Friday, January 29, 2016

You Melt My Heart

During and after a 2 foot snow storm, Bob and I shoveled a ton of snow.  We could not get out for 4 days, yet were with the "person we most wanted to be stranded with.  Even in the deepest snow, you melt my heart."

Words written on a card Bob gave to me this week.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Rising Son

Our youngest son, Chris, will be 23 years old on February 8th.  This is a page of him with pictures from 1994.

"You still have that same expression.  How I loved holding you in the warm and fuzzy pajamas!"

Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowed In

In preparation for the big snowstorm, I printed a few pictures in the event the power went out-I could still scrapbook by candlelight!  We got 2 feet of snow-but the power remains.  We're eating like kings (since I cooked up a storm in preparation).  And I made 2 pages!

This one uses pictures from 1994 of Greg and his Dad making a diorama of a scene from the Laura Ingalls Wilder book, "The Long Winter".  The scene was of a train "snowed under between cuts".  

"The railroad has stopped running trains till spring.  They can't get the trains through.  They no sooner get a train through a cut than a blizzard comes and snows it in again."  (Pa's words as he gives the news to his family).

"It takes patience and perseverance to contend with things".   (Pa said the railroad superintendent was an Easterner who had patience but no perseverance.  Westerners, he said, had patience and perseverance).  The train did not get through until May.

We still have the complete bookset of the Little House books.  I loved reading those with the boys.  The family survived much weather and many hardships in those days.

Bob and I persevered the storm.  We shoveled snow from our driveway every 4 hours.  My arms are sore.  Our neighbor has 1 lane tunneled out on our 1000 foot roadway through the development using a plow mounted on a 4-wheeler.  The state road has 1 lane plowed on the rural road.  The university and schools are closed throughout the state.  We hope to make it out tomorrow!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Patents & Corsets

This is a layout about our multi-talented and unique daughter-in-law.  In the top photo, Michelle models the corset she made in a recent (for-fun) class.  As an electrical engineer in her day job, Michelle has a handful of patents for her work in designing batteries and generators.  She's shown in the bottom photo attempting to explain her latest patent to family.  Michelle's proud Mother and I (the proud Mother-in-law) listen as she describes her latest inventions.


Friday, January 15, 2016

Your Grandma was a Good Cook

The quote was a conversation my Mother overheard my brother telling his son that she was once a good cook.  

"Mom made us great dinners every day and always set a pretty table." 

Now my brother makes her a great dinner.

Picture c. 1980 when Mom was in her late 50s.

Sunday, January 10, 2016


For many years, my Dad made fruit baskets for others.  He'd make several trips to the produce market to fill up the back of his pickup or van with bushel boxes of Washington apples, navel oranges, grapefruit and tangerines.  Plus nuts and other things.

The garage always smelled wonderful.  To this day, the smell of citrus reminds me of Christmas.

My brother would help unload all those boxes in the garage where they worked.  Dad would mix them around.  Everyone at the garage and gas station would get a box.  He put bags of walnuts in them too.  

This picture above is from the cemetery.  Mom and I visited and placed a wreath on Dad's grave before Christmas.  Journaling: 

"Last Christmas Dad was very sick.  This year he's making fruit baskets and building fires for the angels.  Dad's helping Pop Pop Harry make pancakes for the angels."

Dad kept busy and was always trying to do things for others.  He also would drive his 1940s Willys jeep and plow neighbors driveways in the winter.   

The penny on the layout is a 1953 penny (from the year I was born).  My sister found it and mailed to me with a note that said "an angel was thinking of us".

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Palmetto Perfection

Our son Greg and his wife Michelle recently moved to South Carolina.  This is our lovely daughter-in-law Michelle on the beach in December-a beautiful sunny day.  The water was 50 degrees-too cold to swim but fine for wading.  

The grain bag is from Palmetto Farms-Yellow Corn Grits.  The kids brought me one for Christmas. . . this is the older bag I had in my cupboard.  We had several nice visits with them over the holidays when they returned to Morgantown for 10 days.

