Thursday, August 21, 2008

Polar Plunge

We dropped off the teenagers (Chris & 2 girls) at Kennywood Park and went to a place more our style--the zoo! The 2 sites are actually only 9 miles apart and the plan went well. The animals at the Pittsburgh Zoo seemed happy and playful and to our delight, showed off for we human onlookers. Our favorite animals were the Polar Bears. They have a whole new habitat with a deep pool where we could actually see under water. Bob & I were both able to get spots near the glass (I knelt down by lots of kids) and got pictures from different angles.

"They take the plunge one at a time,
Majestic bears like verse in rhyme,
They leap and bound and soar up high,
Spread their paws and close their eyes.
Like kids they play and enjoy the chill,
And we at the zoo remember the thrill."

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Helen said...

How fun! I enjoyed your clever poem.