Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Banff's Beauty

Our son Greg was on the program committee for PROMISE (an international group of software engineers) which was held in the resort town of Banff in Alberta Canada. The weather was perfect and he got spectacular shots to share with his Mom who enjoys traveling the world through her children. His Dad marvels at his eye for photography.

September 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Silver and Gold

Bob's birthday is Tuesday and this is for him. This is one of his favorite pictures of all time with Chris and Greg in 1993. He always said the lines and angles in the photo were perfect, but I'm sure his precious baby cargo and arms interlocked with Greg had a lot to do with it.

The words are from a song "Country Boy" by Alison Krauss:
"You're just a country boy, money have you none. . .
but you've got silver in the stars and gold in the morning sun."

Layout 2011

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Postcards from Minnesota

I was so happy when Greg asked if I would make them postcards to send to friends and family to announce the wedding date. Michelle's friend took these lovely photos which also adorn their wedding website. Michelle liked the postcard with the music note frame. The wedding is next May. Photos 2011

We are traveling to Minnesota the later part of next week to visit Greg and Michelle. We have not seen them since the new year when they came home. Our last road trip there was the big move in 2010. This trip we'll be in the same vehicle and traveling a different route. It will be really nice to see them!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Rare Photos

As I was leaving work yesterday, I wondered what I was going to scrap next as I've completed layouts on all my current photos. Lo and behold, there in my emails were these photos from my sister and brother in law (Amy & Scott) from their weekend Safari near Sandusky Ohio. The description and photos were terrific. Here's the journaling taken from their description of the fun adventure:

"We laughed ourselves silly at the way the animals at the African Safari behaved when we drove through the park to feed them. the giraffes would stick their heads through the sunroof for carrots. The car in front of us lost their food cup when a deer got the cup stuck on his nose. We decided not to feed the ones with horns when they charged the car in front of us. When we got home we had to wash the car. Both boys had fun. We even got this rare photo of Jacob (a teenager) with a smile. Caleb lost his first tooth later that day."

September 2011

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Fur Bebe

This is Bob's picture that didn't run in the newspaper. He was called by the owner of a nearby game farm to come photograph his baby animals. The chimp stole the show and the adorable photo of him in a diaper held like a baby by his human mother was the picture that ran. I loved this photo of him playing with the pigmy goat's tail.

Both babies had been abandoned and nourished by the owners of Hovater's Game Farm. The chimp was the older baby and was quite entertained playing with the goat's tail and sucking on his lollipop. This is the second pigmy goat the owner has rescued. The owner said she was pregnant herself when she fed and cuddled the first goat and the goat was fascinated when the human baby kicked and the mother's belly moved.

Don't you just love them?


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Second Growth

The Catoctin Mountain Peaks after years of weathering are now low rounded peaks with green stone formations formed when volcano lava cooled. Most of the trees here are less than 100 years old as the land was cleared for fuel for the Iron Furnace. The soil eroded and the wildlife left. When the land was protected as a park the Second Growth began and now oaks and hickories form a forest canopy. The 75 foot falls, once called McAfee Falls after settlers have been renamed Cunningham Falls after a local photographer who made it famous. Here's our postcard of the park. 2011

This park is located near Camp David.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

"Say Cheese" Quilt from Helen

My friend Helen and I have many things in common. We share the same wedding anniversary. Helen & Phil and Bob & I were both married on September 5th. We are both registered dietitians. We met when Helen interned here in Morgantown in 2007. We both love to scrapbook. One of my favorite times was when we cropped together at Covenant School.

Last week she sent me this lovely quilt that she designed and made. Not only is it a beautiful combination of colors and materials (I love the birds nests and houses in the pattern), it's centered around a camera! Here's Helen and the center element:

The inscription says "Special for Cindy, from Helen in Ca, 9-2-11". This beautiful heirloom is now displayed on the wall in our bedroom.

A digi-layout of Janice, Helen & I meeting outside a scrapbook store after a professional meeting in 2008.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time Honored

Last week I was honored for 30 years of service at the hospital. The funny thing is I now manage the cafeteria where I worked in college. The 1986 photo from the American Dietetic Association's career brochure shows me in the same place you'll find me today.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Pictures on Canvas

Pictures on Canvas takes your photo and turns it into a work of art. Their website is so easy to use. You select a canvas size and upload your photo. It instantly tells you if your photo is of good quality. Then you decide on a border, and order! My canvas arrived in less than a week.