Sunday, January 3, 2016

December Cards

Amelia is a WVU student and the instructor for the water aerobics class I attend at noon 2-3 days a week.  She loves the water and the sun and we love her.  This card was for Christmas and a thank you for a fun semester.

My cousin's daughter married this year to a young man from Germany.  Carlo and Tessa were married in Germany earlier in the year.  In December, they married in Maryland.  Bob and I took my Mom to the wedding where she sat with her brother John, the Grandfather of the bride.  It was my Mom's idea to give them the page I made about the love story between our grandparents many generations ago:

This is the framed layout we gave Carlo and Tessa for their wedding:  

"This is a beautiful love story.  They were of Dutch/German descent.  Christopher Fier came to America first from Holland to work building railroads then sent money for Anna Hoffman to come.  It took a long time for her to get to New York by ship and when she got here she could not locate him.  She got a job as a Nanny and that family helped her get to California where she searched the railroad being built and found him.  They got married and came to the Midland, Md. area to live.  Christopher Fier and Anna Marie Hoffman were born c1828.  they were my Grandmother Marie's grandparents.  Christopher had red hair and blue eyes."

My friend Betty has some health issues.  This is a card for her:

"I send these get well wishes and praying for you too,
For a speedy recovery for somebody as nice as you."   

Taylor teaches chair exercise at the Senior Center where I take my Mom on Tuesdays.  This card has her picture (that's my Mom in the foreground).  Taylor is a grand-niece to one of my best friends (Liz).  This is a Christmas card for Taylor.

"Christmas time is here.
We'd like to Thank You
& a Happy New Year!"  

Bob's brother David celebrated his 64th birthday of December 19.  This is a card for him.

"Wishing a very special brother
A wonderful birthday with
Lots of love and best wishes."

Johnny Moore is a musician who played with Bobby Darin in the 1960s.  Johnny now performs at nursing homes and senior centers in Western Maryland and West Virginia.  His concert of Christmas carols at the Tri-Towns Senior Center was great.  My Mom sat right by the amplifier and sang along.  I included a reprint of Johnny in this thank you note for him.

"Thanks from all who came
We really had a ball
Thank you for all the songs
Bringing pleasure to one and all." 

This is the New Year's card I made for the staff at the HSC Cafeteria and Catering.  I received many nice cards and notes from previous staff members.

"May the old year depart with a blessing
For the new year will keep us guessing.
Give to each a smile on their face,
With a year full of happiness and grace." 

This is a Christmas card for Diane, the director of the Senior Center my Mom and I visit on Tuesdays.  She has helped Mom with so many things over the past few years.  That's a picture of Diane dancing at the Christmas carol concert.  I thought the 9 Ladies Dancing paper strips were appropriate. 

"We made this little Christmas card just with you in mind
To say a great big thank you for being so very kind!
It may be just a simple thing but the sentiment is true:
We wish you Joy and Happiness today and all year through!"

Tammy is a staff member in the HSC Cafeteria with a charming personality and 2 precious kids.  This birthday card is for her:

"Today for you come wishes most sincere of healthy and happiness.  
May there be countless joys ahead for this coming birthday year."

My nephew Dan turns 36 on December 28th.  Dan has red hair, a muscular build and a heart of gold.  This card is for Dan:

"We're sending loving thoughts your way
On this your very special day.
Those 36 years have fast flown by
As in the twinkling of an eye.
In you we have been blessed to see
A nephew sho has grown to be
Someone who has made us proud.
So we just want to say out loud
With all our love and wishes too.
Happy Birthday and good luck to you!" 

Betty and John retire from the HSC Cafeteria tomorrow.  Together they have 80 years of service with WVU Medicine.  This card and planter is for them:

"As you retire, look back and be proud
Of all the work you have done.
Looking forward to friends and pleasures
That await you.  Enjoy every day.  Good luck!"