Friday, October 28, 2016

City Scapes: Boston

As a registered dietitian/nutritionist, I like to attend the annual meeting called Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo.  Last year and this year, Bob got a guest pass to attend the Expo.  The meetings are in major cities in the US, and that gives us a chance to visit.  This year's meeting was in Boston.

"It was a once in a life experience to visit Boston together.  Our stay at the Newbury Guest House was special and we were treated as VIPs at the FNCE social.  We ate outside and enjoyed walks to the Charles River and the Boston Harbor."

I am published in the Food and Nutrition Magazine, "Feast Worthy Recipes". I created and did multiple testings on the Moroccan Medallions Recipe.  It's a gorgeous magazine and I'll be happy to get a paper copy.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

To Remember

When I heard this quote, I wrote it on the back of an envelope.  I can't remember if it was song lyrics or in an interview.  This will hit home to most scrapbookers:  

"I'd rather have something to forget, than nothing to remember."

I took the picture last weekend when Bob and I took a picnic to Ohiopyle, a Pennsylvania State Park.

(To remember)
The beautiful day, the beautiful surroundings
Our Sunday picnics and adventures in nearby parks
The sun on our shoulders, the crisp air
Watching you watching me enjoying our time together.

Monday, October 3, 2016

September Cards

On a car trip to see our kids, I made the outside of these cards and more while a passenger in the car.  This one is for my life long friend Vicki, who celebrate a birthday September 12th.

"I sat and thought of years that have gone
The games we played while the sun always shone,
The days that we counted and met husbands to be
Then we married and were happy with our growing families.
Now older we are and how many things move on.
But our friendship has endured-it has always been strong,
May you be blessed in your birthday with all good things,
And take pleasure in our friendship and the memories it brings."

Susan is one of my former hard working colleagues from the Healthy Cafe.  She celebrated a birthday this month.

"You've got all the ingredients
And the recipe's very clear:
Mix gifts and cards with love and fun
And cook till smiles appear."

My friend Terrie from Working H Farms Meats and Store celebrated a birthday this month.  She and her family raise poultry, beef and pigs.  This card is for Terrie.

"This birthday wish is sent to you
To celebrate in all you do
Your heart is kind
Your soul is true
This kindness is but one with you."

Bob's birthday was last week.  I photographed the card in the very spot he displayed it.

"When all is said and done
A year has now come
Another year older true
Another year I get to spend with you.
A wonderful time we will have
Filled with laughter and surprises.
May this day be a dream come true.
My dearest husband, I love you!"

My niece Kaity turns 28 tomorrow.  She is a gorgeous red head.  This card is for her.

"A very Happy Birthday
Is especially wished for you
With flowers, gifts and treats galore,
And fun in all you do.
May it be a day to remember.
Full of memories to treasure.
Because sending wishes to someone like you
Is very much a pleasure!" 

I still have 5 more cards I made in the car to send in November!