Wednesday, April 15, 2009

2 good eggs

Both of our boys loved hunting Easter eggs. And I loved hiding them. I hid eggs in pots, in the gas grill, on top the bird feeder and in drain pipes. I put eggs in the pine trees, behind larger tree trunks, in flower beds and in any dip or groove in our yard.

Greg loved hunting eggs. On one of his first hunts at the Law School, he found a prize egg. I hid eggs several times a season in our yard and Greg always enjoyed it. One year I put Pokemon "pogs" in them. Greg and his friends all enjoyed their hunts even as pre-teens. Picture 1995

Chris was keen to finding eggs too. At the Chestnut Ridge Park hunt, he found a prize egg. At home I would put change in plastic eggs and hide them throughout the yard. Chris enjoyed doing this several times a season. Once we hunted eggs at Grandma Maxines' and also at Aunt Terrys'. Picture 1998

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