Saturday, April 16, 2016


Bob loved the Chris Stapleton album and sang the chorus to me off and on that evening.  Lyrics from Tennessee Whiskey:

"You're as smooth as Tennessee Whiskey
You're as sweet as strawberry wine
You're as warm as a glass of brandy
I stay stoned on your love all the time."

The photo is from Valley Falls State Park in Fairmont WV, near our home. Our son Chris picked us up and the 3 of us enjoyed the beautiful spring afternoon at the park. 


Wednesday, April 13, 2016

March Cards

My nephew Ashby James ("AJ") was 26 years old on the 20th.  AJ's middle name is after my brother Jimmy.  He is among the finest of young men.

"Enjoy exciting things to do 
On this your birthday.
Hope you have some fun
Celebrating with everyone
On this, your special day." 

My sister Terry sends cards for most holidays.  The St. Patrick's Day card on the left is for her, the card on the right for Mom.  Mom's paternal ancestor, a Mullan, came from Ireland.

"May the twinkle in your eye
And the love that's in your heart
Stay with you always
Even when we're apart.
Good health and lots of happiness
Reign over you this day.
And raise your glass to St. Patrick
In a typically Irish way."

My former coworker, Betty, had a birthday on March 20.  Betty worked 40 years at the Health Sciences Center and retired in January.  She loves owls.

"Listen in the woods
The owls and pigeons too.
It's your special day
Happy Birthday to you."

My brother Jim was 58 years years old on March 28.  Jimmy's been busy growing tomato seeds and preparing for gardening weather.  This birthday card is for him.

"Time to do the gardening
And to birthday wishes send.
Time is passing quickly
Before you know it
That day is here again!" 

George from the Healthy Cafe celebrates a birthday April 5.  He was the AM Lead who ordered all the food (See the invoice "Peck Grocer" at the top) and unlocked the kitchen.  (Re the key).  I don't see him much, but, after all these years working together, I want to send him a card.

"Your birthday is a special day
May it bring you love and cheer
It gives a chance for me to say
Happy Birthday every year." 

I think I goofed on this one, realizing after mailing that "April" actually has a birthday later this year.  I still hope she liked her card.  I really liked her daughters, who were pretty like their Mom.

"A birthday blessing
Is sent your way
Wishing you
A wonderful day." 

My nephew Cale was 11 on April 5th.  After receiving this card, Cale sent me an email!  (That was a keeper".)

"Special wishes come your way today
As you celebrate your special day."

I've become very good friends with the Hardesty family who run Working H Farm store.  I first met them at the local farmers market, and now stop at their store every week on my way home from Moms.  The parents and their 2 sons all work at the store, also raising and processing the animals.  This card is for Terrie, whose Mother died this month.

"Thinking of you and your family
At your time of sorrow
No words can ease your pain
But things will look better tomorrow."

My dietitian friend, Betty, has a birthday at the beginning of April.  She and I went on an adventure last week.  I packed her a bag with samples of grains and beans, also recipes on what to do with them.  The card is for her.

"Daffodils are blooming,
Tulips are coming through,
Spring is in the air,
And of course it's your birthday too!" 

Sunday, April 10, 2016


When we visit son Greg and his wife Michelle, they make us several meals at their home.  Greg often puts together the entree (with Michelle's help of course) and Michelle makes dessert.  Her Mom Janet taught her (among many other things) to cook, sew and love music.  Michelle is all around talented-last month chosen the "Creativity & Innovation" award winner for her company, where she is an electrical engineer.  Here she is at home with her yummy lemon meringue pie and her lovely smile.

For the journaling, I attempted a verse similar to the rhyme, "Billy Boy"............

"She can make any pie
Michelle Louise, Michelle Louise.
Seamstress, celloist, talents high
Engineer, creator, she questions why.
Gregory Gay's a lucky guy."



Saturday, April 2, 2016

Great Escape

Escape rooms are a fun and relatively new-live action entertainment opportunity for small groups.  While the task is challenging-the goal is simple-work together to escape the room in 60 minutes or less!  

"Son Chris (he's holding the Genius sign) and his Mylan team members and friends worked together to solve puzzles, decode messages and find clues to escape the room with only seconds to go.  2016"