Thursday, April 16, 2009

Good Friday

Bob and I have good memories from Charleston, and I like visiting there to make even more. We drove the long way across Rt. 50 and down Interstate 77, stopping in Clarksburg, Ellenboro and Ripley. I made reservations at the Wingate where we enjoyed the whirlpool (twice), snacks, a King size bed and hot breakfast. We took a walk downtown in South Charleston where we lived in the late seventies. Bob's friend's family owned this theater and Bob was even on the upper deck shown here. We enjoyed a pretty spring moment just before a cloud burst sent us back to our hotel.

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Helen said...

What an absolutely beautiful page! Didn't realize at first that your did the border yourself but I should have known better. It looks so cohesive and professional. I'm totally scraplifting your concept. :)