Sunday, August 22, 2010

Bus 189

Chris starts back to school tomorrow in his senior year of high school. As a "townie" living in a college town, he'll still see many of his older friends who graduated last year and be able to attend both MHS and WVU events. He's even enrolled in a WVU class. I'm sure there will be many emotional and proud parent moments for Bob and I.

Here's something we won't be doing much of. . . meeting each other at the bottom of the hill at the bus stop. I'll always remember this time. Greg and Chris had the best bus driver--Charlotte. She took great care of them and became a life long friend of mine. I remember waiting to take this picture of Chris at the start of Kindergarten. I had a film camera then with only one chance to get a picture of him getting off the bus. I was in position and took the shot, only to realize that the neighbor boy was the first to exit that day. The next day Charlotte made sure Chris was the first to come down those steps. He looked so happy to see me and I'll always remember that feeling.

Picture taken in 1999. This is an old scrapbook layout and I do not have a record of the year it was made.


Debbie said...

Sweet layout Cindy! Brings back so many memories. They grow up too fast! Love the colors and your title!

Peggy said...

I really really like this LO! I love how it brings back memories for you. And your boy looks like he's all ready to give you a big hug, so your "one shot" turned out awesome! Like I said, I really really like this one!
xxx Peggy

Denise said...

What a cute layout! I love the picture you snapped!!

Nancy said...

You sound like you leave in such a wonderful community! what a GREAT moment to capture!