Sunday, September 11, 2011

Healing (Flight 93 Memorial)

"Heavenly friends continue always to strengthen me
So that out of the weaving fire of destiny
I may walk as a firmer vessel of destiny,
And learn to fill myself every more
With the meaning of the Divine goals of the world."

Flight 93 Memorial 2011, where in 2001 angels gave their lives to prevent the plane crashing into the capital.

Photos by Bob. Poem by Rudolf Steiner. Layout modeled after one by Amy Parker in Scrapbook Trends magazine. The angel stamps I chose represent blessings for "Impeccable Integrity", "Profound Peace", "Absolute Protection" and "Spiritual Growth".

"Heroes of Somerset County" is a layout I made in 2007 of the Flight 93 site and also the site of the Quecreek mine memorial.

"We will never forget the 9-11 Terrorist attacks when passengers of Flight 93 overtook the terrorists and crashed the plane in a remote area of Pennsylvania, taking their own lives while perhaps diverting a tragedy of a much larger degree. It was only 5 months later that there was a happy ending to another national story in Somerset County at Quecreek Mine, where 9 trapped miners were located and rescued. Everyone should see these"

All of the memorabilia that visitors left at the site have been cataloged and preserved.


Sharon (Fritchey) said...

Absolutely beautiful pages. I just loved seeing your gorgeous work and reading the story behind the pages. It gave me chills reading it. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and for your wonderful commenst left there. No, I have not visited Shanksville, but that is one thing my family and I need to do. Thanks again, my friend.

scrapbookertink said...

Precious layouts, I will never forget that fateful day and my heart goes out out to all those who lost their lives and loved one's so important to remember, take care, Doreen x

Micupoftea~ said...

A time to remember, a time for prayer~ I have been too sad to make a LO, but I should. I like the canvas you used and the stamped angels.

E.T. said...

Your post and project are beautiful~

Margo said...

What a touching LO !
Who could ever forget this tragedy, it's nice that you have combined it with the rescue, it gives hope !

Amy said...

Beautiful tribute pages!

carlies said...

so beautiful memorie design love it

XX carla