Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Denver Designs

It's easy to see why Denver is one of the most Pedestrian Friendly cities in the US and also the healthiest. It was so easy to get around and so many things to see. The weather was beautiful and I took many pictures. I couldn't get a nice picture of the snow capped mountains from downtown, but the beautiful designs were everywhere. . . ceilings, buildings, windows and walls. Here's a sampling of those designs all just a few buildings apart. Even the triangle mosaics on this page were cut from a picture of a stained glass sky light in a retail store. 2009

The embossed paper at the top of the page was purchased from Shelz Studio in Buchannon, WV....one of the neatest paper stores I've ever seen. I'm unsure if the paper was for wrapping or perhaps book binding, but it is beautiful.

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