Monday, September 6, 2010

Sentimental Journey

Ever since Bob was a little boy he was fascinated with anything military. On a vacation to Nashville in 1964, Bob talked his Dad into driving 200 miles out of his way so that he could see a B-17 bomber. The plane was on a pedestal, way over his head, and Bob was allowed to take two pictures. Last week Bob had a dream fulfilled. He was assigned to cover a commemorative Air Force event at Morgantown Airport where the public could view a B-17 bomber. Bob couldn't believe it when the pilot asked him to join them for a media ride with the photographer sitting in the bombardier's seat. It was a thrill of a lifetime and a "Sentimental Journey" for Bob.

August 2010


Okispice said...

beautiful page! Glad Bob got to fulfill his dream!

scrappyhappymom said...

What a beautiful layout! What a sentimental journey. Gorgeous.

KateB said...

Hey Cindy, can you email me your email address to (that's 2 zeroes after the kb)...I wanna talk about your RAK and get it together for mailing next week :)