Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Old Guys Rule

It is only because I'm a year older that I could get away with this title, but I think Bob liked it! At 56, he's earned the respect of colleagues, his readers, friends and family. It's the way you live, not the number of years!


Digital Elements (Emily Powers "Photology") (Jackie Eckles "Walkabout Journalers" by Little Dreamer Designs)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Fortresses & Castles (Romania)

Bob says it's a small world to Greg & Michelle. Their work, studies and pleasure have taken them all over the world. This September Greg presented a paper at the Promise conference in Romania. Michelle joined him for tours throughout the "vast and beautiful" country. 2010

Digital elements (Olde Mouldy Labels by Chelsea Parsons)

Monday, September 20, 2010

Jim & Nettie

My Mother wrote the journaling for this layout on her paternal grandparents, James A. & Jeanetta Llewellyn Mullan. They were born in 1868. My mother grew up close to them and has many fond memories.

"Granddad and Grandma Mullan were married for more than 50 years. They had 4 kids: Russell, Vista, Estel & Ethel (twins). Granddad was a great story teller. Grandma taught me to crochet and many things. She was the queen who sat on the throne (her rocking chair)."

Photos c1890.

Digital Element (Basic Grey Motifica Flourish)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Between Chapters

The start of Chris' senior year was an emotional one for him. Many of his friends were starting college and he felt left out at times. Three weeks later, Chris is back to spending time with both circles of friends. He says he does the same things, like hanging out and going places together, with all his friends. "We do everything there is in this one horse town to do!". Under the books covers I wrote names of some friends from MHS and from WVU and some of the things they do together.

Journaling: "While Chris is a high school senior, many of his Morgantown friends are now freshman at WVU. I've always said he's lucky to be a townie. It's great to be able to stay close to so many friends."

Photo by Life Touch. 2010

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Star Award

My friend Char at Scrapsational scrapsational-char.blogspot.com sent me this award. Char makes great layouts of children. In turn I have to answer two questions:

1) What's the best project I ever made?
I made an album for my Mom about her life. When gathering photos and information,I drove my parents around their town and took pictures. We took pictures of houses they'd lived in and talked about things they did in the years past. I made pages at each location complete with journaling. It meant so much to all of us.

2) Why do I scrapbook?
Lots of reasons: As Char said, you get to relive the moment twice. Also, I like to preserve the heritage. It's something Bob and I can do together. And it helps me to keep my mind off of worries at work.

Now I am to pass the award on to three people:

1) Cheryl at Cheryl's Passion cherylspassion.blogspot.com. Cheryl's layouts are so unique and her favorite holiday is approaching!

2) Darlene at ScrappyGoLucky scrappygolucky.blogspot.com. Darlene is so generous she posts contests on her blog every Friday!

3) Lynn at Scrappyhappymom scrappyhappymom.blogspot.com. She is such an optimist!

Now Cheryl, Darlene and Lynn are to pass it on!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grandview Cemetery

The Grandview Cemetery's historical significance comes from the Johnstown Flood of 1889. Many of the 2,209 people who lost their lives in the flood are buried here. This day marked the most US civilian deaths in a single day before 9/11 and whole families were lost. The Unknown Plot contains the bodies of 777 unidentifiable flood victims. There is a monument on each grave. A memorial to Revolutionary War soldiers whose graves were destroyed in the flood is also here.

Grandview Cemetery Details

I loved these digital lace borders and added one to my journaling strip in black and white. I then colored in the circles with sparkle glue by Studio G which I found in the dollar bins at A.C. Moore!

Digital Element (Two Peas in a Bucket "Lace Borderlines" by Laina Lamb)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

World Famouse Horseshoe Curve

On the second day of our Labor Day getaway, we took the heritage trail out of Altoona to the "World Famous Horseshoe Curve". There we were able to walk the scenic steps to the curve to view the working railroad up-close. The Visitor's Center was entertaining and the surrounding area had tunnels, a lake, reservoir and dam that were so pretty on this cool September Sunday.

