Saturday, April 1, 2017

March Cards

Many of the cards I'll send for the next 3 months were made in the car on a trip to and from South Carolina when we visited Greg and Michelle.  Using my list of who has an upcoming  celebration, I pack a box of papers, embellishments and supplies-glue, scissors, a mini cutter to take and can cut and paste while riding in the passenger seat.  I have to put finishing touches on the cards when I get home, and add inside greetings . . . but this is a fun activity while I sit and in areas where I don't want to look around (Charlottesville, NC traffic for instance!)

This is the card I made for my oldest sisters' husband-an attorney-a dapper fellow.  Terry even said the man reminded her of Nelson!

"Good fortune and good health,
Is what I wish for you,
A day that makes you happy
For that is what you're due.
Some drinks with all your friends,
May the day that's just beginning,
Be perfect from start to end."

St. Patrick's Day cards for Mom and Terry.  Mom is "Irish" and sings Irish songs.  Terry's family has an Irish Pub.  I love these little clay shamrock hangers I found at a pottery store on our trip.  (They are removable).

" May the Twinkle in your ye
and the Love that's in your heart
stay with you always
even when we're far apart.
Good Health and lots of Happiness
reign over you this day
and raise your glass to St. Patrick
in a typically Irish way." 

John was a catering cook at HSC who worked a truck stop on nights off and gardened during the day.  This is a birthday card for him.

"May today bring much pleasure,
With moments to treasure,
For birthdays only come once a year,
So do things that make you smile,
Celebrate in the best of style,
And make the memories to treasure forever."

My nephew A.J.-a fine young man-was 27 in March.  His Dad is a patriot and I made them both similar cards.

"To help you celebrate,
This card is sent to say,
May good luck and good fortune,
Always with you stay,
May you find much joy and happiness,
In everything you do,
And in this card is all our love,
Sent especially to you!" 

Betty worked at HSC for over 40 years.  She was dedicated to me and her work, and loved owls.  This is a birthday card for Betty.

"I hold some wishes in my hand,
And they are just for you,
I wish for joy and happiness,
Today and all year through,
I wish that you find sunshine,
In every single day,
For you  deserve good things in life,
To always come your way!"

I also sent Betty the page I made about her and husband John, who together worked at HSC for over 80 years:

This is the birthday card for my brother Jim, who was 59 years old. 

"Wishing a very special brother
A wonderful birthday
With lots of love and best wishes."

My nephew Cale will be 12 next week.  This is a card for a very sweet and growing young man.

"Of all the days to celebrate
This one out shines the rest,
Here's hoping that your 12th birthday
Is the happiest and the best."

George, a dedicated HSC employee and family man has a birthday next week too.

There's an unwritten rule for a birthday.
That you should be left always wanting more.
That friends and all your family
Have a brilliant day in store.
For you deserve a birthday
That is awesome from beginning to end.
And in this card are all good wishes
That I am going to send!"


Beebeebabs said...

Very nice cards!!!

Trish said...

Great cards Cindy and a great way to fill in travel time,i am not that organised!

Adriana B said...

very lovely cards, your are very well organised now XX

Connie Mercer said...

I love all the cards but especially the patriotic ones. Nice work girl:)

Sharon Fritchman said...

Hi Cindy! I always love your beautifully made cards and the way you photograph them, too! And the page you made for your friend is absolutely wonderful!

Tracey said...

Really nice collection of cards Cindy...I'm sure the recipients will love them. The sentiments you add are fabulous too! Creating while on the road, what a fabulous idea. Great page too! Have a wonderful weekend!