Tuesday, June 30, 2015

June Cards

The Monday after I retired, I started taking a water aerobics class indoors at the local rehabilitation hospital.  I didn't know the ladies previously.  4 months later, I still don't know what they did before they retired-but that's not important.  What's important is that they all are lovely, engaging woman, all of whom care for other members in their family.  I often kid that I'm going to "old lady" aerobics, but you know I've used muscles I never knew I had.  And all of us-ranging in age from I'm guessing 55-85-are young at heart.  These cards are for Shirley and Linda, who celebrated birthdays in June.

For Shirley
 "It only take a little time
To wish you all the best.
To wish you all the things in life.
Good health, good wealth and rest.  
May your day be filled with sunshine.
May flowers be strewn your way.
For I wish you so much happiness
On this your special day."

 For Linda
"This birthday wish is sent to you
To celebrate in all you do.
Your heart is kind,
Your soul is true.
This kindness is but one to you."

My nephews, Brian and Steve (brothers) celebrated birthdays.  Brian likes cars.  Steve is a kid at heart-39 years old this year.

For Brian
"You are a special nephew
so I send this card to you
to wish you a very happy birthday
and love and kisses too."

For Steve
"The happiest adults 
are those who
never buried
old toys or
abandoned imaginary

 My lifetime friend, Vickie, and her husband Paul retired after many years of teaching.  This card is for them.

"Retirement opens the door
To a whole new world
Of enjoyment, adventure
and happiness.
May it bring you everything
You are looking for." 

April works at HSC Cafeteria.  She is a pretty single Mom who never ages.  This birthday card is for her.

"I wish you laughter
I wish you fun.
I wish you a day that's 
full of sun.
I wish you happiness
I wish you cheer
That lasts all 
through the year."

Our water aerobics instructor-Jeremey-and his wife are expecting their first child in July.  She will be called "Emma Joy".  We collected money for a gift card and I was asked to make the greeting card to go with it.

"Life will change but
that's okay;
It's fun to spend
hours each day
taking time for all the good
That comes along with 

This Father's Day card is for my brother, Jim, who loves his country and his kids.

"Happy Fathers Day
to a brother
who is like no other." 

Carolyn worked at HSC Cafeteria after she retired from the C & P Telephone Company.  She was such a lovely lady.  I recall jumping up and down when she returned from vacation.  She retired from HSC many years ago, and I still think of her fondly.  This birthday card is for her.

I often kidded John Hunnell that he was my favorite person at HSC.  John loved to talk.  He was a history buff, a Confederate War reenact-er, and a ramp lover.  John made deli sandwiches in our snack bar, would describe how we made every salad and sandwich, and the customers loved him.  He didn't have a bit of confidence and often put himself down.  I wouldn't let him do that and would stop him on the spot.  I took him out of pots and pans and put him where he needed to be-with customers.  I once had a vice president of human resources tell me how much an ambassador he was.  Every year he went deer hunting, usuallly didn't catch anything. . . and this birthday card is for him.

"May time greet the morning with warmth,
the day with love,
and the year ahead with joy."

My Fathers Day card for Bob, the love of my life and one proud Dad.

"Husband. Friend. Partner.
How many can say they
have a true partner, friend
and lover they can count
on in good times and bad?
How many can say their
love is even stronger for
all they've bee through?
Only a lucky few like me." 


Trish said...

Great cards Cindy,you have been busy

Beebeebabs said...

Beautiful cards!!!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Lovely array of cards!

Mandy Zimmerman said...

Hi Cindy! Your friends and family will be pleased to receive the beautiful cards! Hope you enjoy your retirement.....I'm getting prepared to go back to my "full time" state job after being off 10 years....Take care

Connie Mercer said...

These are lovely Cindy!!!

Heather Landry said...

These are all such beautiful cards! I can just feel the love and thought you put into each one.

Sharon Fritchman said...

I saw your cards at sb.com, but just had to come visit your here, too, Cindy! They are wonderful and I can tell that you put your heart into making each one of them special for the recipient!

Tracey said...

Wow you have been busy.......fabulous collection of cards. Love the vintage images!

Papercrafting Princess said...

Beautiful cards. You were on a roll!

Chantal Vandenberg said...

Amazing work!