Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

I was happy when Bob thought it was a good idea to travel to Ohiopyle, Pa. on Independence Day afternoon when a friend told us about a farmer's market there. We traveled to the "National Pike" via Rt. 26 from Bruceton Mills to Markleysburg. Bob photographed scenery along this route for one of his "Country Roads" pages and stopped first to show me a beautiful lily pond full of the gorgeous pink flowers. He did not notice the goats sunning along the right of the road and turned around to capture a shot of the ornery brood. The Old National Pike is Rt. 40 and is a 50s vacation land. I remember traveling that road with my Mom & Dad from their Maryland home to Uniontown, Pa. The "Lone Star" restaurant where they went out to eat is still in business! After our jaunt to Ohiopyle we went on west to Uniontown and stopped for a nice meal before heading back to Morgantown to rest a while before going out again for the annual fireworks. This time I tried my hand at slow exposure photography to capture some shots of the fireworks over the PRT station on Beechurst Avenue. We had so much fun.

Journaling: "Red running gears, blue bodies, and white canvas made up the Conestoga wagon that traveled US Rt. 40 in the 1800s. On the Independence Day, 2009, Bob and I drove our silver Honda up Rt. 26 to historic Rt. 40, stopping to photograph goats sunning and a peaceful pond full of water lilies. We journeyed off the National Pike to Ohiopyle Falls, then looped from Uniontown to Morgantown in time for fireworks."

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Helen said...

Sounds like a fun-filled adventure. Great shot of the fireworks too.