Monday, February 5, 2018

January Cards

My retired work friend Brenda celebrated her birthday this month. She is a beautiful lady and I made a fitting card! The weather has been so cold and snowy-so I made lots of cards.  

Bob's Christmas card to me on the left.  My Christmas card to him on the right. Note the little deer cut-out was from the cup holders at Books-a-million.  They had these and Santas, and I saved every cup holder I got!

"As we share our lives on this special holiday,
I love you more than words can say.
Merry Christmas, my love and in case you missed
You are to me the most precious of gifts."

A birthday card to my sister Terry on the left.

"Celebrate this day with joy and know that you are blessed.
Have some fun with friends and family, then you can have a rest!
Share your joy with those around and have a brilliant day,
Make memories in your heart and then you'll be blessed along the way"

My card to an old colleague-Annabelle-on the right. 

"So another year ends and a new one's just begun.
Let's pray it is peaceful with joy for everyone,
May happiness be found in everyday things 
And much laughter is heard with the delight that it brings,
May friends be many and our trouble few,
For this is my wish that I'm sending to you."

My friends Fred and Denise needed a pickup.  Fred was an early childhood friend. We played cowboys outside in our yards. Inside his card I placed a picture of us at age 4 and this verse:

"Gaze up through the leaves
Summer wishes, winter dreams,
Thoughts of years, long past.
Warm, sunny days filled with fun
And nights, to wish on a star." 

Denise lost her husband last month.  Inside her card:

"The day is short-And life is long.
Sit vigil this night, singing sun songs.
Each night since Midsummer,
He has aged and rested.
At last soltice the Oak King was bested-
But now at last, the Sun slowly returns
Minute by minute, he also yearns
To come to his people, to spread his light
On this darkest day he conquers the night."  

 To our scrapbook friend Linda who lives up north and is probably stuck inside too!

Birthday wishes on the left to my colleague Jim from the HSC Cafe, now a hospital cook.

Get well wishes on the right to my colleague Frank, who is in rehabilitation and in some pain.

Our youngest son Chris will be 25 this week.  This is for him.  (In the set-up is an old valentine fan he made me as a very young child).



Beebeebabs said...

Very nice cards!!!

Margo said...

You have made such lovely cards !

Connie Mercer said...

You have been busy!! Lovely !!

Trish said...

Lovely cards Cindy,I especially like the first blue on,you have been busy,and we are melting with the heat

Cheryl (C Mom Go) said...

Each and every card is more unique than the last. I find cards hard to make and really admire how effortlessly they are for you. So much care and love were put into each one. Awesome job!

kate blue said...

I've been away for awhile but am back and am catching up! Loving the cards and so love that deer upcyle!