Saturday, August 27, 2011

Butterfly Award

It's always fun to receive an award from an on line scrapbook friend. Thank you Denise of Lala's World.
Denise makes fun layouts of her children and other crafts. A more recent layout of she and her husband was a favorite. Thank you Denise.

I am to pass this award onto 6 friends:
Marilyn of Treasuring Memories Marilyn is a fashion designer by day and her paper pages assume the same lovely designs.
Solveig of Mammasols Scrapping Cottage Solveig is a nursery teacher by day and her unique designs and colors are fairy tale like.
Carmen from Scrap Joy Carmen is a lovely lady who does beautiful layouts of her adventures with her husband and scrapping friends.
Keandra of I'm Talking Serious Scrap She is a fantastic artist. She designs her own embellishments and alphas and puts them together in such a fun way--always to honor her family and friends.
Tracey Garden of Grace That title perfectly describes her work and her personality.
Anna Pictures n Papers Anna takes beautiful photographs many from her hometown in southwestern Virginia.

Now I am charged with answering these 12 questions about me:
Favorite color: Green
Favorite song: "When You Say Nothing at All" Allison Krauss sings like an angel.
Favorite dessert: Natural Peanut Butter on Graham Crackers
What wizzes you off at the moment? Not sure what that means. . . My large cat blocking my monitor?
My favorite pet: That large cat "Sugar"
Black or white? A little of both.
Biggest fear: Wasting time.
Best feature: Creativeness.
Everyday attitude: Go for it!
What is perfection? Living life to its fullest.
Guilty pleasure? Overnight trip with Bob.
When you're upset. . . I'm irritable, probably look that way and don't pay attention to others.

Now be sure and visit my friends blogs!


Majid Ali said...

Please help me by reading my appeal on my profile.

Denise said...

LOL, I had to guess at what Whizzes meant too! Great favorite song.

Carmen said...

Oh Cindy, thank you! I'm soooo thrilled!!!! I love your work and your interesting stories and journalings!!! Now out to visit your friend's blogs!!!!!
Have a wonderful Sunday my friend!

mammasol said...

Wow, Im so honored and happy! Happy to get this award and happy to have you as a friend:) Also love to read your journaling and love to see you and Bob and your love and respect for eatch other.
Thanks my great friend.
LOVE Solveig

MARILYN said...

Oh, sweetie, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! for this award I'm so happy!!! I always love to visit you and see your lovely work and stories!! Have a nice day!!
A Big Hug my friend!!! :)