Friday, March 27, 2015

Cold Coke

The signs read Ocean City 347 miles, Hilton Head 636 miles, but Lake Lynn was only 25 miles away.  Exploring, we found these old coke ovens, one with beautiful icicles breaking through the ceiling.  

Thanks to the WVUH administrators for giving me a zoom lens as a retirement gift.  I'll get so much use of it!

March 2015

The 3 patterned sunburst/ flowers were digital elements by Basic Grey "Out of Print".  I added my journaling to one, printed and cut around each.  I folded 2 of the elements before attaching with brads to create 3 dimension to my page.  Love Basic Grey!

Sharing the Message

My last month of work, I was recognized for representing WVUH and sharing the message of healthy living in the community.  The employee activities committee had a fun "Super Hero" theme to the event.  Here is what my colleague Stephanie wrote:

This was special! 

While I love scrapbooking, I love creating healthy meals even more.  As a registered dietitian, I found my niche doing that in my career.  I create and post pictures and recipes of my meals at home on my food blog several days a week:  

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Friends Forever

My Mom and I made this page together.  It's about Mom's friend, Alice.  Last week I traveled to my Moms' and took her to lunch at the Tri-Towns Senior Center.  Mom knows everyone and everything about our small town, and saw lots of folks she knows.  The tables were full and all the folks ate everything on their tray.  The best part about that visit was that Mom's best friend Alice came too.

"Alice has been Mom's friend forever.  Her husband Steve was Mom's classmate and friend first.  Mom met Alice at PTA as the kids were close in age.  When Mom was pregnant with Amy our sister Terry was graduating high school  Steve kidded Mom about that.  Then it was Alice who was pregnant when her son graduated high school  Alice and Mom are pictured at the Tri-Towns Senior Center.  March 2015.  They love each other!"

Alice's husband Steve grew beets and Alice canned them.  The packet of beets on the layout was a picture from the internet.  The canning jar is a stamp, which we labeled "Steve's Beets".

Mom is actually more artistic than I am and she outlined the alphas with a purple design.  She also cut out the ephemera.


Monday, March 16, 2015

March of the Comrade is Over

The Memorial Service for my Dad, James W. Reeves Sr., was held Friday.  The flags were hung at half mass, there was an honor guard with a purple heart flag nearby.  A three gun salute and taps culminated with my Mother receiving the folded flag.  She too will be buried here at the Veterans Cemetery in Rocky Gap, near Flintstone, Maryland.

Bob said he felt more comfortable behind the camera and since I cried the whole time, I was happy to see the pictures after the ceremony.

Mom had a nice gathering at her house after the ceremony.  All of the children and grandchildren were present, along with many cousins.  The rain held off and the sky remained blue until the Marine Corp flag came down and the flags were raised.

March 13, 2015

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Snow Day, Last Day

While I know it's frustrating for Greg to have his interview cancelled two days in a row, it was so nice he got to share my last day of work.  And they're flying him back again this week!  It was also great to start the day with Chris, traveling to his new job with his Dad at the wheel, then ending the day with all my boys together.  

Cindy's retirement from WVUH  
March 6, 2015