Sunday, January 29, 2017

Letter from Cindy 1964

My grandparents, Harry & Marie (Pop Pop and Grandma) lived next door to my Mom & Dad my entire childhood and teen years.  Some of the winters they would spend in Florida near Pop Pop's sister Della.  That's Della in the bottom photo on Pop Pop's left.  

When they went to Florida, we would move their Canary birdhouse to our house.  (We had cats, which made for some intense scenes.  When I played the piano, the bird would sing and sing.  The cat would sneakily climb the piano bench.  

This is an actual letter I sent to Pop Pop and Grandma in 1964.  I was 11 years old.

"Mickey (the canaray) is ok.  He is very cute.  He likes singing when Terry and I play the piano.  He likes to sing espesially (spelled wrong) when I play a song I had in last weeks lesson called "There is a Tavern In the Town".

Only 25 days till my birthday (March 8) You better send me something from Florida-maybe a dress:  I hope so!

Did you do any fishing yet Pop Pop?  Did you get a suntan Grandma?  What is your Motel like?  The painter has finished the house.  It looks nice-but longely.  I miss you.  So does Jim, Terry, Mommy and Daddy.  Pleas write soon!

Love and kisses,
P.S. Take care of yourself!"

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Got You Covered

He's our youngest son-a townie-and single.  Chris found a great job right out of college.  He bought a brand new town house at age 23.  When he needs help with moving or home improvements, we're here for him.  When he's under the weather, we're here for him.  When he wants to do something his friends aren't up to, we're here for him.  No matter when or what-we got you covered Chris.  Happy 24th birthday!

Those are bandaides on the strip across the top of the paper!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Jr. Life Savers

I am a summer gal, and a swimmer.  As a teenager in the 60s and 70s, my friend Nancy and I took junior and senior lifesaving courses at the tri-towns pools.  They weren't easy, and the class at the Piedmont Pool was extra hard due to the cloudiness of the unfiltered water.  We became friends with most of the kids in this class.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Forget Me Not

As a young teenager in the mid-sixties, I loved the images of the wide eyed girls on these postcards.  As you can see, I could not fix my hair as smooth as those pretty young ladies.  The postcards include one my sister Terry sent me, then one I sent her.  The messages are on the back of this page.  The notebook page has excerpts from a note Terry sent me when I was a girl scout at Camp Tioga.  The "art work" is by brother Jim.  "Forget Me not" is from Terry's autograph page.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Festive Fare

We were so happy to have our oldest son Greg and his wife Michelle journey from South Carolina to spend 10 days in Morgantown.  Our son Chris lives in town and we so enjoy that closeness, spending at least some time every week together.  Michelle was born here too-but her parents moved to the west coast when they retired.  With her sister in town, and more friends here too, Michelle's parents are happy to visit.  Bob's brother loves their company and leaves his bachelor home to spend time here too.

I'm a career meal planner, and wanted to document our holiday feasts in some way.  Here are a few pictures and menus we did together as a family.  Most of the food was made from scratch.  

"Three days of family feasts-the first two days with just us and the kids-the third day with David and the Hunts.  It was fun working in our loving home, enjoying each others' company and treating David and the Hunts to a holiday away from home."

Christmas Eve Taco Bar
Mongolian Beef, Sesame Wild Rice, Brocooli Slaw
Taco Chicken, Black Bean Salsa
BBQ Pork, Slaw
Homemade Tortillas (White, Corn and Whole Wheat)
Shredded Cheeses
Apple Annie's Canolini
Mulled Wine

Christmas Day Brunch
Veggie Pizza
Brown Sugar & Pineapple Ham
Crab Stuffed Shells
BBQ Beans
Gree Beans
Buckwheat Pear Bread
Italian Bread
Shorbread Cookies

The Day After Buffet
Michelle's Meatballs
Mexicana Shrimp Kabobs
Rainbow pasta with Sundried Tomato Pesto
Maple Roasted Carrots
Christmas Tree Cheese Filled Dinner Rolls
Apple Cranberry Pie with Ice Cream

On January 1, Greg and Michelle made everyone an egg sausage tortilla bar-another winner-on the day Michelle's parents returned to California.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

December Cards

This is the card I made for my former colleagues-the HSC kitchen staff.

"Making a special card to send
To people such as you.
To wish you love at Christmas time
And each day all year through."

Bob's brother David celebrated his birthday on December 19th.  This card and book (he is a train buff) is for David.

"Like all antiques
You become more
Valued and
Appreciated with time!"

My nephew Dan was 38 years old on December 28th.  The book (we got him the 2017 edition) and card are for Dan.  Dan works a full time job, then goes to his Dad's restaurant to work.  He never quits.

"Today is very exciting,
It's a day that's just for you
It's a day when you're made a fuss of
for you deserve it-that is true.
You do so much for others,
So relax, have fun, unwind,
It's your turn to take the spotlight,
Because you're special-
You're one of a kind!" 

A former coworker, Tammy celebrated a birthday on December 27th.  I particularly love her kids!

"A very happy birthday
This greeting comes to you,
To wish you all the nicest things
In everything you do.!

My Christmas card for Bob.The words are to a song by Neil Diamond.

"And when people ask how we stay together
I say you never let me down,
And you make it feel like Christmas
Even when things go wrong
I hear the sound of Christmas in your son
All year long."

Thank you notes.  One for my sister Terry who sends thoughtful notes and gifts year round.  The other card for Sarah at the Senior Center who helped my Mom get heating oil.

"A generous spirit
Warm hearted too
People like you are very few
My thanks is only a touch of what you're due."

Verses are from .