Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September Cards

We were married on Labor Day 39 years ago.  This is my anniversary card for Bob.

"I'll love you Bob until the end
I am so very lucky
I married my best friend.
With lots of loving thoughts
Of everything we've done
To make our life together
Such a happy one.
For all that you are
And for all that you do
And for all that makes me
Go on loving you."

This stylish birthday card is for my lifelong friend Vicki.  We got together for lunch last month.  (She just retired too.)  I included a picture of us on the inside.
"Today is your birthday
So celebrate in style
Have fun creating memories
To look back on and smile."

 A former colleague, Susan celebrated a birthday.  She is a "No. 1" worker.

"Today for you come wishes most sincere
Of health and happiness
May there be countless joys ahead
For this coming birthday year."
 Two of my colleagues lost their husbands this month.  The sympathy cards are for

"The sun warms the empty sky
So many questions, why, why, why
The years ahead no longer clear
But time will pass and there will be a day
When the clouds will part, you'll see a way
To live, to laugh, no longer cry
Your loved one's warmth fills the sky.
With sympathy."

"Memories are always precious
They are memories which will stay
And even though the times goes by
They will never be taken away."
One of the people I admired most in my work place retires this moth.  Paul, the director of facilities, always found a way to help me and included me in his circle of confidants.

"As you retire look back and be
proud of all the work you have done.
Look forward to friends and pleasures
that await you.  Enjoy every day.  
Good luck."

Bob's birthday was Sunday.  He told me he'd never received a better card-and this one was made by me.

"The day we met I knew that you're meant for me
Many birthdays we have shared
But each is more special
As we get older, we are growing more and more in sync,
How great this is.
Have a wonderful birthday my darling."
My niece Kaity celebrates a birthday next week.  Kaity has gorgeous red hair and is a smart, fun-loving young lady.

"A very happy birthday to you
Enjoy it all day through
Hope it's stacked with lots of fun
With memories to cherish too."

Woody Hershel Williams, West Virginia's only living Medal of Honor Winner, celebrates his 92nd birthday Saturday.  When my Dad turned 90, Woody sent him a card (at my request).  My Dad and Woody were both Marines at Iwo Jima.  This card is for Woody.

"A very special birthday greeting
is sent especially for you
To let you know there is no one
As wonderful as you." 


Kelly Deal said...

I love your cards Cindy! Each one is lovely!

Beebeebabs said...

Lovely cards!!!

Connie Mercer said...

love your card posts ~ beautiful work !!!

Heather McMahon said...

Wow Cindy - these are fantastic! You are as creative with words as you are with your crafts. Wonderful!

Trish said...

Great cards Cindy,i especially like the one for your hubby,great verse also!

Donna Spina Lebeduik said...

Wow! Fabulous cards Cindy! Love them all. Happy Belated Anniversary

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Stunning cards - lovely work!!!

Heather Landry said...

Your cards are always beautiful and the sentiments are truly lovely!

Tracey said...

Great collection of cards.......fabulous designing! You have been busy!!