Thursday, April 23, 2009


It's still a very sad occasion visiting the grave sites of Bob's parents. When we visited there on Good Friday, the weather was somber and matched the occasion. I gave Bob time alone, and took the picture at the entrance to the park as we were leaving.

In the pictures of them, note their smiles. The photograph of Jim was taken in about 1990 when Greg was 3. The one of Maxine was taken in 1994 when Chris was about 18 months, Greg 6 1/2. You can feel the delight in their expressions. The grand kids made them very happy.

Journaling: It's most fitting that Bob's parents are buried in a city called St. Albans, as they were Saints to us.
Maxine & Jim Gay
Resting in peace
Cunningham Memorial Park

Sunday, April 19, 2009

It hasn't sunk in

We were so pleased when Chris won the state election for Sergeant at Arms, Technology Student Association. His slogan "the one with the solid handshake" was put into action when he introduced himself to new friends at the Cedar Lake Conference. When it was time for his campaign speech, the crowd cheered when he approached the podium. He says it still hasn't sunk in that he won! In the competitions, he and partner Megan Foster placed 1st in Scientific & Technical Visualization, which assures them a trip to the National Competition this summer in Denver.

Creative Cafe papers were purchased at Shelz Studio in Buchannon, WV. This is a unique store owned and operated by a unique and talented lady. Check out her blog....her latest post is one where she used Easter egg dyes on dryer sheets. Gorgeous!

Spring Walk

It was primary election day 1996 and the schools were closed. The boys and I took a walk on the pole line near our house. Our dogs, Missy and Rudy, were glad to join us. I have many fond memories of our walks on the hill. Sometimes we took a small picnic lunch of pepperoni rolls, veggies and drinks to enjoy when we reached the top.
Greg pictured at age 9, Chris 3.

For this page, I chose the color palette of butter yellow, spring green and robin's-egg blue using the ration 3:2:1 outlined in Scrapbooks Etc. April issue.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good Friday

Bob and I have good memories from Charleston, and I like visiting there to make even more. We drove the long way across Rt. 50 and down Interstate 77, stopping in Clarksburg, Ellenboro and Ripley. I made reservations at the Wingate where we enjoyed the whirlpool (twice), snacks, a King size bed and hot breakfast. We took a walk downtown in South Charleston where we lived in the late seventies. Bob's friend's family owned this theater and Bob was even on the upper deck shown here. We enjoyed a pretty spring moment just before a cloud burst sent us back to our hotel.

Beaded flower

The beautiful die cut paper from Making Memories had a cut out of a flower near the center. I could not find a paper I liked to put behind it. Instead, I place adhesive tape behind the cut out and added tiny glass beads. This is the result.

Page Detail

What started out as a pretty ordinary page turned out to be a fun, creative project with lots of fun elements. After adding the glass beads, I sewed around the outline of the die cut paper. Then I stenciled some swirls with tinted texture paste. Finally, I added the pink dots with a brad dipped in acrylic paint. The page didn't take that much time and is a testament to my love of paper scrapping.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 good eggs

Both of our boys loved hunting Easter eggs. And I loved hiding them. I hid eggs in pots, in the gas grill, on top the bird feeder and in drain pipes. I put eggs in the pine trees, behind larger tree trunks, in flower beds and in any dip or groove in our yard.

Greg loved hunting eggs. On one of his first hunts at the Law School, he found a prize egg. I hid eggs several times a season in our yard and Greg always enjoyed it. One year I put Pokemon "pogs" in them. Greg and his friends all enjoyed their hunts even as pre-teens. Picture 1995

Chris was keen to finding eggs too. At the Chestnut Ridge Park hunt, he found a prize egg. At home I would put change in plastic eggs and hide them throughout the yard. Chris enjoyed doing this several times a season. Once we hunted eggs at Grandma Maxines' and also at Aunt Terrys'. Picture 1998

Closeup of scalloped tags

I printed my journaling on a transparency with a whimsical brush
by Little Dreamer Designs. It was easy to cut around so that the
acetate was not visible on the scalloped tag.

Closeup of title bling