Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Art is Everywhere

When I asked Bob where he wanted to go for an overnight get-away, he said "How about Charleston?" Bob's from the Kanawha Valley and we lived in the West Virginia State Capital in the late seventies.

"The cultural center exhibits were very nice but the art didn't end there. There were flowers, window displays, chalk art, a concert and a beautiful sunset. We savored every moment."
August 2010


Darien said...

This is Fantastic!!!!!! I love the pictures from the previous post!!!!

Debbie said...

Not sure which on to ppost on, so I'll go with the first. Love your color choice and how you layout opens up! So creative!!! Hope you both enjoyed your get-a-way!

that girl said...

I just LOVE this! It's fabulous Cindy.