Monday, July 27, 2015

Fans of the Odd & Esoteric

While traveling the backway on our trip to Holly River, where there were some peculiar things, Bob titled our adventure "Fans of the Odd & Esoteric".  I wrote that down (knowing I would use that one again).  Our 2 night stay at Holly River State Park was full of nature, beauty, adventures and memories.  We drove a historic byway on our way down and a scenic backway on our trip home.

This two page layout journals some of the details from the individual days with some of the pictures.

The last day of a trip is never sad , as we don't have to hurry home and there's nothing stressful to come back to. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cabin 5

Our 2 night cabin getaway to a secluded park in West Virginia was full of healthy eating, walking, scenery, wildlife and serenity.  We swam in the pool and the creek.  We drove the "unimproved" road to the upper falls overlook, then walked to the lower falls. A young doe visited us several times a day.  Bob read and I made cards on the picnic table outside.  We took all our food-mostly whole foods- and feasted on Holly River China.  July 2015