Friday, January 3, 2014


Michelle was in town just 4 1/2 days.  On Monday, she met her best girlfriend near Wheeling, WV for lunch and then a pedicure.  She had fun sparkling toenails to match her pretty dress for New Year's Eve.  Michelle's the Sparkler in Greg's life!  2013

This is the last official vacation day for me (though I do have the weekend!)  I have been doing lots of creating.  Here's yesterday's lunch, "Prosperity Salad", with Pear Banana Smoothie and (local) New Day Bakery Spinach Feta Loaf.  It is a tradition that Black Eyed Peas served at the New Year bring prosperity!  
For recipes, visit my Pinterest page, The Meal Planner.

Have a great weekend!

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Charlotte Brochu said...

Fun memories and love the title!