Saturday, December 26, 2015

Handkerchief Shower

It was the early 1940s and Mom was a sophomore at Bruce High School.  The principal, John Fisher, was called to go to war.  The students at the school, grades 7-12, had a "handkerchief" shower where everyone brought kerchiefs.  They hailed Mr. Fisher off by singing "You're in the Army now!"

Monday, December 21, 2015

All Year Long

This Christmas layout features pictures from the Harper's Ferry Old Tyme Christmas and Wheeling's Festival of Lights.  Both are annual events held near home in West Virginia.  The words are to the song "You Make it Feel Like Christmas" by Neil Diamond.

"Cozy we are
Closer than far
Sounds of forever still around
Lovers in love
Just like we were
'Cause being apart's a lonely sound
And when people ask how we stay together
I say you never let me down, ye
And you make it feel like Christmas
Even when things go wrong
I hear the sound of Christmas in your song
All year long
Look at the sun
Shining on me
Nowhere could be a better place
Lovers in love
Yeah, that's what we'll be
When you're here with me
It's Christmas day

Just look at us now
Part of it all
In spite of it all
We're still around"

Merry Christmas my friends!

Thursday, December 17, 2015

In This Light

Bob's comment when he saw this layout was, "We took all those Christmas pictures and this is what you used?"  I replied, "Get over it!"  Bob was very happy that day as we walked through the ruins of the church at Harpers ferry, WV, a place that served as a hospital during the Civil War.  The December weather for the "Old Tyme Christmas" event was very warm and sunny.


Sunday, December 6, 2015

November Cards

My water aerobics friend Linda had surgery and is out for 6 weeks.  This card is to cheer her up!

"With warm wishes
I just want to say,
That I hope you'll feel better
With each and everyday." 

Bob's brother David, a pharmacist, retired.  He likes trains and old cars.  He once drove a "woody" car.  David is an advocate for Amtrack and will now devote his time to refurbishing a train station in Prince, WV.  

"Oh the places you'll go!
Retirement opens the door
To a whole new world
Of enjoyment, adventure and happiness.
May it bring you everything
You are looking for." 

Our niece Brittany and her husband Brian are expecting a child.  They are a delightful couple and will make excellent parents.  This is my congratulations card.

"We've heard the patter of tiny feet
will soon be coming your way.
Lots of love and giggles
will soon be with you to stay.
So enjoy the next few months
as you prepare for your bundle of joy.
You'll adore your brand new baby
whether it's a girl or a boy!" 

My dietitian colleague and former boss Kendra lost her Dad a few weeks ago.  Kendra and her husband Jim did many things with her Mom and Dad.  This card is for them, with a poem I must repeat to myself.

"There's an angel sitting beside you
To help take some of the pain,
Though you can't see him or hear him
There by your side he'll remain.

He'll manage your sorrow and anger,
He'll hold your hand as you sleep
Though you can't see him or hear him
His love for you he will keep.

Talk to him often I ask you,
Tell him your doubts and your fears,
For though he has gone from your vision,
He'll still love you all of the years."

Liz was one of my closest friends from high school and turned 62 this month.  She is retiring from her job as a special education teacher.  Look closely and you'll see our yearbook pictures very close together.

"When we were young and single
The world was at our feet,
Everyday was so exciting,
New places and people to meet.
The years have come,
The years have gone.
Our lives have changed and grown.
Our beautiful little babies
Have left their nests and flown.
So now it's time to think of us,
To do exciting things once more.
To show the world we've still got it
We're about to open new doors.
So my dearest friend in all the world,
My good wishes are sent your way.
For let's mark your birthday as a starting point
For new adventures today!"

Sally is a cashier at the HSC Cafe.  She retired once and came back to work full time where everyone was happy to see her.  Sally always told the customers to have a good day.  I hope she does too!

"Hoping that your birthday
Is a very happy day.
For someone that is wonderful
In every single way.

Also please remember that
Each day the whole year through,
The best of things are always wished
Especially for you."