Saturday, August 28, 2010

He Holds Still

Michelle's words when she sent me the picture of Greg from their visit to the Japanese gardens. "He holds still", she says, "better than a flamingo, not as well as a flower." Love it! 2010

Digital Elements (Sweet Summer Sorbet)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Family Ties

Earlier this summer I received a phone call from a lovely lady who lives in the western end of our county. Bernice Tennant, age 89, was my Dad's first cousin. She and Dad had never met. I arranged a get together at our house in August when my sister Terry brought Mom and Dad here from Maryland and Bernice came with her niece, Gerry Varner. Gerry is a genealogist and brought pictures. Everyone shared memories of family members and events.

I heard Bernice tell Dad over and over, "Your Mother was so nice!" Dad's mother, Mae, died when he was just twelve years old. Bernice remembers carrying pots of food from her house on Westernport Hill to Dad's house a few blocks away. Dad's Dad and Bernice's Dad were brothers. What tickled me most when I talked to Bernice on the phone is that she said, "You sound just like Mae!" Now it's up to Terry, Gerry and I to pass those memories on.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bus 189

Chris starts back to school tomorrow in his senior year of high school. As a "townie" living in a college town, he'll still see many of his older friends who graduated last year and be able to attend both MHS and WVU events. He's even enrolled in a WVU class. I'm sure there will be many emotional and proud parent moments for Bob and I.

Here's something we won't be doing much of. . . meeting each other at the bottom of the hill at the bus stop. I'll always remember this time. Greg and Chris had the best bus driver--Charlotte. She took great care of them and became a life long friend of mine. I remember waiting to take this picture of Chris at the start of Kindergarten. I had a film camera then with only one chance to get a picture of him getting off the bus. I was in position and took the shot, only to realize that the neighbor boy was the first to exit that day. The next day Charlotte made sure Chris was the first to come down those steps. He looked so happy to see me and I'll always remember that feeling.

Picture taken in 1999. This is an old scrapbook layout and I do not have a record of the year it was made.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Buttons 'n Bows

The dress I wore to work on Monday was similar to the dress I wore in this picture fifty-some years ago. Probably a little too short and a little too young looking for me, but I liked the dress when I saw it in the store! And a new medical student told me he liked the dress!

Journaling: "My mother always kept us in the latest fashion and my dad made sure he got pictures of us dressed up. Terry and I are pictured here in fall attire posing with our Dalmatian, Toby. c1957

Digital Elements (Marks Paper Company "August Frames") (Cottage Arts "Uptown Girls" and "Scrap Edges 8")

Friday, August 13, 2010

Maid Michelle

I was so pleased when Greg and Michelle came back home for a visit just 2 months after we moved Greg to Minneapolis. There was a wedding of a friend from high school and Michelle was a bridesmaid. Their weekend was full but we got to visit and were happy that they seemed happy too.

Journaling: "She didn't like the dress but looked lovely just the same."

Zoom in for a closer look at the Pac Man cake.

Photos by Greg.

July 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Art is Everywhere

When I asked Bob where he wanted to go for an overnight get-away, he said "How about Charleston?" Bob's from the Kanawha Valley and we lived in the West Virginia State Capital in the late seventies.

"The cultural center exhibits were very nice but the art didn't end there. There were flowers, window displays, chalk art, a concert and a beautiful sunset. We savored every moment."
August 2010

Art is Everywhere (unfolded)

I like to create these Z-fold layouts when I have several nice pictures to place on 1 layout. On this page, I made a 30 inch photo spread and placed it on a 12 inch layout.

Digital elements (K Pertiet Date Stamp Vol. 7) (Little Dreamer Designs Heidi Larson "Bloom Doodles")

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Bless Your Foolish Heart

When I left Greg and Michelle after their weekend trip home, I felt a little lonely. Bob was working and asked me to go with him on assignment. He took me to an Antique Tractor Show in Kingwood.

Here's my layout of him, featuring lyrics from the Jesse Winchester song:
"The whole darn town's in love with you and here's the funny part
You love me bless your foolish heart."

Modeled by a layout by Emmy at

Digital Elements (Designs by Amanda "Glitterific" Alpha) (J. Brisebois "Old Movie Themes") (Cottage Arts Scrap Edges 8) (Michelle Coleman "Don't Label Me")

Amanda Hlavacak is giving away many of her digital designs on

Monday, August 2, 2010

City View

On our second trip to Johnstown Pa., we did not ride the incline but drove to the top of the hill overlooking the city.

Digital Element (Jen Allyson "Study Hall-Blank Cards" 2 Peas in a Bucket)


City View Details

I purchased the Mary Engelbreit chipboard alphas in a Dollar bin at Michaels. There were 2 versions. I made a matching flower by wrapping floss around a circle ring. The cat liked that game.

The eyes were cut from an enlarged version of the Betty Boop photo.