Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sweet Blog Award

I received this award from 2 blogging friends, Tracey-Garden of Grace and Debbie('s Scrapping Corner). Tracey makes lovely vintage layouts with lots of lace. Debbie amazes me with the work she produces in addition to driving a school bus with K-8 grade students! Thank you!

In turn, I must pass this onto 7 blogging friends:
Kelly (Creates) Kelly's writing is great like her layouts and you'll have so much fun reading her posts.
Anna C-Pictures N Papers Anna takes beautiful pictures around her southwestern Virginia home.
Amy-Little Treasures. Amy is multi-talented, knits, makes cards and scraps. She posts finds from flea markets and her pictures are lovely.
Misty-Perfectly Imperfect. Misty's work is eclectic and so creative!
Sharon-That Girl Fritchey Sharon loves music and her unique creations often use song lines to describe her family experiences.
Scrapbookertink. She has a fun blog!
Karen-KW Studio. Wait till you see the dress form she made. Talk about an artist!

Now I am to list 7 random facts about myself, so (1 from each of the decades I've lived in):
1) When I was a kid, I swam like a fish and did flips off the diving board. When we'd go to pools, the life guards would make me swim a lap because they didn't believe I was big enough to go off the board (I showed them!)
2) As a teenager, my first car was a black Chevy Impala (a 61). My friends called it the Black Pearl.
3) I met my husband in the darkroom while a WVU student taking a photography class.
4) I had my first child at 34 (married 11 years),
5) 2nd child just before my 40th birthday.
6) At age 50, I had thyroid cancer. That's a 90% curable one, but makes you live like it's your last day on earth. (That's not a bad thing)
7) And now, Bob and I are somewhat "empty nesters". Not quite (Chris is 3 miles away, thank goodness). I'm lucky to have my parents, siblings, colleagues, friends, children and so much to look forward too!

Thank you my friends!


misty said...

You are so sweet Cindy! I love your random facts!

Karen said...

Aw you are too sweet!! Thank you for the compliment on my dress form ((hugs))

Micupoftea~ said...

Darkroom duo! :)
Have a safe, fun 4th!

scrapbookertink said...

Cindy, tks soooo much,very kind, I appreciate it, just read your 7 facts, you are such a kind, sweet person and I hope we continue to build on our blogging relationship xxx

Anna C said...

Hi Cindy! Thank you for such a sweet award! Loved your random facts!

Sandra said...

Cindy, congratulations on your Sweet Blog Award!! You are a sweetie and I love your gallery. I enjoyed your seven facts. You bring back a lot of memories to me. Have a wonderful July 4 and I look forward to your next LO. Sandra

Bellaidea said...

Thank you for sharing, best regards!

Tracey ~ GardenOfGrace said...

Glad you made it through the cancer! I had our fourth and last child at 34. :-) Great to get to know you better through your facts! ~ Blessings