Tuesday, September 6, 2016

August Cards

On one of the trips to my Mom's home in Maryland, I took her to see her Sister-in-law Ginny.  Ginny and Mom both are in walkers-neither drive.  I brought food and Ginny had the table set with china dishes.  She's such a lovely lady.  It was great to get the ladies together.  

"You're such a good friend
I am happy to say
Thank you for the kindness
You sent our way."

Sue is one of my farmers market friends.  She is from Thailand, a former teacher, who loves to teach others about local foods.  Sue often gives me unusual foods to try.  One time she instructed me to "make something with this and bring it back to me".  I love challenges like that!  Sue invited some of us to her farm for a "Garden Grub" dinner.  She had many lovely ethnic foods there.  We were honored.  

"Step into my garden
Step in and you'll see
A measure of
Peace and tranquility.

Let the beauty of springtime
Fill your soul with great peace
Take it with you and share
It with each one you meet.

Thanks for sharing your food and friendship."

Mom was 91 years old on August 31st.  The week before her birthday, I took her to a park where she camped in 1941 and had never returned.  We picnicked on that beautiful day.  I made her a scrapbook page of the day.  The card is on the right.

"Love you lots
For all you do
Love you Mom
Because you're You!"

Luke and Becky have been our friends for forty years.  Becky turned 60 last week and Luke invited us to their house for cake and homemade brew.  The fresh picked corn, card and mum were for Becky.

"Today's a day to celebrate
We toast to you and cheer
Because this is a special day
You're now just reached 60 years."

Bob and I married Labor Day, 1976.  This Labor Day marked our Ruby Anniversary.  The kids helped me buy Bob a new lens-that is the gift bag for it (I may convert to a page:).  I am hoping for many happy more!

"Forty years and counting
What joys along the way
The love we've shared together
Since our beautiful wedding day.
The ups, the downs along the road
The occasions that we've shared,
Hand in hand we've been together,
Showing the world how much we care.
So celebrate the occasion
Raise a glass to love and life
For all these years we've been together
As a loving husband and wife." 


Susanne said...

Sounds like there were lots of splendid get-togethers and occasions to celebrate. Happy belated birthday wishes to your Mom and congrats to you and Bob on the anniversary!

Trish said...

Fantastic cards,as always many great stories to tell!

Sharon Fritchman said...

Wonderful cards!!!! You photographed them beautifully, too! Happy Anniversary once again!

Jennifer Shaw said...

Your cards are so beautiful and it was fun to learn who they were for and what the occasions were. The page for your mother is beautiful. So lovely for her to have a memory of the day.