Wednesday, November 4, 2015

October Cards

October birthday celebrations are many, as are fall decorative elements, which make craft making fun!  This card is for John, a Healthy Cafe employee.  John has the most years of service of the entire Nutrition Department with over 40 years.  He retires the end of the year.  John also met his wife at HSC-Betty is a fan of owls, so I added an owl to the card!

"May today be the start of a wonderful year
Where all your dreams come true.
A year of joy and happiness, ineverything you do.
For you are a special person-
Unique-you're one of a kind.
So you're wished a great birthday
And may the next year be kind." 

 Virginia is the Administrative Assistant in the Healthy Sciences Cafeteria.  She has many pets and a heart of gold.  This birthday card is for her.

"A home is not a home without a pet or two
Doesn't matter what it is, they cheer and help us through.
Pets give purpose to our days, they add a lot of interest,
With their curious little way.
So I hope an animal is sharing some time with you today,
May they love you and cheer you on this your birthday."

I had several thank you notes to write, so I made all 4 of these cards alike and added person handwritten notes along with the verse.   

Rebecca is a singer and dulcimer writer.  She entertained Bob and I during our anniversary luncheon.  I bought a CD, and when I asked her to sign it, we talked, then she "gave" my another CD.  Her business card has a picture of her as a child in her cow girl outfit-the card is sweet like her! 

Julie is a former HSC employee who now works at the local rehabilitation center.  She also lives with and cares for her aging parents.  Nearly every year, Julie sends me personal items she's collected about our family.  This year she sent me a picture of me at the a previous Health Fair, run in an ad.  In the box were homemade kitchen items with fall decor. What a surprise to find the box when we returned home from Nashville.

Fritz is an editor with the Food and Nutrition Magazine, responsible for soliciting blog posts for their Stone Soup Blog.   I met him at the reception they held for us at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Conference and Expo.  The invitation to the reception was very creative.  The event, held on a rooftop over Broadway, was special.

Annette is  a Human Resources Specialist for WVU Medicine, who organizes the service award banquets every year.  As a recent retiree, I was invited to this years event.  The guest lecturer, WVU's basketball coach-who's mother was treated at WVU-gave a moving speech. When I went on stage, the CEO gave me a hug.  The gifts of logo glasses and comfy blanket are in use and much appreciated.

"A note to thank you and to say
The memory of your thoughtfulness
Will be remembered
For many a day."

 Diana is a long term employee of HSC who now works as a baker.  She always remembers special occasions.  My favorite memory of Diana is when she was pregnant with her second child (I was pregnant at the time with my first child):  Diana had crocheted turkeys for all of the patient trays (those who had to stay in the hospital on Thanksgiving Day).  Diana was in labor and sent her husband into the kitchen with 100 some crocheted turkey pins.  

"Wishing you a birthday 
that is happy all day through,
For no one else in all the world
Deserves it more than you.
Have a great day."

Toni is a retired colleague who managed the food service at the psychiatric hospital.  She as 70 when she retired.  Toni was always complimentary and lovely to talk to.  She read people well and didn't take any crap.  Toni and I often went to conferences together. This birthday card is for Toni, who cares for her mother and every Sunday makes meals for her large extended family.

"Because you're very special
This comes with love to say
You're wished a birthday that will bring
Much happiness your way."

 Mike works at HSC where he services the salad bar.  He is very attentive to his guests and very loyal to the department.  I miss the conversations we had and very much appreciated his call last week, where we talked for a long time and never had a silent moment.  Mike is a dog lover, and though I couldn't find a picture that resembled his dog, I did like the logo on the cat paper that sad something like "One cool cat".

You know you are always thought of very warmly
Throughout the year, and now your birthday is here again,
My wishes once again sincere.
Have a wonderful birthday and
A year of happiness."

Marylene works in catering at HSC.  Though her bones don't always feel good, she walks and completes her work without a complaint.  Marylene is great mother of 3 grown men and loves the outdoors.  Her husband is a biker.  I grabbed the 7 Gypsies paper to adorn her card.
"Whatever you wish yourself today
I'm wishing it doubled-in the nicest way.
Have a wonderful birthday."

This birthday is for our very special daughter-in-law, Michelle.  Greg and Michelle have been a couple for over 12 years.  She is a brilliant engineer, musician and seamstress.  Michelle and Greg are so good for each other.

"You are so very wonderful
and fill our lives with cheer.
Today's a celebration for a daughter-in-law so dear."

The verses are inspired by Craftsuprint.



Margo said...

You have made lovely cards for lovely people ! You're surrounded by amazing people !

Margo said...

It's so nice to read such hartwarming stories in a world with so much negativity ! Big hug to you ! You have brightened my day ! x

Susanne said...

What a lovely collection of cards. Great post.

Beebeebabs said...

Very nice cards!!!

Sharon Fritchman said...

Gorgeous cards, Cindy! They are all absolutely beautiful!!! I always love the way you photograph each card in such a special way, too!

Connie Mercer said...

Beautiful collection of cards !!!

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Great cards Cindy,lovely work