Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Long Time

On our Valentine's Day get away to the Marietta (Ohio) and Parkersburg (WV) area, we took lots of self portraits. The decorated store fronts on the Marietta streets were the perfect backgrounds for the couples photos. The best backdrop though was the painted garage door with the antique cars and the slogan "we've been around a long time!"

Journaling: "I guess since we qualify as 'seniors' we've been around a while. And our relationship of 36 years means as a couple we've been around a long time too. I'm so glad to growing old with you!"

Who Loves You?

Chris had to limit the number of friends invited to the bowling party for his 16th birthday. 7 girls & 6 boys came to his party at the Mountainlair Student Union. We brought a cake and a veggie tray, then purchased pizzas at the Lair. At his request, we left for a while. On Chris' Facebook, he received 66 messages saying: "Happy Birthday Chris!"

All of us (love you!)--page unfolded

I got the idea for this page from Lisa Bearnson, founder of Creative Keepsake's Magazine. It was a perfect layout for Chris' 16th Birthday.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Simple Love

I wouldn't call it a simple life . . . working and making a living and raising children is not and has not been simple.

But the love between my parents and between Bob and I is giving and reciprocal. That's the utmost reward.

Words from the song by Allison Krauss.

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