Sunday, October 11, 2009

Life of a Song

It was gorgeous here this weekend, near peak color in Morgantown, WV. Bob and I drove to the Trout Pond near Coopers Rock, then to the new reservoir at the park. My layout features words from a Joey & Rory song "Life of a Song":

"Oh, how I wish I could live the live of a song.
I could mend the broke and wounded, I could prove that love is real.
I could take someone from China to a Carolina field.

There's an end for me, it's my destiny, But the song will carry on"

I can't sing a note, but perhaps by scrapbooking I'm writing a few verses of my own own. When I posted this on I put in the description "I could take someone from far away to a West Virginia field." I got an instant reply from an Australian who said "I'm there!".

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Scrappin Kaz... said...

Fantastic Cindy! I haven't been to see your gallery for a while on SB so I am going to have to stop by as this is fabulous! I love the colours!