Monday, December 31, 2018

December Cards

Bob's brother David celebrated a birthday this month.  He visited us the weekend before Christmas and we celebrated then.  David is a history buff.

"A birthday is an excuse,
To spend a day doing what you like best,
Indulging yourself in a pastime,
Or maybe just having a rest,
For today is about celebrations,
It's about enjoying a day just for you,
So in this card are many good wishes,
And all our love is sent with it too."

My nephew Dan has a birthday December 28th.  He loves anything outdoors. . . and has a big heart.
"Sit back and relax,
Let us make your day,
You do so much for others,
Now it's our turn to repay,
You deserve a day that's special,
A day that's just for you,
So take time out on your birthday,
Let's all celebrate along with you!"

My lifelong friend Linda celebrates her 65th birthday this month.  Linda just moved back to our home place and bought a house.  She is a very hard worker.

"I sat and thought of years that have gone,
The games we played while the sun always shone,
The days that we courted and met husbands to be,
Then we married and were happy with our growing families,
Now older we are and how many things move on,
But our friendship has endured - it has always been strong,
May you be blessed on your birthday with all good things,
And take pleasure in our friendship and the memories it brings."

This is my favorite Christmas card-for Bob's co-workers at OSI, where they drive flag cars for wide loads.
"Here's wishing you extra loads of fun in the New Year."

Last year all my Christmas cards were the same design.  This year I started in the summer and made over 100 cards, all different.  I addressed my Mom's card envelopes first, and let her pick out what card she wanted to send to that person.  We had enough cards then to give all our acquaintances at her senior center a card.  That was the best part.

"These wishes aren't original
But still they're most sincere -
Have a really Merry Christmas
And a wonderful New Year!"




Lisa-olsi said...

So many nice Christmas cards you've done :)
I wish you a good 2019.
Hug Lisa

Beebeebabs said...

Very nice work!!!

Connie Mercer said...

Impressed~you put me to shame:) They all are amazing. I like the one for Bob's brother too.

Sharon Fritchman said...

Hi Cindy! Happy New Year! WOW! What a beautiful collection of Christmas cards. I love them all and especially like that you shared them with your mom and at the senior center.

Trish said...

Great card Cindy,HNY