Saturday, May 24, 2014

Second Chance

For fourteen years, Bob went to the Mon County Canine Adoption Center to take the "Pet of the Week" photo for the paper.  Hundreds of dogs and cats got a second chance for a home through these photos.

The month stamps represent every week, every month Bob went there, regardless of his work load, regardless of the weather.

The wood veneer cameras, along with the negative frames and paper, always fit the photographer theme.  The fence and wire represent the cages the animals live in prior to adoption.
The wire was a little hard to adhere to the page, so I used a combination of modeling paste, brads and glue.  

Bob resigned his job at the newspaper a few weeks ago.  He is a tremendously talented photo journalist and often times taken advantage of by editors and young sports writers who expected him to write the stories, take videos and edit videos.  He'd work late evening, both weekend days, split shifts. . . and missed his time with me.  I guess you could say he's given himself a "second chance" to be happy.  He's currently driving a traffic escort vehicle, leaving work when I do and returning home when I do.  We're happy and doing ok!


Friday, May 9, 2014

Sinder Will

My Mom ready a story in the paper a few weeks ago about the St. Patrick's Day flood of 1936.  That brought to mind memories of her younger brother John, climbing the flood wall by George's Creek by her home.  Mom asked me to make this page for her:

"A birdie with a yellow bill hopped upon my sinder will,
cocked his shiny head and said, Ain't you ashamed, you sleepy head."

Mom recalls sweet brother John reciting the words of the verse a little funny.  He was 4 years younger and busy enjoying life despite the hardships of the Great Depression.

John would climb the flood wall on Georgia's Creek.  He fell on the wall once and spluit his head.

Mom's Dad had raw oysters in the grocery store.  John would climb on a stool, hold his nose, and attempt to eat one.

One time when Grandma Marie's brother Christie was helping her paint, John painted the black dog white.

I'll give this to Mom tomorrow when we make a Mother's Day visit!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

On the first Farmer's Market of the season, Registered Dietitians Allie and Cindy conduct the first culinary demo preparing Fresh Fruit Smoothies for a crowd of all ages.

May 2014

Main Street Morgantown printed recipe cards using 10 of my photos and recipes.  WVU Healthcare, along with Main Street and Morgantown Farmer's Market, sponsored the building of the Pavilion and Culinary Kitchen.

I now have a new blog, cindyshealthymealsAs a registered dietitian and healthy food expert, I plan meals for 1-2000.  I manage a Healthy Cafe.  This blog features meals I make at home.  We all love to create, and this is my way of sharing another of my passions.

Enjoy your day, doing what you love to do!