Saturday, August 1, 2009


Chris returned from a 3 day officer training workshop in Logan, WV excited about making new friends and about their plans for the state Technology Student Association.

Among their plans is a "Dress for Success" workshop at the Fall Leadership Conference and among the photos were some examples of this and some other fun shots too.

I was tickled when he asked me, "Are you going to do anything with these?". With such good material, it didn't take long for me to create this first layout!

"At the State Officer Summer Training in Logan, Chris soon made good friends with his team. They were busy from morning until night. In his favorite photo in front of the police cruiser, Chris is surrounded by the other officers. In addition to planning activities for upcoming conferences & publications, they visited the grave of the Devil Anse Hatfield, swam, saw an outdoor play & had a whipped cream fight."

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Nancy said...

love that cruiser photo! my son is 15and wants to be a police officer. best of luck to your son!