd go with the map theme.  He's a wonderful Dad and husband and person.

"There sure aren't many guys like you-
And that's the reason why
It sure would be an oversight
To let your day go by
Without wishing you a birthday
Like you've never had before
And hoping this year brings you
Everything you want and more."

My sister Terry and her husband Nelson celebrated an anniversary this month-their 45th.  I remember being an attendant in Terry's wedding, wearing a pretty apricot gown. 

"All our love and best wishes
Today are sent your way
To wish the pair of you
A happy anniversary."

Jennifer is a caterer at HSC and a Civil War reenacter.  This birthday card is for her.

"Today's a celebration
A gathering of family and friends
Wishing you a happy birthday
With love and laughter
Which never ends."   

Dorothy works at HSC where she runs the deli areas.  She is from Louisiana and has that sweet southern draw.  This birthday card is for her.

"Today we celebate your birthday
And toast to all things best,
And this coming year for you
Will be your happiest." 

Bernice, my Dad's first cousin, celebrates her 94th birthday this month.  Bernice and her sisters were raised in different homes but remained close and understanding of all the family members.  I love to hear Bernice share her memories of the earlier days.

"A very happy birthday to you
94 years young today.
You are bright, charming and wonderful
There's nothing more to say
but Happy Birthday."

My sister Amy celebrates a birthday this month.  I remember when she was born.  We were going to name her Adam, after Adam West who was Batman in the TV series.  "Amy" was all girl, but still loves her critters, including frogs and lizards.  

"We may not see each other much
and live so far apart.
But you're always with me everyday
Right inside my heart."

Amy and Scott's oldest son is 20 this month.  This card is for him, our nephew Jake:

"We're sending loving thoughts your way
On this your very special day
Those 20 years have fast flown by
As in the twinkling of an eye
In you we have been blessed to see
A nephew who has grown to be
Someone who has made us proud
So we just want to say outloud
with all our love and wishes too
Happy Birthday and good luck to you". 

Amy and Scott celebrate an anniversary this month.  They had a beautiful wedding, some 27 years ago. My son Greg was just 18 months old at the time.  I was in charge of the wedding food. (with lots of help) and Greg was the sampler of the melon baskets.

"Think of the good times, forget the bad
and treasure the love that you've always had.
this card is sent with thoughts of you
And happy anniversary wishes too.