"The historic Horseshoe Curve is one of the few places in North America where the public can view a working railroad up close. In the mid 1800s as railroads moved west across America, Pennsylvania railroad engineer J. Edgar Thompson designed the tracks to climb gradually along the contour of the Allegheny Mountains. 50 trains a day can be viewed here."


Dimensional Stickers

I took this idea from my friend Keandra at kiwithekreator.blogspot.com on creating dimensional stickers. I simply made 4 prints of the same image and cut out smaller segments of each, attaching them to the larger photo with foam squares. I liked the interesting result it created out of ordinary photos.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I had so much fun with these pictures and layout, just like I had on the trip. The fun picture of me taken at Fort Bedford has become my wallpaper on my home desktop (think I should use it at work?).

"For our anniversary getaway, we drove Rt. 220 to Bedford and Altoona, Pa. The weather was perfect and we had a ball. 2010"

To area scrapbooking fans: I found a great store near Altoona called "The Scrap Yard". Sandy, the owner, was very accommodating. There were several croppers there having a ball. She had great paper selection, embellishments, ribbon, paint and more. And there was an on line coupon.

Digital Elements (Tag: Cherie Mask "Thrilling October") (Overlay: Michelle Coleman "Grungy") (Overlay: Cottage Arts "Scrap Edges 8")

Monday, September 6, 2010

Sentimental Journey

Ever since Bob was a little boy he was fascinated with anything military. On a vacation to Nashville in 1964, Bob talked his Dad into driving 200 miles out of his way so that he could see a B-17 bomber. The plane was on a pedestal, way over his head, and Bob was allowed to take two pictures. Last week Bob had a dream fulfilled. He was assigned to cover a commemorative Air Force event at Morgantown Airport where the public could view a B-17 bomber. Bob couldn't believe it when the pilot asked him to join them for a media ride with the photographer sitting in the bombardier's seat. It was a thrill of a lifetime and a "Sentimental Journey" for Bob.

August 2010

Friday, September 3, 2010

30 Years & Counting (2006)

This layout was made 4 years ago commemorating our 30th Anniversary. That year we got the rain that followed Tropical Storm Ernesto. This year we missed the aftereffects of Hurricane Earl. No matter what the weather or where we go, I have fun just because I'm with Bob.

The title was taken from the sentiment Bob wrote on my card that year "30 years and counting, and I have loved you more everyday".

"Our annual overnight trek to celebrate our anniversary was not marred by Tropical Storm Ernesto. In fact, it gave us even more reason to get closer walking under one umbrella in the park of Hancock, Md. and on the streets of Berkley Springs, WV.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Won't Let Go

We were married on Labor Day weekend 34 years ago. My Mom and Dad were married a day and 30 years before us. They are our role models for a good marriage.

Here's my layout commemorating this anniversary. Photo by Chris.

Journaling: "After 34 years of marriage, we've made so many memories that I'll never let go."


Digital Element (Stacy Marks, 2 Peas in a Bucket)


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My Top Ten

I saw this on Michelle's blog michelebeck.blogspot.com, also on Celine's site thegreenfrogstudio.typepad.com and on Caro's site. caroscrap.canalblog.com

I didn't have to go back very far, as I have so much fun with all my layouts.

What's yours? Let's share!

Finding a New Home

Bob's work as a newspaper photographer has it's share of sad moments, but here's a story with a happy ending:

"I was invited to photograph the release of a young bald eagle that had recovered from an injury after treatment by the West Virginia Raptor Rehabilitation Center. The eagle was an immature male, less than 1 year old. The bird weighed several pounds and had a wing spread of about six feet. It was released from the deck of a home on Cheat Lake and promptly flew off along the shoreline, to find a new home in the wild."

Journaling and photos by Bob. 2010

Editor's notes: Bob's camera can shoot 8 frames per second. The eagle was so anxious for freedom, it was out of sight in just a few frames. I made the background paper by scanning the packaging behind the Tim Holtz mask and then copying and pasting the black flourish on to my cardstock.

Digital Overlay (Michelle Coleman "Grungy") (Cottage Arts Scrap Edges 4) Digital Journaling Block (Kate Teague)