Sunday, July 24, 2016

Holly River

For the second summer in a row, we rented a cabin at Holly River, a West Virginia State Park, three nights in July.  The park is two hours from home, in rural Webster County.  Here's a short synopsis and collage from the wonderful vacation:

"We hike, take pictures, read and swim.  We take our own food and crafts.  There are woods, moss, wildlife and clean creeks.  With no electronics to distract, we listen to nature and each other."


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

June Cards

This is a Fathers Day card for my brother Jim-a patriot and a great cook.

"This card is sent to you today to wish you a happy fathers day.
So chill and enjoy a rest-have a day doing what you do best."

I was so sad to receive a call from Carolyn's husband Frank that she had passed away.  This is the card I'd sent to this lovely lady on what would have been her birthday.  Carolyn worked at HSC after she retired from her career job with the telephone company.  I remember jumping up and down when she returned to work from a vacation-she was that dependable and enjoyable.  I expressed my memories with Frank.

"You are so special that's why today
All good wishes are coming your way!"

 Brandon is the chef at the hospital who recently suffered a serious health problem.  This get well card is for him.

"This little card is sent to say
We hope you are getting better with every new day."

And to the love of my life-Bob-for Father's Day.

"When I look up into your eyes,
I see a man who is kind and wise.
I see a man who calms my fears,
Who shares my worries,
Who dries my tears,
A man who is strong,
Yet gentle and meek,
A man who shows those who care,
Are not weak,
He's a father, protector,
The man from the start,
Who is always on my side,
And will always have my heart." 

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