Monday, September 1, 2008

Another 32 Years

Labor Day Weekend was early this year but still the best weekend for our anniversary trip. My Mother's birthday was Sunday August 31, so we stopped at her house to deliver a beautiful cake, then drove Rt. 50 to Winchester, Va. We stopped at the Virginia Farmer's Market then drove north on Rt. 522 to Berkeley Springs, WV, where we ate lunch at Tari's. We checked into our hotel just in time to watch WVU football. By half time, we were relaxing in the jacuzzi tub. After WVU was way ahead, we went to the canal in Hancock, Md., to a part we'd never been before. How pretty the reflections were--a nice ending to a full day of being with each other. Think I'd like to do this another 32 years! (text modeled after a page by Elisha Snow in Simple Scrapbooks Magazine)

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Helen said...

The elongated picture on the left looks awesome, especially with all the embellishments/paper. How did you do the black strip of swirls?