Friday, December 25, 2009

Special Christmas 1961

After Bob saw my "Night Before Christmas 1958" layout, he said he wished he had pictures from Christmas when he was a youngster. So I asked his brother, David, to bring some of those pictures when he visited. Bob was thrilled to see these. He picked the photos, paper and even wrote the journaling for this layout.

"Christmas morning of 1961 was very exciting for me, much like it is for any seven year old who gets those "big toys" only on the holiday.

My brother David, who was ten, and my mother unwrapped presents while my Dad took pictures with his new Christmas camera, a Kodak "Brownie".

I got a Detective Special snubnose revolver set, a Tonka truck and boat trailer set, and most importantly, a Mattel "Fighting Lady" battleship. It was about 3 feet long and had a gun that shot plastic shells, a plane that launched from a catapult, and other great features. It was a state of the art toy for 1961. It brought me many happy hours of play for a long time after that very special Christmas."

Digital frame (Michelle Coleman)
Christmas brush (Memory Makers)

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