Monday, January 25, 2016

Snowed In

In preparation for the big snowstorm, I printed a few pictures in the event the power went out-I could still scrapbook by candlelight!  We got 2 feet of snow-but the power remains.  We're eating like kings (since I cooked up a storm in preparation).  And I made 2 pages!

This one uses pictures from 1994 of Greg and his Dad making a diorama of a scene from the Laura Ingalls Wilder book, "The Long Winter".  The scene was of a train "snowed under between cuts".  

"The railroad has stopped running trains till spring.  They can't get the trains through.  They no sooner get a train through a cut than a blizzard comes and snows it in again."  (Pa's words as he gives the news to his family).

"It takes patience and perseverance to contend with things".   (Pa said the railroad superintendent was an Easterner who had patience but no perseverance.  Westerners, he said, had patience and perseverance).  The train did not get through until May.

We still have the complete bookset of the Little House books.  I loved reading those with the boys.  The family survived much weather and many hardships in those days.

Bob and I persevered the storm.  We shoveled snow from our driveway every 4 hours.  My arms are sore.  Our neighbor has 1 lane tunneled out on our 1000 foot roadway through the development using a plow mounted on a 4-wheeler.  The state road has 1 lane plowed on the rural road.  The university and schools are closed throughout the state.  We hope to make it out tomorrow!


Papercrafting Princess said...

You have the sweetest memories to cherish!!!

Connie Mercer said...

This is so cute!! The paper is darling.

Beebeebabs said...

Very nice LO

Trish said...

Another great story and LO Cindy,I hope the weather has improved

Micupoftea said...

Lovely memory, great page! Being snowed in, losing power, not being able to do things until Spring is completely foreign to me. Born and raised in southern California, I never saw snow until after I was an adult...and took a vacation to a snowy area! Hoping everyone is doing well, and is safe on the roads.

Susanne said...

This is a delightful page - love that you included the story of the diorama. So glad you've not lost your power but do take care when venturing out.