Friday, February 26, 2010


It's Friday and here we are again with another major snow storm! The roads were bad on the way home from work and Chris is "stuck" at a friends house for the night. Bob did the grocery shopping today and he and I and the cat are snug inside. I even managed to get bird seed and suet on the way home. We had deer in the back yard and 2 wrens living in the house on the front deck that I watched after starting that first pot of coffee and changing into my flannels.

Anyway.......spring is coming soon and only 3 more weeks till Greg is back in the USA!

While I haven't scrapped my snow pictures yet, here's a layout I did a few years ago expressing my optimism toward the arrival of spring.

"Sunday afternoon, spring's coming soon.
White flannel sheets, pillow-top retreat.
Soft silky cat, comfort beget."

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