Here's my all time favorite photo of Bob & I on our 30th wedding anniversary. Beautifully constructed and with a finish that will last.

I saw reviews where customers took word art and made it into a canvas. Wouldn't it be fun to make one out of your favorite scrapbook page? I love the dimension on this canvas.

Be sure and check the website!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Healing (Flight 93 Memorial)

"Heavenly friends continue always to strengthen me
So that out of the weaving fire of destiny
I may walk as a firmer vessel of destiny,
And learn to fill myself every more
With the meaning of the Divine goals of the world."

Flight 93 Memorial 2011, where in 2001 angels gave their lives to prevent the plane crashing into the capital.

Photos by Bob. Poem by Rudolf Steiner. Layout modeled after one by Amy Parker in Scrapbook Trends magazine. The angel stamps I chose represent blessings for "Impeccable Integrity", "Profound Peace", "Absolute Protection" and "Spiritual Growth".

"Heroes of Somerset County" is a layout I made in 2007 of the Flight 93 site and also the site of the Quecreek mine memorial.

"We will never forget the 9-11 Terrorist attacks when passengers of Flight 93 overtook the terrorists and crashed the plane in a remote area of Pennsylvania, taking their own lives while perhaps diverting a tragedy of a much larger degree. It was only 5 months later that there was a happy ending to another national story in Somerset County at Quecreek Mine, where 9 trapped miners were located and rescued. Everyone should see these"

All of the memorabilia that visitors left at the site have been cataloged and preserved.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Next to You

"Next to you. . . is my favorite place to be" was the sentiment on the card from Bob. The sky was hazy in Gettysburg but the sun came out when we reached Catoctin Mountain Orchard. The orchard had flowers, butterflies and apple trees. We weren't the only folks taking pictures. Anniversary Trip 2011

This is the photo on the outside of the Hallmark card Bob gave me. I had to laugh!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Take only photographs, leave only footprints

The sign in the Cunningham State Park read "Take only photographs, leave only footprints." Could that have been more fitting to what we had in mind? We walked the trail to the falls, then journeyed to the lake where the water had gone down, the bathers gone home and only a few canoes remained. On this anniversary trip we so enjoyed the things that have kept us close 35 years.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

When we were young

In 1947 before having kids, Jim and June (Dad and Mom) got a thrill driving a car over this bridge. "We would drive fast, hit the top and drop down over the other side. It gave you goosebumps." The bridge still stands near Grantsville, Maryland by Route 40, now a pedestrian bridge and center attraction to a park.

Mom and Dad are pictured here celebrating 65 years of marriage September 4, 2011.

Modeled after a layout by Julie Overby in Scrapbook Trends.

The "Yesteryears" wordlet was a gift from my Australian friend Vija (Kobe on Scrapbook.com).

Friday, September 2, 2011

Little Thing

The words are the chorus to the song Toothbrush and the photos are of Bob and I when our house was being built in 1984. "Love starts with a toothbrush. . . after that a long kiss goodnight. Forever starts with a suitcase. . . gets you 2 toothbrushes by the bathroom sink. Life starts with a little house, you think it's good as the getting gets. . . And the next thing that you know. . . Little feet on the stool by the bathroom sink it all hits you as he opens up. . . Love starts with a toothbrush.

Everything that's anything starts out as a little thing just needs a little time and room to grow. Step by step day by day it all adds up along the way. . . "

Layout made on our wedding anniversary weekend--35 years September 5, 2011.

Thanks to my friend Marilyn at Treasuring Memories for the Scrapbook.com gift card where I purchased the paper, letters and mask.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Rosie Layout (made in 2004)

Another post to recognize my Mom on her 86th birthday. This is a layout I made in 2004 about Mom and Grandma and their work during WWII.

"Over 6 million women worked at industrial jobs on America's home front during World War II. They wired and built planes. They ground, they sealed, they polished, they riveted. They helped win WWII by holding down the home front in the factories of America. Each was affectionately known as "Rosie the Riveter".

Mom worked in Akron, Ohio building tail pieces for Navy fighter planes. First she worked in the "Dope room" lacquering cloth to produce the skin of an airplane. Then she stitched that material to a rib structure that formed a part of the airplane. Grandma Marie worked at the Celanese near Cumberland, Maryland inspecting bullets."

In 2004, Mom was interviewed by the National Park's Service in preparation for their Riveter Monument. The historians said Mom was delightful.