Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sewing (Pages about my childhood)

Though I saved mementos from my early years, I do not have a lot of pictures. Occasionally I go back to a place of significance, take a photograph and journal about days gone by. This is one of those "Me" pages.

Journaling: "This is the former Singer store in Keyser where I took sewing lessons as a young teen. Great Grandma Mullan was a seamstress, and that skill would be passed to all of us. Kathleen Wilt was the owner & teacher at the store. I did some of my sewing at Grandma Marie's home next to Mom's. In high school, I made many of my clothes. It wasn't uncommon for me to put together an outfit the night before an event. This was good preparation for my core Home Economics classes at WVU, though I no longer make clothes."

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Helen said...

How gorgeous. I didn't know you were so crafty with the sewing machine too. My mom was a seamstress.