Sunday, January 29, 2017

Letter from Cindy 1964

My grandparents, Harry & Marie (Pop Pop and Grandma) lived next door to my Mom & Dad my entire childhood and teen years.  Some of the winters they would spend in Florida near Pop Pop's sister Della.  That's Della in the bottom photo on Pop Pop's left.  

When they went to Florida, we would move their Canary birdhouse to our house.  (We had cats, which made for some intense scenes.  When I played the piano, the bird would sing and sing.  The cat would sneakily climb the piano bench.  

This is an actual letter I sent to Pop Pop and Grandma in 1964.  I was 11 years old.

"Mickey (the canaray) is ok.  He is very cute.  He likes singing when Terry and I play the piano.  He likes to sing espesially (spelled wrong) when I play a song I had in last weeks lesson called "There is a Tavern In the Town".

Only 25 days till my birthday (March 8) You better send me something from Florida-maybe a dress:  I hope so!

Did you do any fishing yet Pop Pop?  Did you get a suntan Grandma?  What is your Motel like?  The painter has finished the house.  It looks nice-but longely.  I miss you.  So does Jim, Terry, Mommy and Daddy.  Pleas write soon!

Love and kisses,
P.S. Take care of yourself!"


Sharon Fritchman said...

Cindy, your layout and letter blew me away. I love that you scrapped this wonderful memory. Your page is full of joy and creativity!

Connie Mercer said...

This is awesome:) Such a beautiful page. Love adding the original letter.